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Effect of Genotype and Farming System on Concentration of Mineral Elements in Organically and Conventionally Grown Cereals/ Genotipa Un Saimniekoðanas Sistçmas Ietekme Uz Minerâlvielu Saturu Bioloìiski Un Konvencionâli Audzçtos Graudaugos

. Res. Public Health, 7, 3442-3456. Kârkliòð, A. (ed.) (2008). Augsnes diagnostika un apraksts [Guidelines for Soil Diagnosis and Description]. Jelgava: LLU. 336 lpp. (in Latvian). Kirchmann, H., Thorvaldsson, G., Björnsson, H., Mattsson, L. (2005). Trace elements in crops from Swedish and Icelandic long-term experiments. In: Thorvaldsson, G., Jonsdotter, R. S. (eds.). Essential Trace Elements for Plants, Animals and Humans. NJF Seminar No. 370, 15-17 August 2005 (pp. 30-33). Reykjavik: Agricultural University of Iceland

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Relationships between Free-Living Amoeba and their Intracellular Bacteria

, K. (2013). Behavior of Yersinia enterocolitica in the presence of the bacterivorous Acanthamoeba castellanii . Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 79 , 6407–6413. Laskowski-Arce, M. A., Orth, K. (2008). Acanthamoeba castellanii promotes the survival of Vibrio parahaemolyticus . Appl. Environ. Microbiol ., 74 , 7183–7188. Lorenzo-Morales, J., Martínez-Carretero, E., Batista, N., Álvarez-Marín, J., Bahaya, Y., Walochnik, J., Valladares, B. (2007). Early diagnosis of amoebic keratitis due to a mixed infection with Acanthamoeba and Hartmannella

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Nitrogen Fertilization for Optimizing the Quality and Yield of Shade Grown Cuban Cigar Tobacco: Required Nitrogen Amounts, Application Schedules, Adequate Leaf Nitrogen Levels, and Early Season Diagnostic Tests

, Geneva, Switzerland, 2001. 33. Plant analysis as a guide to the nutrients requirements of temperate and tropical crops; edited by P. Martin-Prével, J. Gagnard, and P. Gauter. Lavoisier éditions, France, 1987, pp. 124–141. 34. Torrecilla, G. and L.A. Pino: Coeficientes para calcular el área foliar en variedades de tabaco negro (in Spanish with English abstract); Cienc. Técn. Agric. Tabaco 4 (1982) 17–25. 35. Lichtenthaler, K.H.: Chlorophylls and carotenoids: Pigments of photosynthetic

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