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The Far Horizons of Time

Time and Mind in the Universe

H. Chris Ransford

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O. Kochukov, K. Briņķis and A. Mutule

. Briņķis, K., & Bačauskas, A. (2007). Problems of the building of a new Ignalina NPP and their solution. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci., (6), 3-11. 4. Briņķis, K., & Drozds, D. (2007). About the European Blackout of 4th November 2006, which entailed UCTE Network splitting into three areas. Latv. J. Phys. Tech. Sci ., (2), 3-14. 5. Gamm, A.Z., & Kolosok, I.N. (2002). Test equations and their use for state estimation of electrical power system. Power and Electrical Engineering: Scientific Proc. of Riga Technical University . Riga: RTU, 99

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Joanna Hydzik-Wiśniewska, Anna Wilk, Łukasz Bednarek and Sebastian OIesiak

method of marking the indicator for material requires to conductit after four days of soaking, which simulates unfavourable conditions of water saturation. Unfortunately, the CBR test method is laborious and time consuming [ 22 ]. This article analyses the geotechnical and physical test results with particular consideration of CBR of mixtures of crushed aggregate assessed for their application in road construction as subgrade layer. An attempt was also made to find the correlation between CBR ratio and other physical properties. All aggregate tests were performed at

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LH Gains and RS Marmor

. L., and J. P. McRae: Practical ideas in flavor taste testing; Proc. Am. Soc. Brew. Chem. 32 (1974) 60-64. 33. Spears, A. W.: Effect of manufacturing variables on cigarette smoke composition; presented at the COR-ESTA Symposium held in Montreux, Switzerland, in 1974, CORESTA Information Bulletin 1974, Special Issue, pp. 65—78. 34. Arany-Fuzessery, K., I. Hamza-Nagy and I. Nagy-Buday: The effect of physical characteristics of cigarettes on their burning properties and on the major components of the mainstream smoke

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Zhihao Chen, Qian Miao, Jijun Zhao, Li Ding, Yan Xiao, Huiping Wang, Yunhua Qin, Wen Xiong, Hong Tao, Yu Wang, Xiaodong Lv and Qian Feng

REFFERENCES 1. Chen, P.S.: Chemistry of Cigarette Burning Processes; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 21 (2004) 105–110. DOI: 10.2478/cttr-2013-0772 2. Lewis, C.I.: The Effect of Cigarette Construction Parameters on Smoke Generation and Yield; Rec. Adv. Tob. Sci. 16 (1990) 73–101. 3. De Bardeleben, M.Z., W.E. Claflin, and W.F. Gannon: Role of Cigarette Physical Charactaristics on Smoke Composition; Rec. Adv. Tob. Sci. 4 (1978) 85–111. 4. Baker, R.R.: Product Formation Mechanisms Inside a Burning Cigarette; Prog. Energy Combust. Sci. 7 (1981) 135

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Eloisa Di Sipio and David Bertermann

Sass I., 2017. Measurement method of thermal properties of cementitious bedding materials and unsaturated soils: Hydraulic influence on thermal parameters. Geotechnical Testing J., 40(1), 160-170, doi: 10.1520/GTJ20160027 Farouki O.T., 1981. Thermal properties of soils (No. CRRELMONO-81-1). Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab Hanover Nh. Gonzalez R.G., Verhoef A., Vidale P.L., Main B., Gan G., and Wu Y., 2012. Interactions between the physical soil environment and a horizontal ground coupled heat pump, for a domestic site in the

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P Adams

References 1. ISO 8243: Cigarettes – Sampling; International Organi-sation for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, 1991. 2. ISO 3402: Tobacco and tobacco products – Atmo-sphere for conditioning and testing; International Organisation for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, 1999. 3. ISO 3308: Routine analytical cigarette-smoking ma-chine – Definitions and standard conditions; International Organisation for Standardization, Geneva., Switzerland, 2000. 4

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Krzysztof Majcher

the object were excited kinematically, with the movement of the structure’s base interpreted as an input signal in the system, being short-term and irregular. It was assumed that the theoretical model, resulting from the physical model, is a discrete system with three degrees of freedom (see Fig. 1b ) This assumption is justified by the fact that the structure of the physical model is very similar to a shear building type, in relation to which only transverse (horizontal) vibrations are considered. Figure 1 The slab-and-column model: (a) physical; (b

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Jasmin Schomakers, Franz Zehetner, Axel Mentler, Franz Ottner and Herwig Mayer

Sci., 57(4), 596-607. Christensen B.T., 1992. Physical Fractionation of Soil and Organic Matter in Primary Particle Size and Density Separates. Advances in Soil Science (Ed. B.A. Stewart). New York, Springer-Verlag. DIN Norm 19683-16, 1998. Determination of aggregate stability using the method of wet sieving. Soil quality laboratory tests - Part 16. Berlin. Edwards A.P. and Bremner J.M., 1967a. Dispersion of soil particles by sonic vibration. J. Soil Sci., 18(1), 47-63. Edwards A.P. and Bremner J