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Work-Related Identity of Clinical Research Sector Employees in Poland Against Professional Transformation of the Industry

References Abbott, A. (1988). The System of Professions, An Essay on the Division of Expert Labor . Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press. Adair, J. (2000). Anatomia biznesu. Motywacja . Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Studio Emka. Allen, N.J. and Meyer, J.P. (1996). Affective, Continuance, and Normative Commitment to the Organization: An Examination of Construct Validity. Journal of Vocational Behaviour , 49 : 252–276, Alvesson, M. (2000). Social identity and problem of loyalty in

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Professional and Transversal Competencies in the Accounting Field: Do Employers’ Expectations Fit Students’ Perceptions? Evidence from Western Romania


The changes that occur in the labour market due to the recent evolution registered in the field of accounting, led us to initiate a study in which we have as a purpose to analyse the perception that employers and students enrolled in the faculties for accounting from the Western part of our country have regarding the importance of the professional and transversal competencies when they get hired. The research tools used within this research are on the one side grounded on the quiz for data collection, and on the other side the ANOVA method for the analysis of the perception differences found in these two groups discussed upon. The results found in this work represent in the opinion of the authors an important reference mark for the university instruction of the young people who are about to enter the accounting profession, but also for the future employers who are about to interact with them.

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Using Interactive Methods in Teaching Accounting

4. References American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). (1998) “AICPA Core Competency Framework for Entry into the Accounting Profession” , New York: AICPA, Available: . Bonwell, C. C. and Eison, J. A., “Active Learning: Creating excitement in the classroom” , ASHEERIC Higher Education Report No. 1, Washington D.C.: The George Washington University, School of Education and Human Development, 1991. Braun, K. W. & Sellers, R. D. (2012). Using a “Daily Motivational Quiz” to Increase Student Preparation

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Quality and Compliance in Short-Cycle Higher Education Programs in the Field of Real Estate Management

higher education in Latvia]. Retrieved September 28, 2017, from Legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Cabinet of Ministers ordinance Nr. 264. (2017). Noteikumi par Profesiju klasifikatoru, profesijai atbilstošiem pamatuzdevumiem un kvalifikācijas pamatprasībām [Regulations on the Profession Classificator, the Basic Professional Tasks and the Basic Requirements for the Qualification]. Retrieved October 2, 2017, from Legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Cabinet of

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Real Estate Due Diligence Process in International Real Estate Transactions in Latvia

civillikums [The Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia]. Retrieved September 3, from Legislation of the Republic of Latvia (2001). Par reglamentētajām profesijām un profesionālās kvalifikācijas atzīšanu [On the Regulated Professions and the Recognition of Professional Qualifications]. Retrieved September, 3, from Legislation of the US (1933). Securities Act of 1933. As Amended through P.H.112-106, Approved April 5, 2012. U.S. Securities and Exchange

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Women as Emotional Entities in the Hospitality Sector of Mauritius. A Case Study

, ‘Inauthenticity and depression: assessing the consequences of interactive service work’, Work and Occupations, Vol. 24, pp188-213. ETZIONI, A. 1969, The semi-professions and their organization: teachers, nurses, social workers New York: Free Press FOUCAULT, M. 1977, Discipline and Punish, Pantheon Books, New York. FOUCAULT, M. 1991, Discipline and Punish, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth. FRIEDL, E. 1975, Women and Men - an anthropologist‟s view, Waveland Press Inc. FRIJDA, N. H. 1994, Emotions are

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An Assessment of Good Corporate Governance in State Owned Enterprises of Mauritius

Washington University, February 06, 2006. OECD (1999), “OECD Principles of Corporate Governance”. Okafor, C. and Otalor, I. J. 2013, Narrowing the Expectation Gap in Auditing: The Role of the Auditing Profession. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, Vol.5(9), pp. 43-53. OMAN, C. P. 2001. Corporate Governance and National Development, OECD Paape, L. 2007. Corporate governance: The impact on the role, position, and scope of services of the internal audit function. Unpublished PhD dissertation. Erasmus PINCUS,K., RUSBARSKY, M., and WONG

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Why Managers Want to Be Mentors? The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation and the Anticipated Costs of Mentoring for the Propensity to Mentor by Managers in Formal Mentoring in Organizations

mentoring programs in education and other professions: A review of the literature. Educational Administration Quarterly , 40 , 518–540, Halatin, T.J. and Knotts, R.E. (1982). Becoming a mentor: are the risk worth the rewards? Supervisory Management , 27 (20), 27–29. Higgins, M.C. and Kram, K.E. (2001). Reconceptualising mentoring at work: a developmental network perspective. Academy of Management Review , 26 (2), 264–288, Homans, G.C. (1961). Social behaviour: its

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Evaluation of Cost Estimation Techniques in Drc Valuation: A Comparative Assessment of Valuers and Quantity Surveyors in Lagos State

-3 November. Olatunde, N. A., & Okorie, V. N. (2016). Appraisal of Awareness Level of Quantity Surveying Profession among Secondary School Students in Benin City, Nigeria. International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science (IJAEMS), 2(8), Aug- 2016. Olunloyo, O. A. (2012). Mitigating informal economic sectors’ proliferation through microcredit scheme for small and medium scale entrepreneurs in metropolitan Lagos In: Laryea, S., Agyepong, S. A., Leiringer, R. and Hughes, W. (Eds), Proceedings in 4th West Africa Built

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Theorising Practice and Developing Practically Relevant Insights in Organisational Research

). The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory. - London, New York: Routledge. 57. Schau, H. J., Muñiz Jr, A. M., Arnould, E. J. (2009). How Brand Community Practices Create Value // Journal of Marketing. Vol. 73, No. 5, p. 30-51. 58. Schön, D. A. (1987). Educating the Reflective Practitioner: Toward a New Design for Teaching and Learning in the Professions. - Oxford and San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 59. Schutz, A. (1954). Concept and Theory Formation in the Social Sciences // The Journal of Philosophy. Vol. 51, No. 9, pp. 257-273. doi:10

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