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Some Aspects of the Soil Physical Status of the Vine Plantations in the Context of Rural Development


The rural development grants - among others - help to promote the competitiveness of the agricultural activities. Plantations take great interest in the southeastern part of Hungary. Farmers need to make soil tests before plantation of fruit and grape. We investigated the distribution of the main physical characteristics in this area. For the establishment of vineyards, the areas were adequate according to the pH, and salt content. The results of the soil tests show some strong relationships between the determined physical parameters.

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The Socioeconomic Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Abrasion In Samas, Bantul Regency, Indonesia

beach and causes harm to the society ( BNBD Kabupaten Bantul, 2016 ). Among the other coasts in South Bantul, Samas Coast suffers from the severest erosion. This condition is due to sands blocking the mouth of Opak River, which cause a lagoon to form and prevent the river water from flowing into the sea. The Office of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Bantul Regency states that the lagoon has potentials for marine tourism and that it can improve regional economy and local welfare ( DKP Kabupaten Bantul 2016 ). Therefore, physical infrastructures and facilities become

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Methodological aspects of pH and EC measurements in geothermal water

( ); – WTW Multi 350i with electrodes designed for waters with a temperature lower than 40°C ( ). Devices A and B were adapted for geothermal waters measurements (temperatures up to 120°C). The experiment was conducted for raw geothermal water (high temperature) and cooled water (<40°C). During the in-situ tests pH, EC as well as water temperature were measured. To check that water degasification had been avoided, alkalinity was also determined. For this purpose

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Toward understanding tourist landscape. a comparative study of locals’ and visitors’ perception in selected destinations in Poland and Greece

groupings. Obviously, this is a simplified and generalized conceptualization of the process of tourism development, leading to the creation of tourist landscapes. The latter must always be contextualized in their unique settings, informed by both natural/physical and anthropogenic factors, such as the local communities, landscape physiognomy and various other geographical particularities, in the broader context of the global tourism space/ system (e.g. Włodarczyk 2009b ). Furthermore, the processes indicated in this model are not just one-way; as is the case in

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The dynamics of landscape pattern changes in mining areas: The case study of the Adamów-Koźmin Lignite Basin

Fagiewicz K. , Łowicki D. , 2019 . The dynamics of landscape pattern changes in mining areas : The case study of the Adamów-Koźmin Lignite Basin. Quaestiones Geographicae 38(4), Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe , Poznań , pp. 151–162 . 3 tables, 5 figs. Introduction The landscape which changes over time and space is getting shaped as a result of complex physical, biological and anthropogenic impacts. As a result, it is created as a mosaic of natural and man-shaped units that vary in size, shape and distribution in space ( Bowen, Burgess 1981

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The seismicity of central and north-east Himalayan region

2015.13.3.3. Pudi R., Roy P., Martha T. R., Kumar K. V., Rao P. R., 2018: Spatial Potential Analysis of Earthquakes in the Western Himalayas Using b -value and Thrust Association. J. Geol. Soc. India, 91 , 6, 664–670, doi: 10.1007/s12594-018-0921-y. Rydelek P. A., Sacks I. S., 1989: Testing the completeness of earthquake catalogues and the hypothesis of self-similarity. Nature, 337 , 251–253, doi: 10.1038/337251a0. Sapkota S. N., Bollinger L., Klinger Y., Tapponnier P., Gaudemer Y., Tiwari D., 2013: Primary surface rupture of the great Himalayan

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References André M.F., 1996. Rock weathering rates in arctic and subarctic environments (Abisko Mts., Swedish Lappland). Z. Geomorph. N.F. 40(4): 499-517. Andrén A., 2006. Degradation of Rock and Shotcrete Due to Ice Pressure and Frost Shattering. Luleå University of Technology 19: 24-25. Baranowska J., Garbiak M., 1999. Badania ultradźwiękowe (Ultrasonic tests). Politechnika Szczecińska, Szczecin. Bland W., Rolls D., 1998. Weathering: An Introduction to the Scientific Principles. Oxford

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The role of a positive spirit in the attractiveness, sociability and success of a public place

opposite effect. The empirical analysis relies on three empirical techniques: the first one is qualitative (observation grid), another two are quantitative in nature: one is descriptive statistics (RII index of relative importance) and the other is inferential statistics (T-test). The latter was conducted in three stages: first, the spirit of the place was compared, then the cognitive spirit and finally the emotional spirit. In addition, to verify our hypotheses and collect data, we selected two public places as case studies: Ghardaïa’s market place and Metlili

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Carbon isotopes in wood combustion/pyrolysis products: experimental and molecular simulation approaches

B/P conditions (temperature, time, atmosphere; see Bird and Ascough, 2012 ). In Bird and Ascough (2012) , the results of previous work were not only reviewed but a detailed discussion of factors affecting the results was provided, including the choice of material for testing, sample preparation, experimental methodology and analysis methodology. The black residue that remains after wood combustion is a common material for archaeological and geological investigations. Most published results from these analyses concern carbonaceous microstructural studies

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A 333-year record of the mean minimum temperature reconstruction in the Western Tianshan Mountains, China

diverged ( Zhang et al., 2009 ; Shen et al., 2016 ; Wang et al., 2016 ). However, Picea crassifolia in the northeastern part of the Tibetan Plateau has a relatively stable response to climate ( Zhang and Wilmking, 2010 ). Studies on divergent responses in the Tianshan Mountains are relatively scarce, but Larix sibirica has an unstable response to climate change in the eastern Tianshan Mountains ( Jiao et al., 2015 ). Therefore, whether Schrenk spruce also results from a divergent response in the western Tianshan Mountains remains to be further tested. Because of

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