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The first impression in a fine-dining restaurant. A study of C Restaurant in Tampere, Finland

References [1] Agarwal, B. (2009). Sequence Of Service-Restaurants. Retrieved from Slide Share: [2] Ambady, N. & Rosenthal, R. (1993). Half a minute: Predicting teacher evaluations from thin slices of nonverbal behavior and physical attractiveness. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, 64(3), pp. 431-441. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.64.3.431 [3] Ambady, N., Bernieri, F. J. & Richeson, J. A. (2000). Toward a histology of social behavior: Judgmental accuracy from

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Techniques employed to create event prestige value for corporate VIPs: the V.I.P. Framework

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