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Paul Marc and Ciprian Costescu

asphalt concrete. J Mater Civ Eng 2005;17:72-9. [5]. Spalding DB. Pun WM.- A review of methods for predicting heat transfer coefficients for laminar uniform property boundary layer flow. Int J Heat Mass Transfer 1999;5:239-49 [6]. Zhao J. Ai X. Li YZ. - Transient temperature fields in functionally graded materials with different shapes under convective boundary conditions. Heat Mass Transfer 2007;43:1227-32. [7]. Xu Q. Solaimanian M. - Measurement and evaluation of asphalt concrete thermal expansion and contraction. J Test

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Rositsa Petkova-Slipets and Penka Zlateva

References [1] ALLEN, M. - BAUMGARTNER, R. - FESMIRE, J. - AUGUSTYNOWICZ, S.: Advances in microsphere insulation systems. AIP Conference Proceedings Vol. 710, 2004, pp. 619 - 626. [2] BOZSAKY, D.: Laboratory tests with liquid nano-ceramic thermal insulation coating. Procedia Engineering Vol. 123, 2015, pp. 68 – 75. [3] RYZHENKOV, A. - POGORELOV, S. - LOGINOVA, N. - BELYAEVA, E. - PLESTSHEVA, A.: Syntactic Foams Efficiency with the Use of Various Microspheres for Heat Supply Equipment and Pipelines Heat Insulation. Modern Applied Science, Vol. 9

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B. P. Szabó, E. Gyimes, A. Véha and Zs. H. Horváth

hardness. Theor. and Applied Genetics, 114. (2006) 1–12. [3] E. Gyimes, M. Neményi, A. Véha, Reológia és szemkeménység összefüggése őszi búzáknál. (Rheology and hardness relationship in autumn wheat). In: Ötven éves az Acta Agronomica Hungarica Martonv ásár. (2002) 117–124. [4] E. Gyimes, Összefüggés-vizsgálatok búzafajták szemtermésének agrofizikai tulajdonságai között. (Investigations of relationships among the agro-physical features of wheat (Triticum aestivum) kernel varieties), Doktori (PhD) értekezés, Mosonmagyaróvár, PhD thesis [in

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Oto Makýš, Peter Krušinský, Renáta Korenková and Dominika Šrobárová

roof frames. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vol. 9, Iss. 2, 2013, pp. 44 - 149. [4] GILBERT, E. A. - SMILEY, E. T.: Picus sonic tomography for the quantification of decay in white oak (quercus alba) and hickory (carya spp). Journal of Arboriculture and Urban Forestry, Vol. 30, Iss. 5, 2004, pp. 277 - 281. [5] REINPRECHT, L. - HRIVNÁK, J.: Ultrasonic and drill resistance defectoscopy of coniferous and broadleaved logs. Acta Facultatis Xylologiae, Vol. 54, Iss. 1, 2012, pp. 43 - 54 (in Slovak). [6] HORACEK, P.: Physical and mechanical properties

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Ľudovít Krajči and Ján Jerga

References [1] THE HOLY BIBLE, Genesis 13:12. [2] SLUIJTER, W.L. - KREIJGER, P.C.: Potentio dynamic polarization curves and steel corrosion. Heron, Vol. 22 (1977), No. 1, pp. 13-27. [3] ACI 222R-01 Protection of metals in concrete against corrosion. ACI Committee 222, 2001, 41 pp. [4] STN 73 1341 Corrosion protection of reinforcements provided by the properties of concrete. Methods of test. SÚTN Bratislava, 1987, 20 pp. [5] KINNUNEN, P.: Electrochemical characterisation and

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Martin Šveda and Michala Madajová

., AULD, .J., MOHAMMADIAN, A., VOVSHA, P. (2014): NCHRP report 775: Applying GPS data to understand travel behavior. Volume I: Background, methods, and tests. Washington, D. C., Transportation Research Board. WOLF, J., OLIVIERA, M., THOMPSON, M. (2003): Impact of under-reporting on mileage and travel time estimates: results from global positioning system enhanced household travel survey. Transportation Research Record, 1854: 189–198. YU, H., SHAW, S. L. (2008): Exploring potential human activities in physical and virtual spaces: a spatio-temporal GIS

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Kristina Janečková Molnárová, Zuzana Skřivanová, Ondřej Kalivoda and Petr Sklenička

attributes in the perception and evaluation of the Dutch landscape. Landscape and Urban Planning, 34: 27-44. COUNCIL OF EUROPE (2000): European Landscape Convention. Florence, Italy. DANIEL, T. C. (2001): Whither scenic beauty? Visual landscape quality assessment in the 21st century. Landscape and Urban Planning, 54: 267-281. DE VAL DE LA FUENTE, G., ATAURI, A., DE LUCIO, J. C. (2006): Relationship between landscape visual attributes and spatial pattern indices: a test study in Mediterranean-climate landscape. Landscape and

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Svetlana M. Paunović, Mihailo Nikolić and Rade Miletić


This experiment evaluated the effect of soil management systems in a black currant planting on the generative potential (number of flowers per inflorescence, number of berries per cluster and yield per bush), physical attributes of the cluster and fruit (berry weight and cluster weight) and chemical properties of the fruit (soluble solids content, total sugars, titratable acidity, total anthocyanins, total phenolic content and vitamin C) of black currant cultivars. Three soil management systems were used: treatment I – bare fallow i.e. continuous tillage; treatment II – sawdust mulch, and treatment III – black polyethylene foil mulch. Four black currant cultivars were included - ‘Ben Lomond’, ‘Titania’, ‘Čačanska crna’ and ‘Tiben’. The soil management systems had a significant effect on the tested parameters. The cultivars also showed highly significant differences. Soil management system x cultivar interactions were observed for generative potential, and physical properties of the cluster and fruit, but not for fruit chemical traits, except in the soluble solids content.

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Radu Lucian Blaga and Alexandru Blaga


The study aims at highlighting the link between educational marketing (product/service and price determination for educational services) and investment in education, using empirical models and customization of classic approaches (interpolation method) addressed to individual educational investment.

The methodology discussed in the paper, considers essential invariants of these educational investments, such as seniority - part of the work experience and period of studies. In the models presented, the level and the period of studies are quantified through transferable credits, expressing units of time, normal volume of working alleged student learning. It is also used a parameter which introduces an essential element of the quality of work - the psycho-physical characteristics of the fellow that are correlated with age.

Empirical study materializes on developing, while testing and validation of the models show that the rate of return to investment in education is a rationale for individuals to decide investing in their education. The study offers some customized recommendation to improve reverse marketing price policy of the educational services.

The study results lead us to the conclusion that education providers (colleges, universities, other training entities) and clients should take into account that education is an investment. The private return of investment in education - as argument of educational marketing (price policy) is increasingly important in the context of a fragmentary and dynamic market, led by strong competition.

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Mihai Dicu, Isam Mirza and Flavius - Florin Pavăl


In this paper will be presented the influence of high temperatures on asphalt street pavement in terms of the influence of temperature on permanent deformations and thus the technical condition of the streets, comparable to the effects induced on extra-urban roads.

Environmental factors are one of the mayn factors being assaulted in operation and road structures are very important in terms of the influence they can have on the state road transport technical infrastructure.

Will be presented differences between urban road structures (streets) and extra-urban (road) both in terms of construction, the demands of traffic and environmental conditions to which they are subject.

Road structures extra-urban and urban areas are required differently in terms of the environmental conditions of the location ambient different thereof, that is, when the streets they are inside localities and the built environment significantly affect road infrastructure, unlike in the case of roads where they are located just outside the settlements, reducing the effect of air currents accumulation pavement surface temperature.

To demonstrate the influence of high temperatures on the pavement were conducted laboratory tests on asphalt mixtures in order to demonstrate the occurrence of reduction of physical characteristics, with adverse implications on the performance of applications similar to traffic.