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Judit Pető, Attila Hüvely, András Palkovics and Viktor Vojnich


The rural development grants - among others - help to promote the competitiveness of the agricultural activities. Plantations take great interest in the southeastern part of Hungary. Farmers need to make soil tests before plantation of fruit and grape. We investigated the distribution of the main physical characteristics in this area. For the establishment of vineyards, the areas were adequate according to the pH, and salt content. The results of the soil tests show some strong relationships between the determined physical parameters.

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Kukovska Valentina, Celeska Irena, Ruškovska Tatjana and Valčić Olivera

, Domenech E, Vina J: Moderate exercise is an antioxidant. Upregulation of antioxidant genes by training. Free Radical Biol Med 2008, 44:126-131. 31. Macedo RCS, Vieira A, Marin DP, Otton R: Effects of chronic resveratrol supplementation in military firefighters undergo a physical fitness test – A placebo controlled, double blind study. Chem Biol Interact 2015, 227:89-95. 32. Leenen R, Roodenburg AJC, Tijburg LBM, Wiseman SA: A single dose of tea with or without milk increases plasma antioxidant activity in humans. Eur J Clin Nutr 2000, 54:87-92. 33

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Jiří Podlaha, Kräuff Schwanhaeuser and Tereza Kadeřábková

approach to in vivo testing of vascular grafts. Vasa 1994, 23(3):251-256. 82. Giardino R, Fini M, Rocca M, Nicoli N, Martini L, Giavaresi G, Di Paola MD, Orienti L, Faggioli G, Gargiulo M: In vivo experimental research in vascular surgery. Methodology and current Italian law. Minerva Chir 1995, 50(6):613-619. 83. AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association): Report of the AVMA. Panel on euthanasia. J Am Vet Med Assoc 1993, 202(2):229-249. 84. Louhimies S: Directive 86/609/EEC on the protection of animals used for

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Budzyńska Monika, Kamieniak Jarosław, Krupa Wanda and Sołtys Leszek

results in dressage and show jumping. Livest Prod Sci 2003, 82:61-71. 17. Olsson EG, Arnason T, Näsholm A, Philipsson J: Genetic parameters for traits at performance test of stallions and correlations with traits at progeny tests in Swedish warmblood horses. Livest Prod Sci 2000, 65:81-89. 18. Jović S, Stevanović J, Borozan S, Dimitrijević B, Milosavljević P: Infl uence of physical activity of racehorses on lactate dehydrogenase and creatine kinase activities, and protein synthesis. Acta Vet (Beograd) 2013, 63

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Lj. Aleksandar Obradović, Srđan Joksimović, Michael M. Poe, Tamara Timić, James M.Cook and Miroslav M. Savić

experiments in GABAA receptor point-mutated mice. Pain 2009, 141:233-8. 4. Malan TP, Mata HP, Porreca F: Spinal GABA(A) and GABA(B) receptor pharmacology in a rat model of neuropathic pain. Anesthesiology 2002, 96:1161-7. 5. Casarrubea M, Sorbera F, Santangelo A, Crescimanno G: The effects of diazepam on the behavioral structure of the rat’s response to pain in the hot-plate test: anxiolysis vs. pain modulation. Neuropharmacology 2012, 63:310-21. 6. Stahl SM: Don’t ask, don’t tell, but benzodiazepines are still the leading

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Radaković Milena, Đelić Ninoslav, Stevanović Jevrosima, Anđelković Marko, Kolarević Stoimir, Dačić Stefan and Stanimirović Zoran

Program Tech Rep Ser 1990, 380:1-205. 4. Goldstein DS, Eisenhofer G, Kopin IJ: Sources and significance of plasma levels of catechols and their metabolites in humans. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2003, 305:800-811. 5. Sherwood L: Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems. Belmont CA: Thomson Brooks/ Cole,7 th Revised; 2009, 928. 6. Gavrilovic Lj, Stojiljkovic V, Kasapovic J, Pejic S, Todorovic A, Pajović BS, Dronjak S: Chronic physical stress changes gene expression of catecholamine biosynthetic enzymes in the adrenal medulla of

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Karla Klobučar, Zoran Vrbanac, Jelena Gotić, Krunoslav Bojanić, Tomislav Bureš and Nika Brkljača Bottegaro

. Rossdales Laboratories: Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) [ ] 20. Votion D: Metabolic responses to exercise and training. In: Equine Exercise Physiology – The Science of Exercise in the Athletic Horse . Hinchchcliff KW, Geor RJ, Kaneps AJ, editors. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Limited; 2008 747–767. 21. Rivero JL, Serrano AL, Henckel P: Activities of selected aerobic and anaerobic enzymes in the gluteus medius muscle of endurance horses with different performance records. Vet Rec 1995

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Lucia Kořenková and Martin Urík

–164. Walkley A., Black I.A. 1934. An examination of the Degtjareff method for determining soil O.M. and a proposed modification of the chromic acid titration method. Soil Science , 37, 29–38. Wang Z., Wu Q.J., Wu L., Ritsema C.J., Dekker L.W., Feyen J. 2000. Effects of soil water repellency on infiltration rate and flow instability. Journal of Hydrology, 231/232, 265–276. Wylie L., Allinson G., Stagnitti F. 2001. Guidelines for the standardisation of the water drop penetration time test. 26 th General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society, EGS Nice

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Duarte Barroso Lopes, Carsten Mai and Holger Militz

small wood beams under constant bending load. Report 2150, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI. DIN 52 186. 1978. Testing of wood; bending test. Deutsches Institut Für Normung e.V. Normen über Holz, Biegeversuch, Beuth, Berlin, (in German). Dinwoodie J.M., Higgins J.-A., Paxton B.H., Robson D.J. 1990. Creep research on particleboard, 15 year’s work at the UK Building Research Establishment. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff, 48, 5-10. Dinwoodie J.M., Paxton B.H., Higgins J.-A., Robson D.J. 1991. Creep

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Duarte Barroso Lopes and Carsten Mai

References Bengtsson C. 2000. Creep of timber in different loading modes - material properties aspects. in The 7th World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 12-15, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Bengtsson C. 2001. “Short-term” mechano-sorptive creep of well-defined spruce timber. Holz als Roh und Werkstoff, 59, 117-128. Bollmus S., Dieste A., Militz H., Rademacher P. 2009. Properties of modified beechwood. Forst und Holz, 64 (7/8), 30-34. DIN 52 185. 1976. Testing of wood: Compression test parallel to