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Leonard Klaus


To determine the mass-moment-of-inertia properties of devices under test with particularly small mass moments of inertia (some 10−4 kg m2), two measurement set-ups based on different measurement principles were developed. One set-up is based on a physical pendulum, the second set-up incorporates a torsion pendulum. Both measurement set-ups and their measurement principles are described in detail, including the chosen data acquisition and analysis. Measurement uncertainty estimations according to the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) were carried out for both set-ups by applying Monte Carlo simulations. Both set-ups were compared using the same three devices under test. For each measurement result, the measurement uncertainties were estimated. The measurement results are compared in terms of consistency and the resulting measurement uncertainties. For the given devices under test, the torsion pendulum set-up gave results with smaller measurement uncertainties compared to the set-up incorporating a physical pendulum.

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J. Hallon, M. Bittera, V. Smieško and K. Kováč

currents induced by radiation and injection. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 34 (3), 360-362. ANALOG DEVICES, Inc. (2003) Low cost DC-500 MHz, 92 dB logarithmic amplifier AD8307. Retrieved November 2003, from Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - part 4-3: testing and measurement techniques - radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test. (1996). Slovak version of European standard. STN EN 61000-4-3.

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D. Kuhinek, I. Zorić and P. Hrženjak

. Geneva, Switzerland. European Co-operation for Accreditation. (1999). EA 4/02 Expression of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration. Flack, D. (2001). Calipers and Micrometers. In Measurement Good Practice Guide No. 40. Teddington, Middlesex, UK: National Physical Laboratory. Lord, J. D., Morrell, R. M. (2010). Elastic modulus measurement-obtaining reliable data from the tensile test. Metrologia , 47, S41-S49. International Atomic Energy Agency. (2008

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Anil Kumar and Harish Kumar

References British Standards (2008). Method for Calibration and Classification of Torque Measuring Devices . BS 7882-2008. International Standards Organization (1995). ISO GUM Document - Guide for Estimation and Expression of Uncertainty of Measurement . European Association for Accreditation of Laboratories (1997). Expression of Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration . National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, India (2000

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Milivoj Dopsaj and Jelena Ivanović

-132. Dopsaj, M., Milošević, M., Blagojević, M. (2000). An analysis of the reliability and factoral validity of selected muscle force mechanical characteristics during isometric multi-joint test. In Proceedings of the XVIII International Symposium of Biomechanics in Sport , 25-30 June, 2000. Hong Kong, China: Chinese University, Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, 146-149. Komi, P.V., Karlsson, J. (1978). Skeletal muscle fibre types, enzime activities and physical performance in young males and females. Acta Physiologica

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S. Ďaďo

References Ďaďo, S., Mandys, V., Šmíd, R. (2001). Biomedical shape measurement for neurotoxicity testing. Measurement Science Review , 1 (1), 55-58. Ďaďo, S., Šmíd, R. (1998). Characterization of an object shape in the picture using continuous wavelet transform. In Proceedings of New Orientations in Signal Processing . Liptovský Mikuláš: Military Academy, 3-6. (in Czech) Ďaďo, S., Šmíd, R. (2003). Wavelet correlation for biomedical shape evaluation. In Measurement 2003

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Hassan Abdelbari and Kamran Shafi

–68, 2012. [46] E. M. Aylward, P. A. Parrilo, and J.-J. E. Slotine, Stability and robustness analysis of nonlinear systems via contraction metrics and sos programming, Automatica, vol. 44, no. 8, pp. 2163–2170, 2008. [47] M. Rafferty, Butterflies and buffers, in Proceedings of the 27th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, Albuquerque, Mexico, USA, July 26-30 2009. [48] E. Theodorsson-Norheim, Friedman and quade tests: Basic computer program to perform nonparametric two-way analysis of variance and multiple comparisons on ranks of

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Zhen Li and Zhaozong Meng

ultrawideband radar approach to nondestructive testing. In IEEE International Conference on Ultra-WideBand (ICUWB), 1-3 September 2014. IEEE, 303-308. [52] Zhong, C.H., Croxford, A.J., Wilcox, P.D. (2014). Remote inspection system for impact damage in large composite structure. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 471 (2175), 20140631. [53] Alamin, M., Tian, G.Y., Andrews, A., Jackson, P. (2012). Corrosion detection using low-frequency RFID technology. Insight - Non-Destructive Testing and

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Tadeusz Kaczorek and Łukasz Sajewski

References Y. Bistritz: A stability test for continuous-discrete bivariate polynomials. Proc. Int. Symp. on Circuits and Systems , 3 (2003), 682-685. M. Buslowicz: Improved stability and robust stability conditions for a general model of scalar continuous-discrete linear systems. Measurement Automation and Monitoring , (submitted for publication). M. Buslowicz: Stability and robust stability conditions for a general model of scalar continuous-discrete linear systems

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Igor Vrba, Rudolf Palencar, Miodrag Hadzistevic, Branko Strbac, Vesna Spasic-Jokic and Janko Hodolic

surfaces verification with CMM. Precision Engineering, 34, 16-19. [11] Flack, D. (2011). Good Practice Guide No. 42 - CMM Verification. NPL Good Measurement Practice. Teddington, England: National Physical Laboratory. [12] Acko, B., Sluban, B., Tasic, T., Brezovnik, S. (2014). Performance metrics for testing statistical calculations in interlaboratory comparisons. Advances in Production Engineering & Management , 9 (1), 44-52. [13] Crepinsek-Lipus, L., Matus, M., Acko, B. (2013), Optimization of calibrating HeNe laser interferometers by sample