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Measuring Stand Tests of a Michell-Banki Waterturbine Prototype, Performedunder Natural Conditions

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Breslin W. R., 1985, „ Small Michel Banki Turbine: A Constructional Manual ”, Volunteers in Technical Assistance, Mt. Rainier, Maryland, USA. [2] Gnarowski W. i Zespół BP-P1, 2008, “Raport. Badania stoiskowe modelu turbiny Banki” („Stand tests of the Banki turbine model. Report”), IoA Report, No. 174/BP1 - SR/08, Warsaw. [3] Gnarowski W. i Zespół BP-P1, 2009, “Analiza wyników prób modelowych turbiny Banki” („The Banki turbine model tests results analysis”), IoA Report, No. 173/BP1 - AA/09, Warsaw. [4] Zalewski W., 2009

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Implementation of Automatic Sample and Composite Element Cutting Technologies

., 2016, Development and implementation of a testing method for the characterization of interlaminar delamination propagation in laminates under fatigue mode I loading conditions, Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 2(243). [17] Jaśkiewicz R., Stepniowska A., 2016, Pracitcal application of FAA methodology of composite specimens used to material tests qualifications, Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 3(244). [18] Sałacińska A., 2016, Review of physical tests for composite materials characterization, Transactions of the Institute

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Recycling of Foundry Sand Wastes in Self-Compacting Mortars: Use as Cementitious Materials and Fine Aggregates

, International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology, 4(1), January, pp. 308–311. ASTM C348 – 08, Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars, which appears in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards Vol 04.01. ASTM C348 – 08, Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars, which appears in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards Vol 04.01. ASTM C349 – 08, Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars (Using Portions of Prisms Broken in Flexure), which appears in the Annual

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Janus – A New Approach to Air Combat Pilot Training

., Simple Numerical Criterion for Vortex Breakdown, AIAA Journal, Vol.32, No.1, 1994, pp.116-122. [10] Orlik-Rückemann K.J., Aerodynamic Coupling between Lateral and Longitudinal Degrees of Freedom, AIAA Journal, Vol.12, No.12, 1977, pp.1792-1799. [11] Orlik-Rückemann K.J., Dynamic Stability Testing of Aircraft - Needs Versus Capabilities, Prog.Aerospace Sci., Vol.16, No.4, 1975, pp.431-447. [12] Orlik-Rückemann K.J., Aerodynamic Aspects of Aircraft Dynamics at High Angles of Attack, Jour.of Aircraft, Vol.20, No.9, Sept.1983, pp.737-752. [13] Rom J

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The Comparison of Laboratory Tests and Numerical Analysis of Pressure and Tension Bearing Capacities of the New System of Microbulb and Micropile System on Clay in Shiraz, Iran

micropile load tests in gravelly sand”, 6th International Conference on case histories in Geotechnical engineering, VA, Arlington, No1.12. Han, J. and Ye, S.L., (2006), “A field study on the behavior of micropiles in sand under compression or tension” Canadian, Geotechnical, Journal, 43, pp. 19–29. Reza Ziaie Moayed.and seyed Abolhasan Naeini,(2012),”Improvement of Loose Sandy Soil Deposit Using MicroPile”, KSCE Journal Of Civil Engineering, Springer, 334-340. Muhunthan, B., Shu, S., and Marek, A. R. (2005). “Sand state and performance analysis of

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Experimental Evaluation a Tensile Strength of PAFSIN Pipes in Different Types of Land

6. REFERENCES Adams, R.D., Cawley, P.D., 1998. A review of defect types and non-destructives testing techniques for composites and bonded joints. Non Destructive Techniques Int., 21:208-22. Akimwumi, I.I., Diwa, D., 2014. Effects of crude oil contamination on the index properties, strength and permeability of lateritic clay. Int. Journal of applied sciences and engineering research, vol.3 no.4. Cojocaru, G., 2017. Experimental investigations on the effect of soil pH on GRP buried pipes. Sub-urban – A European network to improve

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Research On Recycling Of Hardened Mortar From Construction And Demolition Waste

development and the links between the economy and the environment, ENV.F.1/ETU/2010/0033, final Report, Osnabrück, pp. 1-95 NE 012 –2009: Normativ pentru producerea betonului şi executarea lucrărilor de construcţii din beton, beton armat şi beton precomprimat (Standard for the production of concrete and a construction of concrete, reinforced and prestressed concrete) Rodrigues, F., Carvalho, M.T., Evangelista, L., de Brito, J., 2014. Physical-chemical and mineralogical

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Separation of Fresh and Saline Water Using by Interpretation of Geoelectric Data (A Case Study of Eshtehard in North of Iran)

4. REFERENCES Alile O.M., Molindo W.A., Nwachokor M.A., 2007. Evaluation of soil profile on aquifer layer of three locations in Edo state, International Journal of physical science Vol 2, pp. 249-253. Egbai J.c, Efeya Pios, 2013. Geoelectric method for investigating salt water intrusion into freshwater aquifer in Deghele community of Warri south local government area of Delta state, Technical Journal of Engineering and Applied Science., ISSN 2051-0853, pp. 819-827. Ezhisaivallab K. and Poongothai S., 2016. Geoelectrical signatures of the coastal

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Damage Detection of Concrete Gravity Dams using Hilbert-Huang Method

References A.Farsayi, R.Abbasnia. 2010. “Wavelet Transform in Damage Detection of Structures.” 6th Conference of Iranian civil engineering . Aldemir, Alper et al. 2015. “Pseudo-Dynamic Testing of a Concrete Gravity Dam.” Alembagheri, Mohammad, and Mohsen Ghaemian. 2013. “Damage Assessment of a Concrete Arch Dam through Nonlinear Incremental Dynamic Analysis.” Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 44: 127–37. Allen, J B. 1977. “Short Term Spectral Analysis, Synthesis, and Modification

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