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Hedgerows Have a Barrier Effect and Channel Pollinator Movement in the Agricultural Landscape

directly affects plant reproductive success. Oikos, 121(4), 562-568. Crawley, M. J. (2007). The R book: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Dover, J., & Settele, J. (2009). The influences of landscape structure on butterfly distribution and movement: a review. Journal of Insect Conservation, 13(1), 3-27. Dover, J. W., & Fry, G. L. A. (2001). Experimental simulation of some visual and physical components of a hedge and the effects on butterfly behaviour in an agricultural landscape. Entomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata, 100(2), 221

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Linking Historical Research with Restoration Ecology in the Floodplain Landscape Case Study: Landscape-Ecological Study and Management Plan of the Tovačov Lakes (Czech Republic)

. (1999). Revitalizace lomů - principy a návrh metodiky. Ochrana přírody 54: 73-76. Culek, M. (1996). Biogeografické členění České republiky. Enigma, Praha. Darby, S., Sear, D. (2008). River Restoration. Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat. Joh Willey & Sons, Hoboken. De Moral, R., Walker, L. R. (2007). Environmental Disasters, Natural Recovery and Human Responses. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Eiseltová, M., Pokorný, J., Ripl, W

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Utilizing a Photo-Analysis Software for Content Identifying Method (CIM)

-11. Beza, B. (2010). The aesthetic value of a mountain landscape: A study of the Mt. Everest Trek. Landscape and Urban Planning, 97, 306-317. Bishop, I. D. (1997). Testing perceived landscape colour difference using the Internet. Landscape and Urban Planning, 37, 187-196. Brown, T. C., & Daniel, T. C. (1986). Predicting Scenic Beauty of Timber Stands. Forest Science, 32, 417-487. Buhyoff, G. J., Gauthier, L. J., and Wellman, J. D. (1984). Predicting scenic quality for urban forests using vegetation measurements. Forest

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Restoration Practices Used on Post Mining Sites and Industrial Deposits in the Czech Republic with an Example of Natural Restoration of Granodiorite Quarries and Spoil Heaps

References Act No. 44/1988 Coll., on the protection and utilization of mineral resources (The Mining Act) Ash, H.J., Gemmell, R.P. & Bradshaw, A.D. (1994). The introduction of native plant species on industrial waste heaps: a test of immigration and other factors affecting primary succession. Journal of Applied Ecology, 31: 74-84. Beneš, J., Kepka, P. & Konvička, M. (2003). Limestone Quarries as Refuges for European Xerophilous Butterflies. Conservation Biology, 17(4): 1058-1069 Borgegård, S. O

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An Assessment of Leporid Research and Landscape Ecology Metrics in a European Landscape

. 283-301. DOI: 10.1016/S0304-3800(03)00142-X. Marboutin, E., Bray, Y., Péroux, B., Mauvy, B. & Lartiges, A. (2003). Population dynamics in European hare: breeding parameters and sustainable harvest rates. Journal of Applied Ecology 40, pp. 580-591. DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2664.2003.00813.x. Marchandeau, S., Aubineau, J., Berger, F., Gaudin, J.C., Roobrouck, A., Corda, E. & Reitz, F. (2006). Abundance indices: reliability testing is crucial - a field case of wild rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus . Wildlife Biology 12, pp. 19-27. DOI: 10

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Terrazzo floor from the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw – mineralogical characterization, conservation and impact of fire

in geological practice. Geological Institute of Hungary, Budapest. [8] Małkowska E. (1991). Synagoga na Tłomackiem, Warszawa 1991. [9] Mączeński Z. (1954). Poradnik budowlany dla architektów, Warszawa 1954. [10] Middendorf B., Baronio G., Callebaut K., Hughes J.J. (2000): Chemical-mineralogical and physical-mechanical investigations of old mortars. [In] Proceedings of the International RILEM-workshop “Historic mortars: characteristics and tests” (P. Bartos, C. Groot and J. J. Hughes, eds.), Paisley, 53–59. [11] Minczewski J., Marczenko Z

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