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Fitness Profiles of Elite Portuguese Rugby Union Players

References Adendorff L, Pienaar AE, Malan DDJ, Hare E. Physical and motor abilities, rugby skills and anthropometric characteristics: A follow-up investigation of successful and less successful rugby players. J Hum Movement Stud, 2004; 46(6): 441-457 Alemdaroglu U. The Relationship Between Muscle Strength, Anaerobic Performance, Agility, Sprint Ability and Vertical Jump Performance in Professional Basketball Players. J Hum Kinet, 2012; 31: 149-158 Argus CK, Gill ND, Keogh JWL. Characterization of the Differences in Strength and Power between Different

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The Motor Development and Motor Skill Levels of 6-Year-Old Children from the Lublin Voivodeship

- ish Youth. Warsaw: Studia i Monografie AWF Warszawa 98, 67-83. [in Polish] 23. Momola I. (2005). Levels of motor skills mong preschool- aged children. Antropomotoryka 31(15), 47-54. [in Polish] 24. Wilczewski A., Krawczyk B., Skład M., Saczuk J., Majle B. (1996). Physical development and fitness of children from urban and rural as determined by Eurofit test Battery. Biol­ogy of Sport 13(2), 113-126. 25. Mehtap Ozdirenę M., Ozcan A., Akin F., Gelecek N. (2005). Physical fitness in rural children compared with urban

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Changes in Body Composition and Physical Performance in Wheelchair Basketball Players During a Competitive Season

recovery test in basketball players. J Sci Med Sport, 2008; 11(2): 202-208 Cohen J. Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences . New York: Academic Press; 1988 Collins EG, Gater D, Kiratli J, Butler J, Hanson K, Langbein WE. Energy cost of physical activities in persons with spinal cord injury. Med Sci Sports Exerc , 2010; 42: 691-700 Croft L, Dybrus S, Lenton J, Goosey-Tolfrey VL. A comparison of the physiological demands of wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis. Int J Sports Phys Perform , 2010; 5(3): 301-15 De Groot, S

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Importance of Urban Factor and Selected Socio-Economic Variables in the Differentiation of Coordination Motor Abilities Level (CMA)

References Raczek, J., Mynarski W. & Ljach W. (2003). Shaping and diagnosis of coordination motor abilities. Handbook for teachers, trainers and students. Katowice: AWF Katowice. [in Polish] Starosta, W. (2003). Motor Coordination Abilities. Warszawa: Instytut Sporu. [in Polish] Starosta, W. (2006). Global and Local Motor Coordination in Physical Education and Sport. Gorzów Wielkopolski: Zamiejscowy Wydział Kultury Fizycznej poznańskiej AWF w Gorzowi Wielkopolskim. [in Polish

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Relations of weight status and physical fitness of children in Slovenia

, Flouris AD, Tokmakidis SP. Obesity and physical fitness of pre-adolescent children during the academic year and the summer period: effects of organized physical activity. J Child Health Care 2006; 10: 199-212. 14. Planinšec J, Fošnarič S. Relationship of perceived physical self-concept and physical activity level and sex among young children. Percept Mot Skills 2005; 100: 349-53. 15. Adam C, Klissouras V, Ravazzolo M, Renson R, Tuxworth W. Eurofit: European test of physical fitness. Rome: Council of Europe, Committee for the Development

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Diagnostic value of Beep and Yo-Yo tests in assessing physical performance of female soccer players

of German Bundesliga soccer players. J. Strength Cond. Res., Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000002662. 4. Dourado M., Kiss M., Stangeanelli L.R., Friseli A., Daros L.B., Piaseck F. (2001) Validation of the Yo-Yo (shuttle run) intermittent test of aerobic resistance for soccer players. In: J. Mester, G. King, H. Strüder, E. Tsolakidis, A.Osterburg (eds.) Books of Abstracts of the 6th Annual Congress of the European College of Sports Science. Cologne, Germany, p. 1208. 5. Fry A.C., Kraemer W.J. (1991) Physical Performance

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Relationship Between Toe Muscular Strength and the Ability to Change Direction in Athletes

athletic performance measurements were evaluated using intra-class correlation coefficients (ICCs). Relationships between all test variables (TFS, TPF, pro-agility test, 3-cone test, 10-yard sprint test, 40-yard sprint test, and the change of direction deficits of the pro-agility and 3-cone tests) were examined by the Pearson's correlation coefficient. The level of statistical significance was set at p < 0.05. Results The physical characteristics and the results of TMS and performance tests are summarized in Table 1 . The ICCs (1, 3) of TFS and TPF on the left and

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The assessment of specific physical fitness of children aged 8 and 9 years participating in tennis classes using the Jindrich Hoehm test

. Vereijken (2011) Measuring physical fitness in children who are 5 to 12 years old with a test battery that is functional and easy to administer. Phys. Ther., 91: 1087-1095. DOI: 10.2522/ptj.20090350 7. Gomes R.V., A. Moreira, L. Lodo, K. Nosaka, A.J. Coutts, M.S. Aoki (2013) Monitoring training loads, stress, immune-endocrine responses and performance in tennis players. Biol. Sport., 30: 173-180. DOI: 10.5604/20831862.1059169 8. Gomes R.V., R.C.O. Santos, K. Nosaka, A. Moreira, E.H. Miyabara, M.S. Aoki (2014) Muscle damage after a tennis

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The 3 vs 1 game build-up effectiveness examination in physical and technical tests of 11-year-old football players

References 1. Aguiar B., Lago M., Maças G., Sampaio J.V. (2012) A Review on the Effects of Soccer Small-Sided Games. J. Hum. Kinet., 33: 103-113. 2. Bakkera A., Oerlemansa W., Demeroutib E., Slotc B., Alid D. (2011) Flow and performance: A study among talented Dutch soccer players. Psych. Sport Exerc., 12: 442-450. 3. Bullock W., Panchuk D., Broatch J., Christian R., Stepto N.K. (2012) An integrative test of agility, speed and skill in soccer: Effects of exercise. J. Sci. Med. Sport, 15: 431

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Impact of the comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation on reducing intensification of depressive symptoms in people over 60 years of age

. Z Gerontol Geriatr. 2014;47(5):389-96. 4. Instytut Medycyny Wsi. Dzienny Dom Opieki Medycznej w Lublinie. . (access: 2018.08.14.). 5. WHO. . (access: 2018.08.14.). 6. Yang J-E, Lee T-Y, Kim J-K. The effect of a VR exercise program on falls and depression in the elderly with mild depression in the local community. J Phys Ther Sci. 2017;29(12):2157-9. 7. Neviani F, Belvederi Murri M, et al. Physical exercise for late life depression

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