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e-CF Competences in Software Engineering Course


The article describes the definition of competences formed during the acquisition of the study course “Software Engineering” at Riga Technical University. The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) is adopted for this purpose. Using the steps to determine e-competences, it is established that students can develop 9 competences in the Bachelor and 15 in the Master study programme. Evaluation of practical assignments allows assessing the achievement level of the required competences. Some professions presented in e-CF and the competencies they need are also reviewed.

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Designing Adaptive Virtual Worlds
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A Semantic Retrieval System for Case Law

. 3, pp. 293–298, 2006. [18] P. Condliffe, B. Abrahams, and J. Zeleznikow, “An OWL Ontology and Bayesian Network to Support Legal Reasoning in the Owners Cooperation Domain,” 2010. Available from: , [Accessed 14 August 2013] [19] R. L. Marcus, “The Impact of Computers on the Legal Profession: Evolution or Revolution?” Northern University Law Review. vol. 102, no. 4, pp. 1827–1865, 2008. [20] K. B. Mensah, “Legal Control of Discretionary Powers in Ghana: Lessons from English

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Defining the Concept of Risk Applied in Entrepreneurship. Conceptual Delimitation Risk - Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

the actuarial profession , Knight, F. H. 1921. Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit , New York: Hart, Schaffner, and Marx Pantea, M.I., Munteanu, V., Gligor, D., Sopoian, D. (2008), The Managerial Performances Evaluation through the Economic Value Added Niță, D. (1999), Dicționar de Economie , Ed. Economică, București

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Brain Drain Migration from Romanian Academia. The End of a Mirage

, 541-558. . Grubel, H. G., Scott, A. D. (1949-61) The immigration of scientists and engineers to the United States, Journal of Political Economy 1966, 4, pp. 368-378. . Grubel, H. G., Scott, A. D. (1966). The International Flow of Human Capital, the Brain Drain. American Economic Review , 56, pp. 268-274. Grubel, H. G., Scott, A. D. (1967). The characteristics of foreigners in the US economics profession. American Economic Review ., 57, pp. 131-145. Grubel, H., Scott

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