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Efficiency of modified therapeutic protocol in the treatment of some varieties of canine cardiovascular dirofilariasis

.: Serological screening of canine heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infections in Turkey. Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenschr 2012, 125, 503-508. 14. Magnis J., Lorentz S., Guardone L., Grimm F., Magi M., Naucke J.T., Deplazes P.: Morphometric analyses of canine blood microfilariae isolated by the Knott’s test enables Dirofilaria immitis and D. repens species-specific and Acanthocheilonema (syn. Dipetalonema) genus-specific diagnosis. Parasit Vectors 2013, 6, 48-52. 15. Mc Call J.W.: The safety-net story about macro cyclic lactone heartworm

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Variability of Selected Clinical and Haematological Indices in Young Stallions During 100-Day Performance Test

.: Laboratory indicators of blood horses - reference values and interpretation. Edited by PIWet 2003, Pulawy, Poland. 17. Muñoz A., Castejõn F.M., Rubio D.M., Vivo R., Agüera E.I., Escribano B.M., Santisteban R.: How erythrocyte and plasma lactate concentrations are related in Andalusian horses during an exercise test and recuperation. J Equine Sci 1996, 7 , 35-42. 18. Muñoz A., Cuesta I., Riber C., Gata J., Trigo P., Castejõn F.M.: Trot asymmetry in relation to physical performance and metabolism in equine endurance rides. Equine Vet J 2006

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Fluorescein as a diagnostic marker of bladder ruptures: an experimental study on rabbit model

References 1. Amarpal K.P., Aithal H.P., Pawde A.M., Paratap K., Gugjoo M.B.: A retrospective study on the prevalence of obstructive urolithiasis in domestic animals during a period of ten years. Adv Anim Vet Sci 2013, 1, 88–92. 2. Bearelly S., Rao S., Fekrat S.: Anaphylaxis following intravenous fluorescein angiography in a vitreoretinal clinic: report of 4 cases. Can J Ophthalmol 2009, 44, 444–445. 3. Cipolla A.F., Khedroo L.G., Casella P. A.: Fluorescein test for rupture of urinary bladder. Surgery 1953, 33, 102–106. 4. Connell R

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Effect of thermal stress on physiological and blood parameters in merino sheep

of heat tolerance by physical fitness. J Appl Physiol 1998, 84, 207-214. 13. Schmidt Nielsen K.: Animal Physiology. Adaptation and environment. Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, U.K., 1997. 14. Silanikove N.: Effects of heat stress on the welfare of extensively managed domestic ruminants. Livestock Prod Sci, 2000, 67, 1-18. 15. Singh M., Rai A.K., More T., Dhaliwal J.S.: Note on comparative physiological response of sheep and goats to high ambient temperature. Indian J Anim Sci 1980, 50, 202

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Effect of Lysozyme Treatment on Quality and Bacterial Contamination of Chilled Chicken Legs

Salmonella spp. 25. Polish Standard PN-A-86524: 1994/ Az2: 2002. Poultry meat in carcass parts. 26. Polish Standard PN-A-82107: 1996. Delicatessen. Organoleptic and physical tests. 27. Polish Standard PN-A-86520: 1998. Poultry products. Poultry carcasses. 28. Rao M.S., Chander R., Sharma A.: Synergistic effect of chitooligosaccharides and lysozyme for meat preservation. Food Sci Technol 2008, 41 , 1995-2001. 29. Tamblyn K.C., Conner D.E.: Bactericidal activity of organic acids against

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Hoof quality of Anglo-Arabian and Haflinger horses

References 1. A.N.AC.R.HA.I.: Il cavallo Haflinger nel paese di origine. Available in:,2017. 2. Bentley P.J.: Endocrines and osmoregulation. A comparative account in vertebrates. Springer Science & Business Media, Nedlands, Western Australia, 2002. 3. Bertram J.E.A., Gosline J.M.: Functional design of horse hoof keratin: the modulation of mechanical properties through hydration effects. J Exp Biol 1987, 130, 121

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Comparison of the Proximal Phalanx Parameters in Warmblood and Coldblood Horses with the Use of Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography

., Capozza R.F., Cointry G., Bozzini C., Olivera M., Zanchetta J.R., Bozzini C.E.: Dexamethasone effects on mechanical, geometric and densitometric properties of rat femur diaphyses as described by peripheral quantitative computerized tomography and bending tests. Bone 1995, 16, 119-124. 7. Firth E.C.: The response of bone, articular cartilage and tendon to exercise in the horse. J Anat 2006, 208 , 513-526. 8. Firth E.C., Rogers C.W., Doube M., Jopson N.B.: Musculoskeletal responses of 2-year-old Thoroughbred horses to early training

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Haemodynamics imaging of swine segmental kidney artery using duplex Doppler technique

.U.: Continuous measurements of renal perfusion in pigs by means of intravascular Doppler. Kidney Int 2001, 59, 1439–1447. 18. Naqvi J., Yap K.H., Ahmad G., Ghosh J.: Transcranial Doppler ultrasound: a review of the physical principles and major applications in critical care. Int J Vasc Med 2013, 6, 1–13. 19. Ozel D., Ozel B.D., Ozkan F., Kutlu R.: Evalution of renal involvement in patients with Behçet disease: Need to be aware about potential hypertension in long term follow up? Pol J Radiol 2016, 81, 5–9. 20. Pope J.C., Hernanz-Schulman M., Showalter P

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Analysis of haematological and biochemical blood parameters after electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation in dogs

cell parameters. Material and Methods Fourteen privately-owned dogs admitted to the Cardiology Unit of the Department of Internal Medicine and Clinic of Horses, Dogs, and Cats of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland, were enrolled into the study. They were dogs which had undergone complete physical, echo- and electrocardiographic examinations and been diagnosed with lone atrial fibrillation and none to minimal left atrial enlargement (LA/Ao <1.7). The dogs were mostly males (10/14), of mean age 5

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Resynchronisation as an element of improving cattle reproduction efficiency

. 13. Gajewski Z., Melo de Sousa N., Konopka A.: Determination of PAG in the milk and blood in cow’s in comparison to other examination methods for pregnancy diagnosis. Procedings XXV WBC, Budapest 2008, pp. 92–97. 14. Galvão K.N., Santos J.E.: Factors affecting synchronization and conception rate after the Ovsynch protocol in lactating Holstein cows. Reprod Domest Anim 2010, 45, 439–446. 15. Giordano J.O., Fricke P.M., Cabrera V.E.: Economics of resynchronization strategies including chemical tests to identify non-pregnant cows. J. Dairy Sci 2013, 96

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