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Susceptibility of hornbeam and Scots pine woods to destruction by the subterranean termite Reticulitermes lucifugus ROSSI, 1792 (Blattodea: Isoptera)

Reticulitermes lucifugus ROSSI. Drewno. Prace naukowe. Doniesienia. Komunikaty 58(195): 59-68. NAKAYAMA F.S., VINYARD S.H., CHOW P., BAJWA D.S., YOUNGQUIST J.A., MUEHL J.H., KRZYSIK A.M. 2001. Guayule as a wood preservative. Industrial Crops and Products 14(2): 105-111. NCUBE E., CHUNGU D., KAMDEN D.P., MUSAWA K. 2012. Use of a short field test to evaluate termite resistance of Eucalyptus grandis and Bobgunnia madagascarensis in a tropical environment. BioResurces 7(3): 4098-4108. PETERSON C.J., GERHARD P.D., WAGNER T.L. 2008

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Chemical Composition and Amounts of Mineral Elements in Honeybee-Collected Pollen in Relation to Botanical Origin

composition and free radical scavenging activity of Apis mellifera bee pollen from Southern Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Food Technology 12(3): 220-229. Crailsheim K., Schneider L. H. W., Hrassnigg N., Bühlmann G., Brosch U., Gmeinbauer R., Schöffmann B. (1992) Pollen consumption and utilization in worker honeybees (Apis mellifera carnica): dependence on individual age and function. Journal of Insect Physiology 38(6): 409-419. Duncan B. D. (1955) Multiple Range and Multiple F. Test. Biometrics 11: 1- 42. Folch J., Lees M

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The Effect of Amphotericin B on the Lifespan, Body-surface Protein Concentrations, and DNA Methylation Levels of Honey Bees (Apis mellifera)

References Bardini M., Labra M., Winfield M., Sala F. (2003) - Antibiotic-induced DNA methylation changes in calluses of Arabidopsis thaliana . Plant Cell, Tiss. Org.Culture , 72: 157-162. Burzyński S. R. (2009) - Practical application of gene silencing theory of aging: life extension in animal testing and human clinical trials. Anti Ageing Medical Therapeutics , 11: 1-8. Chorbiński P. (2004) - Control of chalkbrood disease of honey bee. Życie Wet., 79(11): 613-615. De la Rua P

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Impact of Feed Rations on Growth, Selected Body Parameters and Maturation of Vendace, Coregonus Albula L., Reared in RAS

., Andrzejewski W. 2010 - Growth rate, condition and fecundity of the fished population of vendace (Coregonus albula L.) from the Gorzyńskie lake (Miedzychód district) - Nauka Przyr. Technol. 4, 3, #30. Goryczko K. 2001 - Trout. Breeding and rearing - Wyd. IRS Olsztyn: 69-76. (in Polish). Hermanowicz W., Dojlido J., Dożańska W., Koziorowski B., Zerbe J. 1999 - Physicochemical testing of water and wastewater - Wyd. Arkady, Warszawa: 71-91 (in Polish). Hung S.S.O., Groff J.M., Lutes P.B., Fynn-Aikins F.K 1990 - Hepatic and intestinal histology of juvenile white sturgeon

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The Charophytes of Israel: historical and contemporary species richness, distribution, and ecology

References ADLER R., AMIRAN D. H. K., ELIAKIM H., GILEAD M. H., HINBERGER Y., KADMON N., KANTOR M., SHACHAR A. & TSAMERET R. 1985. Atlas of Israel n Cartography, Physical and Human Geography. 3rd ed. 160 pp. Survey of Israel, Tel-Aviv; Macmillan Publishing Co, New York; Collier Macmillan, London. BARBER M. A. 1924. The effect of Chara robbinsii on mosquito larval. Publ. Health Rep. 39(13): 611-615. BARINOVA S. S., ANISSIMOVA O. V., NEVO E. & WASSER S. P. 2005. Diversity and ecology of phytoplankton and

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Morphological Discrimination of Greek Honey Bee Populations Based on Geometric Morphometrics Analysis of Wing Shape

., Cornuet J. M. (1993) A simple test using restricted PCR-amplified mitochondrial- DNA to study the genetic-structure of Apis mellifera L. Experientia 49: 1016-1021. Garnery, L., Franck P., Baudry E., Vautrin D., Cornuet J. M., Solignac M. (1998) Genetic diversity of the west European honey bee (Apis mellifera and A. m. iberica). I. Mitochondrial DNA. Genetics Selection Evolution 30: 31-47.DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-30-S1-S31 Hall H. G. (1990) Parental Analysis of Introgressive Hybridization Between African and European Honeybees Using Nuclear

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Improving disease prevention and treatment in controlled fish culture

., Ruane N., Jutfelt F., Toften H., Vaughan L. 2012 – Health of farmed fish: its relation to fish welfare and its utility as welfare indicator – Fish Physiol. Biochem. 38: 85-105. Schulz P., Siwicki A.K., Terech-Majewska E., Kaczorek E., Małaczewska J., Wójcik R. 2015 – In vitro influence of iridovirus on the macrophage and lymphocyte activity in sturgeon ( Acipenseridae ) – J. Comp. Path. 152: 92. Sidoruk M. 2012 – The impact of trout farming in earthen ponds on the physical and chemical properties of surface water – J. Ecol. Eng. 31: 101-110 (in Polish

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GA3 Assisted Seed Dormancy Breaking in Abelmoschus moschatus Medik. subsp. moschatus

of medicinal plant Salvia aegyptiaca L. (Lamiaceae). Saud. Jr. Bio. Sc ., 18, 255-260. Mukesh, R., & Namita, P. (2013) - Medicinal plants with antidiabetic potential - a review. American-Eurasian J. Agric. & Environ. Sci ., 13, 81-94. Sanjay, M.G., Pankaj, P., Atul, G., & Zakwan, A. (2011) - Breaking seed dormancy in Hippophae salicifolia , a high value medicinal plant. Physiol. Mol. Biol. Plants ., 17(4), 403-406. Souza, C.R.D., Osvaldo, D.C.O., Melícia, I.A.G., & Maristela, P. (2010) - Tetrazolium test for evaluating triticale seed

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Effect of Tillage and Organic Mulches on Growth, Yield and Quality of Autumn Planted Maize (Zea Mays L.) and Soil Physical Properties

References Albuquerque J.A., L. Sangoi, M. Ender, 2001 - Modification in the soil physical properties and maize parameters including by cropping and grazing under two tillage systems. Revista- Braseilera- de- Ciencia- do- Solo, 25(3): 717-723. Aulakh S.M., T.S. Khera, J.W. Doran, K. Singh, B. Singh, 2000 - Yields and nitrogen dynamics in a rice-wheat system using green manure and inorganic fertilizer. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 64:1867-1876. Andrija S., I. Kvaternjak, I. Kisic, M. Birkas, D. Marencic, V

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Mechanical Damage to Chickpea Seeds as Affected by Npk Fertilization

References ASAE, 1988 - Moisture measurement - grain and seeds. Agric. Eng. Yearbook, ASAE, Standard ASAE, 347-352. Asoegwu S.N., 1995 - Some physical properties and cracking energy of conophor nuts at different moisture content. Int. Agrophysics, 9(2), 131-142. Baryeh E.A., 2002 - A simple grain impact damage assessment device for developing countries. J. Food. Eng, 56, 37-42. Dziki D., Laskowski J., 2007 - Influence of moisture content on mechanical properties of rye kernels. Acta Agrophysica

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