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Michal Dubovický, Pavel Kovačovský, Eduard Ujházy, Jana Navarová, Ingrid Brucknerová and Mojmír Mach

References Accuf KD, Vorhees CV. (1998) Neurobehavioral Teratology. In: Introduction to Neurobehavioral Toxicology: Food and Environment , Niesink RJM, Jaspers RMA, Kornet LMW, van Ree JM, Tilson HA (eds). CRC Press, New York, 27-69. Adams J, Oglesby DM, Ozemek H, Rath J, Kimmel CA, Buelke-Sam J. (1985) Collaborative Behavioral teratology Study: programming data entry and automated test system. Neurobehav Toxicol Teratol   7: 547-554. Barlow BK, Cory-Slechta DA, Richfield EK

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Gunasekaran Krishnamoorthy, Kandaswamy Selvakumar, Prabhu Venkataraman, Perumal Elumalai and Jagadeesan Arunakaran

References Anway MD, Folmer J, Wright WW, Zirkin BR. (2003). Isolation of Sertoli cells from adult rat testes: an approach to ex vivo studies of Sertoli cell function. Biol Reprod . 68 : 996-1002. Atessahin A, Karahan I, Turk G, Gur S, Yılmaz S, Ceribas AO. (2006a). Protective role of lycopene on cisplatin induced changes in sperm characteristics, testicular damage and oxidative stress in rats. Reprod Toxicol 21 : 42-47. Atessahin A, Turk G, Karahan I, Yilmaz S, Ceribasi AO, Bulmus O. (2006b

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Šárka Hřibová, Helena Zlámalová Gargošová and Milada Vávrová

. Fiskesjo, G. (1985). The Allium test as standard in environmental monitoring. Hereditas 102: 99-112. Globally Harmonized System of Classifi cation and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), United Nations, 2005. Hamilton SJ, McDonald SF, Gaikowski MP, Buhl KJ. (1996). Toxicity of fi re retardant chemicals to aquatic organisms: Progress report. Information Report - Petawawa National Forestry Institute PI X. 123; pp. 132-144. Hirzel J, Matus I. (2013). Eff ect of soil depth and increasing fertilization rate on yield and its components

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Yacine Bouguezza, Bachra Khettal, Lydia Tir and Souad Boudrioua

): 177–197. Mohan LV, Mothes K, Engelbrecht L, Schroter HB. (1965). Biosynthesis of damascenine in Nigella damascena L . Nature 12 : 1421–1428. Necyk C, Tsuyuki RT, Boon H, Foster BC, et al. (2014). Pharmacy study of natural health product adverse reactions (SONAR): a cross-sectional study using active surveillance in community pharmacies to detect adverse events associated with natural health products and assess causality. BMJ Open 4 (3): e003431. OECD, Test guideline 407. (2008). Repeated dose oral toxicity test method. In: Organization

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Jacob K. Akintunde, Ganiyu Oboh and Akintunde A. Akindahunsi

lipid peroxidation and production of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide in human spermatozoa: superoxide dismutase as major enzyme protectant against oxygen toxicity. J Androl 8: 338-348. American society for testing material ASTM. (1992). Standard Test Method for Laboratory compaction characteristics of soil using standard eff ort (12,400ft-Ibf/ft3 (600KN-m/m3), Annual book of ASTM standards, vol.04.08, D698-91. AOAC. (1990). Offi cial methods of analysis, 15th edn Association of offi cial Analytical chemists, Washington, DC

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Harold I. Zeliger

-Engman L, Kolarik B, James P, Lundin F, Janson S, et al. (2010). PVC - as fl ooring material - and its association with incident asthma in s Swedish child cohort study. Indoor Air 20 : 494-501. Le Cann P, Bonvallot N, Glorennec P, Deguen S, Goeury C, Le Bot B. (2011). Indoor environment and children’s health: recent developments in chemical, biological, physical and social aspects. Int J Hyg Environ Health 215 (1): 1-18. Lee DH, Jacobs DR, Porta M. (2007). Association of serum concentrations of persistent organic pollutants with the

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Andrii Saienko, Natalia Voloshchuk, Olena Toziuk, Olena Kryvoviaz, Serhii Kryvoviaz and Vasyl Koval

Parkinson's disease. Clin. Neurol. Neurosurg., 587-590, 5, 2013. DOI: 10.1016/j. clineuro.2012.07.014. 6. Margolis L. M., Rivas D. A. Implications of Exercise Training and Distribution of Protein Intake on Molecular Processes Regulating Skeletal Muscle Plasticity. Calcif. Tissue Int., 211-221, 3, 2015. 7. Oliynyk S., Oh S. The Pharmacology of Actoprotectors: Practical Application for Improvement of Mental and Physical Performance. Biomol. Ther., 446-56, 20(5), 2012. DOI: 10.4062/ biomolther.2012.20.5.444 8. Pierre N. et al

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Malgorzata Zofia Lisik

autism: common developmental pathways? Current. Pediatrics. Reviews., 3, 61, 2007. 5. De Rubeis S., Bagni C.: Regulation of molecular pathways in the Fragile X syndrome: insights into Autism Spectrum Disorders. J. Neurodevelop. Disord., 3, 257, 2011. 6. Gabis L.V. et al.: Psychiatric and autistic comorbidity in Fragile X syndrome across ages. J. Child. Neurol., 26, 940, 2011. 7. Hagerman R.J. (2002). The physical and behavioral phenotype. In: Fragile X syndrome: Diagnosis, Treatment and Research. Hagerman R.J., Cronister

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Katarzyna Wojciechowska, Maria Zun, Dorota Dwornicka, Katarzyna Swiader, Regina Kasperek and Ewa Poleszak

References 1. Achim M. at al.: Topical dosage forms containing fluid extract of ruscus aculeatus: Formulation, preparation and physical characterization. Clujul Medical 83, 99-103, 2010. 2. Akhtar N. et al.: Formulation and in vitro evaluation of a cosmetic emulsion from almond oil. Pak. J. Pharm. Sci., 21, 430-437, 2008. 3. Azam S. et al.: Antioxidant and pro-oxidant properties of caffeine, theobromine and xanthine. Med. Sci. Monit. 9, 325-330, 2003. 4. Ballamann C., Mueller BW.: Stabilizing