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Łukasz Wójcik and Zbigniew Pater

analysis of a rotary compression test, Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J , 12 (2), 77-82. 23. Lis K., Pater Z., Wojcik L., (2016), Plastometric tests for plasticine as physical modelling material, Open Engineering , 6, 653-659. 24. Mizuno K., Komori K., (2009), Study on plastic deformation in cone-type rotary piercing process using model piercing mill for modeling clay, Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 209, 4994-5001. 25. Moon Y.H., Van Tyne C.J., ( 2000), Validation via FEM and plasticine modeling of upper bound criteria of a process induced

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Bogdan Korobko and Ievgen Vasyliev

the effect of different fine aggregates on physical, mechanical and thermal properties of mortars, Construction and Building Materials , 124, 816–825. 10. Korobko B.O. (2016) Investigation of energy consumption in the course of plastering machine’s work, Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies (Energy-saving technologies and equipment) , 4, 8 (82), 4–11. 11. Korobko B.O., Vasyliev I.A. (2012) Laboratory test stand for the mortar pump loading (in Ukrainian), Collected works (branch of engineering, construction), Poltava, PoltNTU , 1 (31

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Rafał Mech and Jerzy Kaleta

. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical , 166, 94-101. 4. Diguet G., Beaugnon E., Cavaille J.Y. (2009), From dipolar interactions of a random distribution of ferromagnetic particles to magnetostriction, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials , 321, 396-401. 5. Dong X., Qi M., Guan X., Ou J. (2010), Microstructure analysis of magnetostrictive composites. Polymer Testing , 29, 369-374. 6. Dong X., Qi M., Guan X., Ou J. (2011), Fabrication of Tb 0;3 Dy 0;7 Fe 2 /epoxy composites: Enhanced uniform magnetostrictive and mechanical properties using a

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Jozef Bocko and Pavol Lengvarský

REFERENCES 1. Brenner D.W. (1990), Empirical potential for hydrocarbons for use in simulating the chemical vapor deposition of diamond films, Physical Review B , Vol. 42, 9458. 2. Cornell W.D., Cieplak P., Bayly C.I. (1995), A second generation force-field for the simulation of proteins, nucleic-acids, and organic-molecules, Journal of American Chemical Society, 117, 5179-5197. 3. Hartmann M.A., Todt M., Rammerstorfer F.G., Fisher F.D., Paris O. (2013), Elastic properties of graphene obtained by computational mechanical tests

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Daniel Pieniak, Agata Walczak and Agata M. Niewczas

., Hahnel S., Dowling A.H., Fleming G.J.P. (2013), The in vitro wear behavior of experimental resin-based composites derived from a commercial formulation, Dental Matererials , 29, 365–374. 4. Hambire U.V., Tripathi V.K. (2013), Optimization of compressive strength in Zirconia nanoclusters of the Bis-GMA and TEGDMA based dental composites, Procedia Engineering , 51, 494–500. 5. Heintze S.D., Zappini G., Rousson V. (2005), Wear of ten dental restorative materials in five wear simulators—Results of a round robin test, Dental Materials , 21, 304

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Wojciech Walendziuk

-323. 10. Soochan K., Mijoo K. Nambom K., Sungmin K., Gyucheol H., (2012), Quantification and Validity of Modified Romberg Tests Using Three-Axis Accelerometers, Green and Smart Technology with Sensor Applications, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 338, 254-261. 11. Thurner S., Mittermaier C., Hanel R., Ehrenberger K. (2000), Scaling violation phenomena and fractality in the Human Posture Control System, Physical Review E , 62(3). 12. Winter D.A. (1990), Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement , John Wiley & Sons Inc., Toronto.

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Paweł Bogusz, Roman Gieleta, Marcin Konarzewski and Michał Stankiewicz

., Wagner-Kocher C., Ahzi S., Remond Y. (2015), Impact behaviour of an innovative plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) for the automotive industry; The European Physical Journal Conferences Web of Conferences 94 , DYMAT, Lugano, Switzerland. 5. British Standards Institution (2003), BS 7971-8 – Protective clothing and equipment for use in violent situations and in training. Blunt trauma torso, shoulder, abdomen and genital protectors. Requirements and test methods , BSI, UK, 2003. 6. Chen L., Hoo Fatt M.S. (2013), Transversely isotropic mechanical properties

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Marek Wojciechowski

), The mathematical theory of finite element methods (Vol. 15), Springer Science & Business Media. 5. Chapuis R.P. (1990), Sand-bentonite liners: predicting permeability from laboratory tests, Canadian Geotechnical Journal , 27(1), 47-57. 6. Du X., Ostoja-Starzewski M. (2006), On the size of representative volume element for Darcy law in random media, in Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science , 462(2074), 2949-2963, The Royal Society. 7. Feyel F. (2003), A multilevel finite element method (FE 2) to

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Łukasz Bohdal, Katarzyna Tandecka and Paweł Kałduński

REFERENCES 1. Bagci E. (2011), 3-D numerical analysis of orthogonal cutting process via mesh-free method, International Journal of Physical Sciences , 6, 1267-1282. 2. Bohdal L. (2016), The application of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method to the simulation and analysis of blanking process, Mechanika , 22(5), 380-387. 3. Bohdal Ł., Gontarz S., Kukiełka L., Radkowski S. (2015), Modeling of residual stresses induced in shear slitting of grain oriented silicon steel using SPH method, Intelligent Methods in Surface Forming

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Wojciech Sikora, Krzysztof Michalczyk and Tomasz Machniewicz

REFERENCES 1. Arruda E. M., Boyce M. C. (2000), Constitutive models of rubber elasticity: a review, Rubber Chemistry and Technology , 73(3), 504-523. 2. Banić M. S., et al . (2012), Prediction of heat generation in rubber or rubber-metal springs, Thermal Science , 16, Suppl. 2, 527-539. 3. Baranowski P., Bogusz P., Gotowicki P., Małachowski J. (2012), Assessment of mechanical properties of off-road vehicle tire: coupons testing and FE model development, Acta Mechnica et Automatica , 6(2), 17-22. 4. Bower A. F. (2010), Applied