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Labor Migration in Indonesia and the Health of Children Left Behind

school standardized tests ( Case and Paxson, 2008 ), and lower earnings ( Black et al., 2007 ). From an intrahousehold bargaining perspective, these findings suggest a rejection of the unitary model of the household, whereby a household is assumed to act as a single economic unit, in favor of collective models of intrahousehold allocation (see Vermeulen [2002] for a survey of the collective approach and Vermeulen [2005] for a comparative analysis of the empirical validity of the two competing approaches). In households where mothers are absent due to labor

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Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Future of Work

Alan Turing – independently from each other – discovered that any process of formal reasoning – such as problems in economics and management described above – can be simulated by digital machines. In other words, the difference between a computer and a brain is one in degree, not in principle. Turing (1950) later argued that there might be a time when humans would no longer be able to distinguish between interacting with another human or a digital machine, passing the so-called “Turing test”. Moreover, indeed, in light of recent experiences by leading AI firms

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Patterns of Overeducation in Europe: The Role of Field of Study

different methodological settings that have been used in the literature so far, for example, with respect to field classifications, measures of educational standards, or the list of covariates. For example, in the analysis of Green and McIntosh (2007) , who make a quite detailed distinction between 12 educational fields, degrees in Physical sciences and in Computing are estimated to lower the overeducation probability significantly relative to the reference category Business and Management Studies. The insignificance of the field Math explain the authors by the fact that

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Performance Analysis of Two Big Data Technologies on a Cloud Distributed Architecture. Results for Non-Aggregate Queries on Medium-Sized Data

:// Hothorn, T., and Hornik, K., 2015. exactRankTests: Exact Distributions for Rank and Permutation Tests. R package version 0.8-28. Retrieved from Hrubaru, I., and Fotache, M., 2015. On a Hadoop Cliche: Physical and Logical Models Separation. In C. Boja, M. Doinea, C. Ciurea, P. Pocatilu, L. Batagan, A. Ion, V. Diaconita, M. Andreica, C. Delcea, A. Zamfiroiu, M. Zurini and O. Popescu (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Informatics in Economy (pp. 357-363). Bucharest: Bucharest Univ

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Measuring Patients′ Satisfaction in For-Profit Orthopedic Hospital

). Factors impacting Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores in orthopaedic surgery spine clinic. The Spine Journal, 16(11), 1285-1289. Giordano, L. A., Elliott, M. N., Goldstein, E., Lehrman, W. G., & Spencer, P. A. (2009). Development, implementation, and public reporting of the HCAHPS survey. Medical Care Research and Review, 67, 27-34. Hush, J. M., Cameron, K., & Mackey, M. (2011). Patient satisfaction with musculoskeletal physical therapy care: a

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Perceived Organizational Support, Stress Coping Behaviors and Mediating Role of Psychological Capital: Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers

role perceived managerial support has on job satisfaction and psychological strain. Current Psychology (New Brunswick, N.J.), 29 (3), 247-256. doi: Schermelleh-Engel, K., Moosbrugger, H., and Muller, H., 2003. Evaluating the fit of structural equation models: Tests of significance and descriptive goodness-of-fit measures. Methods of Psychological Research Online, 8 (2), 23-74. Schnorr, J. M., 1995. Teacher retention: A CSPD analysis and planning model. Teacher Education and Special Education, 18 (1), 22

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