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Assessment of the quality and irrigation purpose suitability of alluvial water in Erfoud, Morocco

. Salinity of groundwater in Morocco has been investigated many times (i.a., Bahaj et al. 2013 , Bouchaou et al. 2008 , El Mandour et al. 2008 , Dłużewski et al. 2017 ). Elevated concentration of sodium and its negative influence on the ecosystem have been pointed out. Salt makes it difficult for plants to absorb nutrients and has a negative impact on the metabolism of organisms living in the soil, reducing its fertility. High salinity of soil makes plants die out due to the increase of osmotic pressure and due to salt toxicity. Another important aspect occurring in

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A study on the groundwater of Peenya industrial area and its related elements in Bengaluru region of Karnataka State, India

. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 6(1): 97-112. Bernstein L. 1975. Effects of salinity and sodicity on plant growth. Annual review of phytopathology, 13(1): 295-312. Bhuiyan C., Singh R.P., Flügel W.A. 2009. Modelling of groundwater recharge-potential in the hard-rock Aravalli terrain, India: a GIS approach. Environmental Earth Sciences, 59(4): 929. Bin Omar A.F., Bin MatJafri M.Z. 2009. Turbidimeter design and analysis: a review on optical fiber sensors for the measurement of water turbidity. Sensors, 9

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Assessment of metallic contamination in sediment and mullet fish (Mugil cephalus Linnaeus, 1758) tissues from the East Algerian coast

., A ltay O., U luturhan E., D arilmaz E. 2006. Assessment of marine pollution in Izmir Bay: Nutrient, heavy metal and total hydrocarbon concentrations. International Environment. Vol. 32 p. 41–51. K wok C., L iang Y., W ang H., D ong Y., L eung S., W ang M.H. 2014. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in fish and ardeid at Pearl River Estuary, China. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. Vol. 106 p. 62–67. L afabrie C., P ergent G., K antin R., P ergent -M artini C., G onzalez J.L. 2007. Trace metals assessment in water, sediment, mussel and

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