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Elżbieta Radzka, Katarzyna Rymuza and Jolanta Jankowska

References Bergel, T., Pawełek, J. & Rułka, Z. (2009). Turbidity of water provided by the water supply systems in the Malopolskie Voivodeship, Ochrona Środowiska, 4, pp. 61–64. (in Polish) Bergel, T. & Kudlik, K. (2011). Physical, chemical and bacteriological efficiency of DynaSand Filters in the water treatment plant supplying municipal water to Nowy Sącz, Ochrona Środowiska , 4, 33, pp. 57–61. (in Polish) Eckner, K. (1988). Comparison of membrane filtration and multiple-tube fermentation by the Colilert and Enterolert methods for detection

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Monika Czop and Małgorzata Kajda-Szcześniak

References [1] Białowiec, A., Janczukowicz, W., & Krzemieniewski, M. (2009). Możliwości zagospodarowania popiołów po termicznym unieszkodliwianiu osadów ściekowych w aspekcie regulacji prawnych (Possibilities to use ashes after thermal neutralization of sediments in the light of legal regulations) Środkowo-Pomorskie Towarzystwo Naukowe Ochrony Środowiska, 11, 959-971. [2] Borowski, G., & Miłczak, M. (2010). Badanie przydatności brykietów z popiołów paleniskowych jako podbudowy drogowe. (Testing suitability of briquettes from

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Jerzy Szulikowski and Przemysław Kateusz

. Kabza, Z. & Kostyrko, K. (2003). Metrology of indoor microclimate and environmental physical quantities. Part 1, Publishing House of the Opole University of Technology, Opole 2003. (in Polish) Kateusz, P. (2000). Research on effect of gas stream turbulence on the accuracy of velocity measurement with differential pressure type sensors, Ph.D. thesis, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice 2000. (in Polish) Kateusz, P., Popiołek, Z. & Szulikowski, J. (2001). Uncertainty of flue gas velocity measurement by means of the cylindrical and

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Michał Bodzek, Barbara Tomaszewska and Mariola Rajca

treatment. Physical, chemical and biological processes, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa- -Poznań 2010. (in Polish) Nghiem, L.D. & Hawkes, S. (2007). Effects of membrane fouling on the nanofi ltration of pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs): Mechanisms and role of membrane pore size, Separation and Purifi cation Technology, 57, pp. 182-190. Regulation of the Ministry of Health of 31 March 2011 concerning natural mineral waters, spring waters and table waters, (Dz. U. Nr 85, poz. 466) Warszawa 2011. (in Polish) Schaep

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Robert Kasperek, Marian Mokwa and Mirosław Wiatkowski

after Flood 1997, Archives of Environmental Protection , Vol. 33, No. 1, 67-74. [8] Http://, the own elaboration. [9] Jabłońska, B. (2010). On-site and model tests of suspended matter sedimentation in mine water settling tank of the Ziemowit coal mine, Archives of Environmental Protection , Vol. 36, No. 3, 127-134. [10] Kluczka, J., Zołotajkin, M., & Ciba, J. (2012). Speciaition of aluminium in the water and bottom sediment of fish

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Dariusz Wiśniewski, Janusz Gołaszewski and Andrzej Białowiec

improving wheat yield and physical properties of soil, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 107, 1/3, pp. 1-9. Kim, Y.H., Lee, S.M., Lee H.W. & Lee, J.W. (2012). Physical and chemical characteristics of products from the torrefaction of yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera), Bioresource Technology, 116, pp. 120-125. Kogut, P., Piekarski, J., & Ignatowicz, K. (2014). Start-up of biogas plant with inoculating sludge application, Rocznik Ochrona Środowiska, 16, pp. 534-545. Prins, M.J., Ptasinski, K.J. & Janssen, F

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Krystyna Malińska

) Körner, I., Braukmeier, J., Herrenklage, J., Leikam, K., Ritzkowski, M., Schlegelmilch, M. & Stegmann, R. (2003). Investigation and optimization of composting process – test systems and practical examples, Waste Management , 23, pp. 17–26. Lamy, E., Tran, T.C., Mottelet, S., Pauss, A. & Schoefs, O. (2013). Relationships of respiratory quotient to microbial biomass and hydrocarbon contaminant degradation during soil bioremediation, International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation , 83, pp. 85–91. Malińska, K. (2012). Laboratory determination of air

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Huyuan Zhang, Bo Yang, Guangwei Zhang and Xuechao Zhang

.O.C. & Egwurugwu, J.N. (2007). Heavy metal pollution and human biotoxic effects. International Journal of Physical Sciences , 2, 5, pp. 112–118. Francisca, F.M. & Glatstein, D.A. (2010). Long term hydraulic conductivity of compacted soils permeated with landfill leachate. Applied Clay Science , 49, 3, pp. 187–193. Griffin, R.A. & Jurinak, J.J. (1973). Test of a new model for the kinetics of adsorption-desorption processes. Soil Science Society of America Journal , 37, 6, pp. 869–872. Hunter, R.J. (1993). Introduction to modern colloid science , Oxford

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Agnieszka Baran and Jerzy Wieczorek

Toxicity Testing Handbook. Carlsbad, CA, USA, 1992. [17] Müller, G. (1969). Index of geo-accumulation in sediments of the Rihne River, Geojournal, 2, pp. 108-118. [18] Nicholson, F.A., Smith, S.R., Alloway, B.J., Carlton-Smith, C. & Chambers, B.J. (2003). An inventory of heavy metals inputs to agricultural soils in England and Wales, Science of The Total Environment, 311, pp. 205-219. [19] Ostrowska, A., Gawliński, S. & Szczubiałka, Z. (1991). Methods of analysis and assessment of soil properties and plant, first ed

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Arife Candaş Adigüzel Zengin, Selime Menteş Çolak, Gökhan Zengin and Eylem Kiliç

-33. [48] Tisler, T., Zagorc-Koncan, J., Cotmana, M. & Drolca, A. (2004). Toxicity potential of disinfection agent in tannery wastewater, Water Research, 38, 3503-3510. [49] TS 4120 EN ISO 3380: (2005). Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - determination of shrinkage temperature up to 100°C, Turkish Standard (TSE), Ankara, Turkey. [50] TS 4134: (1985). Leather - Determination of nitrogen content and hide substance. Titrimetric method, Turkish Standard (TSE), Ankara, Turkey. [51] Widsten, P., Heathcote, C., Kandelbauer