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Carbon isotopes in wood combustion/pyrolysis products: experimental and molecular simulation approaches

B/P conditions (temperature, time, atmosphere; see Bird and Ascough, 2012 ). In Bird and Ascough (2012) , the results of previous work were not only reviewed but a detailed discussion of factors affecting the results was provided, including the choice of material for testing, sample preparation, experimental methodology and analysis methodology. The black residue that remains after wood combustion is a common material for archaeological and geological investigations. Most published results from these analyses concern carbonaceous microstructural studies

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A 333-year record of the mean minimum temperature reconstruction in the Western Tianshan Mountains, China

diverged ( Zhang et al., 2009 ; Shen et al., 2016 ; Wang et al., 2016 ). However, Picea crassifolia in the northeastern part of the Tibetan Plateau has a relatively stable response to climate ( Zhang and Wilmking, 2010 ). Studies on divergent responses in the Tianshan Mountains are relatively scarce, but Larix sibirica has an unstable response to climate change in the eastern Tianshan Mountains ( Jiao et al., 2015 ). Therefore, whether Schrenk spruce also results from a divergent response in the western Tianshan Mountains remains to be further tested. Because of

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A continuous stable isotope record of last interglacial age from the Bulgarian Cave Orlova Chuka

several requirements. First, speleothem calcite should precipitate under isotopic equilibrium conditions. Hendy tests are the classical tests used to ascertain whether equilibrium conditions were achieved during calcite precipitation ( Hendy and Wilson, 1968 ; Hendy, 1971 ). However, Hendy’s criteria have been revised ( Dorale and Liu 2009 ). The concept of criterion (1) of the Hendy Test, sampling along a single growth layer may be flawed in both theory and practice. But the assumption that growing axis (central part of stalagmite) has higher probability for

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Luminescence chronology of fluvial and marine records from subsurface core in Kaveri delta, Tamil Nadu: Implications to sea level fluctuations

/OSL reader (Freiberg Instruments, Germany). The instrument is equipped with blue-light-emitting diodes (LED) arrays of wavelength 458 ± 10 nm, detection window consisting of a combination of optical filters Hoya U340 and Delta BP 365/50 EX mounted on a solid-state photomultiplier tube (PMT) along with 90Sr/90Y beta source ( Richter et al., 2013 ). The beta source delivered a dose rate of 0.15 Gy/s. Feldspar contamination was tested using infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL). No significant IR signals were observed confirming the purity of quartz extracts. To obtain the

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Application of long time artificial optical bleaching of the E1’ centre to sediment ESR dating

SiO 2 Physical Review B 27(4): 2285–2293, DOI 10.1103/PhysRevB.27.2285. 10.1103/PhysRevB.27.2285 Jani MG Bossoli RB Halliburton 1983 Further characterization of the E 1 ’ centre in crystalline SiO 2 Physical Review B 27 4 2285 2293 10.1103/PhysRevB.27.2285 Jin SZ, Deng Z and Huang PH, 1991. A response study of E 1 ’ centre of loess quartz to light. Chinese Science Bulletin 36(10): 741–744. (in Chinese) Jin SZ Deng Z Huang PH 1991 A response study of E 1 ’ centre of loess quartz to light Chinese Science

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The dynamics of some physical and physico-chemical properties during composting of municipal solid wastes and biomass of energetic plants

REFERENCES Agnew J.M., Leonard J.J., 2003. The physical properties of compost. Compost Science and Utilization 11(3): 238–264. Beffa T., Blanc M., Marilley L., Frischer J.L., Lyon F., Arago M., 1996. Taxonomic and Metabolic Microbial Diversity During Composting. [In:] The Science of Composting (red.) Bertoldi M., Sequi P., Lemmes B., Papi T. Blackie Academic & Proffesional, London, Glasgow, Wienheim, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Madras: 149–161. Bekier J., Drozd J., Jamroz E., Jarosz B., Kocowicz A., Walenczak K., Weber J., 2014. Changes in

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Historical mortars dating from OSL signals of fine grain fraction enriched in quartz

:// [31] Wallinga J, Murray AS, Duller GAT and Törnqvist TE, 2001. Testing optically stimulated luminescence dating of sand sized quartz and feldspar from fluvial deposits. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 193(3–4): 617–630, DOI 10.1016/S0012-821X(01)00526-X. [32] Zacharias N, Mauz B and Michael CT, 2002. Luminescence quartz dating of lime mortars. A first research approach. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 101(1): 379–382. http

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Impact of land use and geological conditions on selected physical soil properties in relation to the earthworm abundance and biomass along an altitudinal gradient in Slovakia

degraded soil by natural and planted fallows udner humic tropical conditions. Soil Science Society of America Journal 64: 222–228. Trabaquini K., Formaggio A.R., Galvao L.S., 2015. Changes in physical properties of soils with land use time in the Brazilian savanna environment. Land Degradation & Development 26: 397–408. Vivoni E.R., Rinehart A.J., Méndez-Barroso L.A., et al. 2008. Vegetation controls on soil moisture distribution in the Valles Caldera New Mexico, during the North American Monsoon. Ecohydrology 1: 225–238. Vliet J., de Groot H

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Prediction of soil properties with machine learning models based on the spectral response of soil samples in the near infrared range

REFERENCES Ballabio C., Panagos P., Montanarella L., 2016. Mapping topsoil physical properties at European scale using the LUCAS database. Geoderma 261: 110–123. Bengio Y., 2009. Learning Deep Architectures for AI. Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning 2 (1): 1–127. Brevik E. C., Calzolari C., Miller B. A., Pereira P., Kabala C., Baumgarten A., Jordán A., 2016. Soil mapping, classification, and pedologic modeling: History and future directions. Geoderma 264: 256–274. Conforti M., Matteucci G., Buttafuoco G., 2018. Using laboratory Vis

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A Monte Carlo Analysis for Collision Risk Assessment on Vega Launcher Payloads and LARES Satellite

, 29 June - 3 July 2009c. I. Ciufolini, A. Paolozzi, E. C. Pavlis, G. Sindoni, R. Koenig, J. Ries, and R. Matzner. The LARES space experiment: LARES orbit, error analysis and satellite structure. In I. Ciufolini and R. A. Matzner, editors, General Relativity and John Archibald Wheeler , volume 367 of Astrophysics and Space Science Library . Springer, 2010. I. Ciufolini, A. Paolozzi, E. C. Pavlis, J. Ries, R. Koenig, R. Matzner, G. Sindoni, and H. Neumayer. Testing gravitational physics with satellite laser ranging. The European Physical Journal Plus

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