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Using artificial neural network to predict dry density of soil from thermal conductivity

. Geological Survey Nigeria Bulletin, 40, pp. 725-731. [13] Krishanaiah, S. (2003): Centrifuge modelling of heat migration in geomaterials. Ph.D. Thesis, IIT Bombay: India. [14] Sheldrick, B.H., Wang, C. (1993): Particle size distribution. P. 499-511. In Carter (ed.) Soil sampling and methods analysis. Canadian Society of Soil Science: Lewis Publishers. Ann Arbor. [15] ASTM D7928-17 (2017): Standard test method for particle size distribution (gradation) of fine grained soils using the sedimentation (hydrometer) analysis. ASTM

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Decarburization of the Carbon Steel C45 During Annealing in Air

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Site Characterization for Construction Purposes at FUNAAB using Geophysical and Geotechnical Methods

(1), pp. 1-20. [23] Oyedele, K.F., Adeoti, L., Oladele, S. Kamil, A. (2014): Investigation of a Proposed Four Story Building Sites Using Geophysical and Laboratory Engineering Testing Methods in Lagos, Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific Research in Knowledge, 2(2), pp. 83-91. [24] Grant, N.K. (1978): Structural Distinction between a Metasedimentary Cover and an underlying Basement in the 600 m. y. old Pan African domain of Northwestern Nigeria, West Africa. Geological Society of American Bulletin, 89, pp. 50

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