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Irish English Stereotypes
A Variational Pragmatic Analysis

References Ajtony, Zsuzsanna. 2010. Humour and Verbal Irony in G. B. Shaw’s John Bull’s Other Island. Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Philologica 2, 2: 246-258. Andersen, Gisle. 2001. Pragmatic Markers and Sociolinguistic Variation: A Relevance-Theoretic Approach to the Language of Adolescents. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Androutsopoulos, Jannis. 2010. Ideologizing ethnolectal German. In Sally Johnson & Tommaso M. Milani (eds.), Language Ideologies and Media Discourse: Texts, Practices, Politics

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Corruption and Campaign Funding: A Burkean Perspective


Edmond Burke based his 1780 plea for economic reform on a notion of political corruption that he touched on only in few additional letters and addresses of the time. It was soon eclipsed by other “burning” questions that occupied his mind, and remains among his less developed and less studied ideas. It nevertheless merits attention. As a pragmatic politician with a philosophical bent, his main aim in the speech on reform was to sway the politics of his time; yet his deductive reasoning led him to generalizations that may point to a possible direction by which we can look for solutions to some of the problems that beset current understandings of corruption. Of special interest in this context is his treatment of situations where widespread perception of corruption exists with out any massive law- breaking. In what follows I will argue that Burkes conception stakes a midway position between the older, “classic” views of corruption, and the thought of the 18th century liberals that informs our current perceptions of the phenomenon. Both received ample attention in the literature. Nevertheless, a brief note may serve as context for the consideration of Burkes ideas on the subject.

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Right Kinds of Mixing?
Promoting Cohesion in a Copenhagen Neighbourhood

. The article relates to the overall theme of this special issue through its focus on the intersection between urban policy discourses and practices that aim at promoting social cohesion on the one hand, and a focus on ethnicity on the other. The article looks into the specific way in which an agenda of socio-cultural encounters and mixing, based on, for example, urban planning research, is put into practice. We argue that the particular notion of mixing developed in the urban regeneration projects and practices, which are the focus of this article, are tightly linked

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Peruvian meatballs?
Constructing the Other in the performance of an inclusive school

, which, in developing an identity, migrant students are supposed to encompass and relate to. But what are these values? And what identity is to be developed? The overall aim of the present study is to explore how SSL students are addressed as the non-Swedish Other in everyday school practices, and how the students position themselves when being encouraged by school institutions to perform ethnicity and identity. Moreover, we do not solely take an interest in the students’ identification in this study. A related concern is with the situated construction of the

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“Now I know Norway from within”
Boundary Work and Belonging in Au Pairs’ Narratives

, gendered, racial and class lenses ( Hess & Puckhaber 2004 ; Anderson 2007 ; Cox 2007 ; Durin 2015 ). In Norwegian academia and the media, au pairs (mainly Filipinos) have been portrayed as victims of exploitation ( Øien 2009 ; Bikova 2010 ; Sollund 2010 ; Isaksen & Stenum 2011 ). This article aims to use different research optics and consider au pairs as subjects of perception in the receiving context rather than objects of locals’ views. By the fact of relocation, immigrants immerse themselves in a new social structure and culture, rules of communication and a

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Revitalizing urban revitalization in Poland: Towards a new agenda for research and practice

Rewitalizacja : Between a structural approach and a fountain Every planning system produces its own ideology. While ostensibly aimed at transforming spaces, urban planning is also a discursive practice organized around a set of ideological keywords ( Gunder & Hiller 2009 ). Many of those keywords are currently global in scope – words like ‘sustainability’, ‘smart city’ or ‘sustainable development’ organize planning debates around the world. Some of them, however, even if they sound familiar in several places, perform ideological functions that are regionally

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Urban design for mobilities – towards material pragmatism

Introduction The aim of this paper is twofold: firstly, to present a critique of mainstream transport thinking based on the so-called ‘mobilities turn’, and secondly to connect this to a design perspective. The aim is thus to establish this reflection based upon a theoretically informed discussion. Contemporary urbanism is marked by radical transformations across scales, institutions, and disciplines. So-called ‘grand challenges’ related to climate change, resilience, radical demographic shifts, refugees, and the radicalisation of global competitiveness

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Management – from Epistemology by Methodology to Social Practice of Academia Cognitive Challenges in Management Science 2


The aim of the article is to present cognitive challenges in the area of management. Researchers and reflective managers still work on the identity of management belonging to the social sciences. The paper depicts the connections between cognitive problems (from the epistemological point of view), management methodology and social practice. Management sciences are parts of historical discourse and because of that epistemological and methodological levels have an impact on social practice. The main concern of this paper is the role of the management scientist, consultant and teacher. The analysis suggests that academic teacher and researcher are social roles with a character that can be called universal. Practitioner is associated rather with pragmatic aspect of management science. Practitioners are often regarded as managers, but their roles in the organisation might as well be non-managerial.

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Classification and analysis of social participation initiatives in a post-industrial city – a case study of Pabianice

Urban regeneration Despite the noticeable need to undertake action designed to improve the situation of degraded urban spaces, the concept of revitalisation, also referred to as urban regeneration, has until recently been interpreted in various ways. It was primarily understood as the renovation or modernisation of buildings and public spaces. This understanding probably resulted from the lack of a comprehensive statutory definition. One of the first Polish definitions referred to urban regeneration as: ‘a process of continuous actions, the aim of which is to

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National Identity Formation in Pakistan: Analysis of the Anti-Secular Narrative

, Daily Awaz, Daily Waqt, The News and Pakistan Times . Nawa-i-waqt owns Waqt News TV and publishes newspapers by the names of The Nation (English) and Nawa-e-Waqt (Urdu). The News is the largest English daily, with a circulation of 138,000–144,000 per day, and Nawa-e-Waqt is the second largest Urdu newspaper after Daily Jang , with a daily circulation of >0.5 million copies ( Shah 2010 , 1). A total of 30 relevant statements were collected from both newspapers for the years 2000 and 2002. 3 Results and discussion The aim of this section is to

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