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Beata Pawłowska, Zofia Zaręba and Emilia Potembska

, Ghassabian A, Ahmadi G, Assari S. Amphetamine use and its associated factors in body builders: a study from Tehran, Iran. Arch Med Sci. 2012; 8(2):362-7. 9. Ricciardelli LA, McCabe MP. Self-esteem and negative affect as moderators of sociocultural influences on body dissatisfaction, strategies to decrease weight, and strategies to increase muscles among adolescent boys and girls. Sex Roles. 2001;44(3-4):189-207. 10. Smolak L, Stein JA. The relationship of drive for muscularity to sociocultural factors, self-esteem, physical attributes gender role, and social

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Zahra Mogaddami, Farzam Sheikhzadeh, Homeira Hatami, Seyed Mahdi Banan Khojasteh, Nazli Khajehnasiri, Ali Reza Ali Hemmati and Ali Dastranj

. Carneiro FS, Webb RC, Tostes RC. Emerging role for TNF-α in erectile dysfunction. J Sex Med 7, 3823-3834, 2010. Chigurupati S, Son TG, Hyun DH, Lathia JD, Mughal MR, Savell J, Li SC, Nagaraju GP, Chan SL, Arumugam TV, Mattson MP. Lifelong running reduces oxidative stress and degenerative changes in the testes of mice. J Endocrinol 199, 333-341, 2008. Cudicini C, Lejeune H, Gomez E, Bosmans E, Ballet F, Saez J, Jegou B. Human Leydig cells and Sertoli cells are producers of interleukins-1 and-6. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 82, 1426-1433, 1997

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M. Schiavone, G. Putoto, F. Laterza and Damiano Pizzol

comparison of fasting plasma glucose and glucose challenge test for screening of gestational diabetes mellitus. J Obstet Gynaecol 33, 447-450, 2013. Poomalar GK. Changing trends in management of gestational diabetes mellitus. World J Diabetes 6, 284-295, 2015. Qiu C, Williams MA, Vadachkoria S, Frederick IO, Luthy DA. Increased maternal plasma leptin in early pregnancy and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus. Obstet Gynecol 103, 519-525, 2004. Rahimi G, Jafari N, Khodabakhsh M, Shirzad Z, Dogaheh HP. Upregulation of

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H Oghbaei, N Ahmadi Asl and F Sheikhzadeh

tissue of male rat. Novelty in Biomedicine 3, 131–134, 2015. Feng B, Chen S, McArthur K, Wu Y, Sen S, Ding Q, Feldman RD, Chakrabarti S. miR-146a–mediated extracellular matrix protein production in chronic diabetes complications. Diabetes 60, 2975–2984, 2011. Hayes C, Kriska A. Role of physical activity in diabetes management and prevention. J Am Diet Assoc 108, S19-S23, 2008. Horton E. Exercise and diabetes mellitus. Med Clin North Am 72, 1301–1321, 1988. Huang Y, Liu Y, Li L, Su B, Yang L, Fan W, Yin Q, Chen L, Cui T, Zhang J, Lu Y, Cheng J

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Joanna Róg and Hanna Karakuła-Juchnowicz

., Ibarra Jato M., Barroso García A., González Tejón S., Tajada Vitales C., Díaz Mújica B., Viñas Cabrera L., Sanchís Catalán R., Salvador Barbarroja T. The effectiveness of a program of physical activity and diet to modify cardiovascular risk factors in patients with severe mental illness after 3-month follow-up: CAPiCOR randomized clinical trial. Eur Psychiatry. 2015; 30(8): 1028-36. 7. Kraeuter A.K., Loxton H., Lima B.C., Rudd D., Sarnyai Z. Ketogenic diet reverses behavioral abnormalities in an acute NMDA receptor hypofunction model of schizophrenia. Schizophr

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Dora Zelena, Ophelie Menant, Frederic Andersson and Elodie Chaillou

physical and recalled pain. PLoS One 7, e48711, 2012. Farmer DG, Bautista TG, Jones SE, Stanic D, Dutschmann M. The midbrain periaqueductal grey has no role in the generation of the respiratory motor pattern, but provides command function for the modulation of respiratory activity. Respir Physiol Neurobiol 204, 14-20, 2014. Faull OK, Jenkinson M, Clare S, Pattinson KT. Functional subdivision of the human periaqueductal grey in respiratory control using 7 tesla fMRI. Neuroimage 113, 356-364, 2015. Figueira RJ, Peabody MF

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Terezia Valkovicova, Martina Skopkova, Juraj Stanik and Daniela Gasperikova

-onset diabetes of the young genetic testing in antibody-negative diabetes? Diabetes Technol Ther 20, 106–112, 2018. McDonald TJ, Colclough K, Brown R, Shields B, Shepherd M, Bingley P, Williams A, Hattersley AT, Ellard S. Islet autoantibodies can discriminate maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) from Type1 diabetes. Diabet Med 28, 1028–1033, 2011a. McDonald TJ, Ellard S. Maturity onset diabetes of the young: Identification and diagnosis. Ann Clin Biochem 50, 403–415, 2013. McDonald TJ, McEneny J, Pearson ER, Thanabalasingham G, Szopa M, Shields BM