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Mário Bacelar Valente

References Anderson, R., Vetharaniam, I., and Stedman, G.E., 1998, Conventionality of synchronization, gauge dependence and test theories of relativity. Physics Reports 295, 93–180. Ben-Menahem, Y., 2006, Conventionalism, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Brown, H., 2005, Physical relativity: spacetime structure from a dynamical perspective, Oxford, Oxford University Press. Darrigol, O., 2015, Mesh and measure in early general relativity. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 52, 163–187. Edwards, W.F.,1963

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Rinat M. Nugayev

–326. Maxwell, James, [1890] 1952. On Faraday’s Lines of Force. Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1856, vol. X, part 1. Reprinted in The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell, vol. 1, 155–229. Meyerson, Emile, 1912. La deduction relativiste . Paris: Pavot. Morrison, Margaret. 2000. Unifying Scientific Theories: Physical Concepts and Mathematical Structures. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Nordström, Gunnar, 1912. Relativitätsprinzip und Gravitation”, Physikalische Zeitschrift , 13 (1912), 1126–1129. Translated in Jürgen Renn

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Alexander Gerner

. Arnold, M., 1998, Die Platonische Logik der Harmonie: Versuch der Rekonstruktion eines initiatorischen Handelns. In: Wiener Jahrbuch für Philosophie XXVII/1995 , 45–78. Aspell J. et al., 2013, Turning body and self inside out: visualized heartbeats alter bodily self-consciousness and tactile perception. Psychol. Sci. 24, 2445–2453. Bailly, F. and Longo, G., 2011, Mathematics and the Natural Sciences. The physical singularity of Life . London, Imperial College Press. Bateson, M., 1979, The epigenesis of conversational interaction: A personal

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Joan Walton

References [1] Aspect, A., Grangier, P. and Roger, G. (1981) Experimental tests of realistic local theories via Bell’s theorem. Physical Review Letters, 47 (7), 460 [2] Bohr, N. (1928) The Quantum Postulate and the Recent Development of Atomic Theory, Great Britain: R. & R. Clarke, Limited [3] Bryman, A. (2015) Social Research Methods. Oxford University Press [4] Denzin, N.K. and Lincoln, Y.S. (2011) The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research. Fourth Edition. Sage [5] Guzeldere, G. (1995) Consciousness: What it is, How to study it

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Andreas Raith

, R. D., Floyd, M. F., & Hammitt, W. E. (2002): Environmental socialization: Quantitative tests of the childhood play hypothesis. Environment and Behavior, 34(6), 795-818 [7] Bögeholz, S. (1999): Qualitäten primärer Naturerfahrung und ihr Zusammenhang mit Umweltwissen und Umwelthandeln. Opladen: Leske + Budrich [8] Cheng, J. C.-H. & Monroe, M. C. (2012): Connection to nature: Children’s affective attitude toward nature. Environment and Behavior, 44(1), 31-49 [9] Dyment, J. E. (2005): Gaining Ground: The Power and