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O. Kochukov, K. Briņķis and A. Mutule

. Briņķis, K., & Bačauskas, A. (2007). Problems of the building of a new Ignalina NPP and their solution. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci., (6), 3-11. 4. Briņķis, K., & Drozds, D. (2007). About the European Blackout of 4th November 2006, which entailed UCTE Network splitting into three areas. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci ., (2), 3-14. 5. Gamm, A.Z., & Kolosok, I.N. (2002). Test equations and their use for state estimation of electrical power system. Power and Electrical Engineering: Scientific Proc. of Riga Technical University . Riga: RTU, 99

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Athanasios A. Markou and George D. Manolis

References [1] Bhuiyan, A. K., Y. Okui, H. Mitamura, T. Imai. A Rheology Model of High Damping Rubber Bearings for Seismic Analysis: Identification of Nonlinear Viscosity. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 46 (2009), 1778-1792. [2] Markou, A. A., G. Oliveto, A. Mossucca, F. C. Ponzo. Laboratory Experimental Tests on Elastomeric Bearing from the Solarino Project, Progetto di Ricerca, Report DPC - RELUIS, Italy, Potenza, University of Basilicata, 2014. [3] Norton, F. H. The Creep of Steels at High

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Igor Kačmarčik, Dejan Movrin and Aljoša Ivanišević

. the law of constant friction, Journal of Material Processing Technology 66, 1997, pp 186-194. Tan X.: Comparisons of friction models in bulk metal forming, Teratology International 35, 2002, pp 385-393. Fereshteh-Saniee F., Pillinger I., Hartley P.: Friction modeling for the physical simulation of the bulk metal forming processes, Journal of Material Processing Technology 153-154, 2004, pp 151-156. Joun M.S., Moon H. G., Choi I. S., Lee M. C., Jun B. Y.: Effects of friction on metal

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Hao-Peng Song and Kun Song

. Thrush, D. T. Morelli, M. C. Wu. Thermoelectric Power of Bismuth Nanocomposites. Physical Review Letters, 88 (2002), 216801. [8] Snyder, G. J., E. S. Toberer. Complex Thermoelectric Materials. Nature Materials, 7 (2008), 105-114. [9] Gothard, N., X. Ji, J. He, T. M. Tritta. Thermoelectric and Transport Properties of N-type Bi2Te3 Nanocomposites. Journal of Applied Physics, 103 (2008), 054314. [10] Vashaee, D., A. Shakouri. Improved Thermoelectric Power Factor in Metal- based Superlattices. Physical Review Letters, 92

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Sathiyan Saminathan, Ravikumar Manickam, Varatharaj Chandraraj, Sanjay Supe and Subbarao Keshava

References Bayouth JE, Wendt D, Morrill SM. MLC quality assurance technique for IMRT applications. Med Phys. 2003; 30(5): 743-750. Bohsung J, Groll J, Moys A, Bohmer D, Marnitz S, Budach V. One year of clinical IMRT with dynamic MLC - the Charite experience from a physicist point of view. Proceedings of the 9th Varian European Users Meeting; 2001: 39-45. Chui C-S, Spirou S, LoSasso T. Testing of dynamic multileaf collimation. Med Phys. 1996; 23(5): 635

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Dimitar Chakarov, Ivanka Veneva, Mihail Tsveov and Pavel Venev

-900. [4] V itiello , N., T. L enzi , S t . R occella , S t . M arco , M. D e R ossi , E m . C attin , F r . G iovacchini , M. C. C arrozza . NEUROExos: A Powered Elbow Exoskeleton for Physical Rehabilitation. IEEE Transactions on Robotics , 29 (2013), No. 1 , 220-235. [5] V anderborght , B. et al ., Variable Impedance Actuators: A Review. Robotics and Autonomous Systems , 61 (2013), 1601-1614. [6] C hou , P., B. H annaford . Measurement and Modelling of McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscles. IEEE TRANS On Robotics and Automation, 12 (1996), No

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Simona Avramova-Cholakova and Jenia Vassileva

. 4th ed. Luxemburg; European Communities; 2006. Chapter 2, European protocol for the quality control of the physical and technical aspects of mammography screening; p. 57-104. Faulkner K, Cranley K. An investigation into variations in the estimation of mean glandular dose in mammography. Rad Prot Dosim. 1995; 57(1-4): 405-407. Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. The commissioning and routine testing of mammographic X-ray systems. York: IPEM; 2005. 156 p. IPEM Report 89. ISBN: 1903613213

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Vahid Monfared

., A. Ç evik , U. U şara , E. G ülşan . Rutting Prediction of Asphalt Mixtures modified by Polypropylene Fibers via Repeated Creep Testing by utilising Genetic Programming. Materials Research , 16 (2013), No. 2 , 277-292. [20] F rancisco dos R eis S obrinho , J., L. O liveira B ueno . Hot Tensile and Creep Rupture Data Extrapolation on 2.25Cr-1Mo Steel using the CDM Penny-kachanov Methodology. Materials Research , 17 (2014), No. 2 , 518-526. [21] C osta J unior , P. R., C. M oura N eto , D. A. W ade . Evaluation of a 7050-TAF Aluminium Alloy

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Zlatinka Dimitrova

Infinite Prandtl Number: Case of Intermediate Taylor Numbers. Phys. Rev. E , 6 2 (2000), 3581-3591. Kudryashov, N. A., D. I. Sinelschikov. Nonlinear Waves in Bubbly Liquids with Consideration for Viscosity and Heat Transport. Phys. Lett. A , 374 (2010), 2011-2016. Vitanov, N. K. Convective Heat Transport in a Fluid Layer of Infinite Prandtl Number: Upper Bounds for the Case Rigid Lower Boundary and Stress-Free Upper Boundary. European Physical Journal B , 15 (2000), 349-355. Vitanov, N