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Some Aspects of the Soil Physical Status of the Vine Plantations in the Context of Rural Development


The rural development grants - among others - help to promote the competitiveness of the agricultural activities. Plantations take great interest in the southeastern part of Hungary. Farmers need to make soil tests before plantation of fruit and grape. We investigated the distribution of the main physical characteristics in this area. For the establishment of vineyards, the areas were adequate according to the pH, and salt content. The results of the soil tests show some strong relationships between the determined physical parameters.

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Basic soil properties as a factor controlling the occurrence and intensity of water repellency in rankers of the White Carpathians

–164. Walkley A., Black I.A. 1934. An examination of the Degtjareff method for determining soil O.M. and a proposed modification of the chromic acid titration method. Soil Science , 37, 29–38. Wang Z., Wu Q.J., Wu L., Ritsema C.J., Dekker L.W., Feyen J. 2000. Effects of soil water repellency on infiltration rate and flow instability. Journal of Hydrology, 231/232, 265–276. Wylie L., Allinson G., Stagnitti F. 2001. Guidelines for the standardisation of the water drop penetration time test. 26 th General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society, EGS Nice

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Bending creep of Maritime pine wood (Pinus pinaster Ait.) chemically modified

small wood beams under constant bending load. Report 2150, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI. DIN 52 186. 1978. Testing of wood; bending test. Deutsches Institut Für Normung e.V. Normen über Holz, Biegeversuch, Beuth, Berlin, (in German). Dinwoodie J.M., Higgins J.-A., Paxton B.H., Robson D.J. 1990. Creep research on particleboard, 15 year’s work at the UK Building Research Establishment. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff, 48, 5-10. Dinwoodie J.M., Paxton B.H., Higgins J.-A., Robson D.J. 1991. Creep

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Mechano-sorptive creep of Portuguese pinewood chemically modified

References Bengtsson C. 2000. Creep of timber in different loading modes - material properties aspects. in The 7th World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 12-15, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Bengtsson C. 2001. “Short-term” mechano-sorptive creep of well-defined spruce timber. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff, 59, 117-128. Bollmus S., Dieste A., Militz H., Rademacher P. 2009. Properties of modified beechwood. Forst und Holz, 64 (7/8), 30-34. DIN 52 185. 1976. Testing of wood: Compression test parallel to

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Wood structure of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) growing on flotation tailings

pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) to stress induced by different types of pollutants – testing the fluctuating asymmetry. Water and Environment Journal , 28 (4), 533–539. doi:10.1111/wej.12068 Danek, M. 2008. The influence of industry on the tree-ring width of pines ( Pinus sylvestris L.) living in the Olkusz region. Sylwan , 152 (11), 56–62. Duszyński, F. 2014. The record of air pollution in tree rings. Przegląd Geograficzny , 86 (3), 317–338. doi:10.7163/przg.2014.3.2 Ernst, W.H. 2006. Evolution of metal tolerance in higher plants. Forest Snow and

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Modelling forest loss and other land use change dynamics in Ashanti Region of Ghana

Sensing, 20 (1), 139-152. doi:10.1080/014311699213659. Medrilzam M., Dargusch P., Herbohn J., Smith C. 2013. The socio-ecological drivers of forest degradation in part of the tropical peatlands of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Forestry, 87 (2), 335-345. doi:10.1093/forestry/cpt033. Michetti M., Zampieri M. 2014. Climate-human-land interactions: A review of major modelling approaches. Land, 3 (3), 793-833. doi:10.3390/land3030793. Miller J.H. 1998. Active nonlinear tests (ANTs) of complex simulation models. Management

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Earthworms as indicators for different forest management types and human disturbance in Ilam oak forest, Iran

distribution of earthworms and soil properties in an arable loess soil.Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 24, 1601-1608. Rashidi M., Seilsepour M. 2008. Modeling of soil cation exchange capacity based on Soil organic carbon.Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science, 3, 41-45. Reich P.B., Oleksyn J., Modrzynski, J., Mrozinski P., Hobbie S.E., Eissenstat D.M., Chorover J., Chadwick O.A., Hale C.M., Tjoelker M.G. 2005. Linking litter calcium, earthearthworm and soil properties: A common garden test with 14 tree species. Ecology Letters, 8, 811

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Relationship between Soil Management System and Cultivar in Black Currant (Ribes nigrum L.)


This experiment evaluated the effect of soil management systems in a black currant planting on the generative potential (number of flowers per inflorescence, number of berries per cluster and yield per bush), physical attributes of the cluster and fruit (berry weight and cluster weight) and chemical properties of the fruit (soluble solids content, total sugars, titratable acidity, total anthocyanins, total phenolic content and vitamin C) of black currant cultivars. Three soil management systems were used: treatment I – bare fallow i.e. continuous tillage; treatment II – sawdust mulch, and treatment III – black polyethylene foil mulch. Four black currant cultivars were included - ‘Ben Lomond’, ‘Titania’, ‘Čačanska crna’ and ‘Tiben’. The soil management systems had a significant effect on the tested parameters. The cultivars also showed highly significant differences. Soil management system x cultivar interactions were observed for generative potential, and physical properties of the cluster and fruit, but not for fruit chemical traits, except in the soluble solids content.

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Assessing Selection Parameters for Improving Yield in Organically Grown Onion

nutrient regimes on postharvest attributes of onion ( Allium cepa L.). Sci. Hortic., 112:121-129, 2007. LAMMERTS VAN BUEREN, E.T., OSMAN, A:M., TIEMENS-HULSCHER, M., STRUIK, P.C., BURGERS, S.L.G.E., VAN DEN BROEK, R.C.F.M.: Are specific testing protocols required for organic onion varieties? Analysis of onion variety testing under conventional and organic growing conditions. Euphytica, 184:181-193, 2012. LEE, J., HWANG, S., LEE, S., HA, I., HWANG, H., LEE, S., KIM, J.: Comparison study on soil physical and chemical properties, plant growth, yield, and

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