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Factors Influencing Customers’ Attitude Towards SMS Advertisement: Evidence from Mauritius

-Hill, New York, NY. Iacobucci, D. and Churchill, G.A. (2010), Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations. 10th ed. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning. IMAP Project (2003), “Global System Framework – Business Model, Research Report, Available online at Islam, T. U. (2011),” Normality Testing – A New Direction. International Journal of Business and Social Science ”, Vol. 2, Iss 3, pp. 115-118. Katz, E. (1959), “Mass communication research & the study

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Investigation Influence of Store Type on Emotional State of Consumer in the Urban Purchase

. Springer Science & Business Media. [15] Chang, H.J., Eckman, M., Yan, R.N., 2011. Application of the Stimulus-Organism-Response Model to the Retail Environment: the Role of Hedonic Motivation in Impulse Buying Behavior. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research , 21(3), pp.233-249, DOI: 10.1080/09593969.2011.578798. [16] Charlton S.G., 2002. Handbook of Human Factors Testing and Evaluation , 2nd. Ed – Mahwah: LEA. [17] Chebat, J.C., Dube, L., Marquis, M., 1997. Individual Differences in Orcadian Variations of Consumers

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Business models innovation based on crowds: a comparative study

services, create content, and so on. Crowdsourcing has gained increased attention as a new way of improving competitive advantage. On the one hand, it reflects real processes, especially globalization, changes in innovation environment, and IT-mediated technologies, which created new conditions to use of its resources [ Roszkowska, 2017 ]. These technologies are physical and are also social ones that are enabling new ways of collaborating and managing activities across geographies, including emergency and management ones. On the other hand, crowdsourcing is perceived

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Analysis of the similarity of hard coal mines in terms of the number of dangerous incidents caused by the activation of natural hazards

REFEENCES Brodny, J. (2010). Determining the working characteristic of a friction joint in a yielding support. Arch. Min. Sci., 55(4), pp. 733-746. Brodny, J. (2011). Tests of Friction Joints in Mining Yielding Supports Under Dynamic Load. Arch. Min. Sci., 56(2), pp. 303-318. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M. (2016a). Analysis of methane emission into the atmosphere as a result of mining activity. Proceedings of 16th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2016, DOI: 10.5593/SGEM2016/HB43/S06.012. Brodny, J. and Tutak, M

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In Search of Excellence in E-Customer Logistics Service

References Amazon (2014), Amazon Prime Air , available at: , accessed: September 17, 2015. Bałuta, R. (2015), Ogólna charakterystyka polskiego rynku e-commerce, available at: , accessed: September 6, 2015. Cho, J. J. K., Ozment, J., Sink, H. (2008), Logistics capability, logistics outsourcing and firm performance in an e-commerce market, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management , Vol. 38, No. 5, pp

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Effect of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising Activities by Product Type

. 11, No. 6, pp. 569-586. Kahle,L. R., Homer, P. M. (1985), Physical attractiveness of the celebrity endorser: A social adaptation perspective, Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 954-961. Langmeye, L., Walker, M. (1991), A first step to identify the meaning in celebrity endorsers, Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 364-371. Lee, J., Thorson, E. (2008), The impact of celebrity-product incongruence on the effectiveness of product endorsement, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 48, No. 3

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Free Market Institutions and FDI Performance in Emerging Asian Economies

Developing Countries, Business and Economic Research , Vol. 5, pp. 24–50. Bergstrand, J. H., Egger, P. (2007), A knowledge-and-physical-capital model of international trade flows, foreign direct investment, and multinational enterprises, Journal of International Economics , Vol. 73, No. 2, pp. 278–308. Blundell, R., Bond, S. (1998), Initial conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data models, Journal of Econometrics , Vol. 87, pp. 115–143. Buracom, P. (2014), ASEAN Economic Performance, Institutional Effectiveness, and Foreign Direct

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Dividend Payout, Retention Policy and Financial Performance in Commercial Banks: Any Causal Relationship?

Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance, 3 (2): 195-220. David, T., Ginglinger, E. (2016) When cutting dividends is not bad news: The case of optional stock dividends. Journal of Corporate Finance, 40 , 174-191. DeAngelo, H., DeAngelo, L., Stulz, R. M. (2006) Dividend policy and the earned/contributed capital mix: a test of the life-cycle theory. Journal of financial Economics, 81 (2): 227-254. Dhamala, M., Rangarajan, G., Ding, M. (2008) Estimating Granger causality from Fourier and wavelet transforms of time series data. Physical

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Developing And Validating A Measure Of Monitoring And Evaluation For The South Africa Skills Development Context

. OECD/DAC, Paris 2002. [20] United Nations Children’s Fund. - A UNICEF guide for monitoring and evaluation: Making a difference? 2005, (accessed 2015.05.21) , [21] Naidoo P. - Measuring indicators of quality in physical science education: Case studies of high performing schools . PhD Thesis, University of Durban Westville, Durban 2001. [22] Annecke W. - Monitoring and evaluation of energy for development: The good, the bad and the questionable in M&E practice [in] Energy Policy, Vol. 36, 2008, pp. 2839

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Developing and Testing a Pioneer Model for Online Shopping Behavior for Natural Flowers: Evidence from Mauritius

risks in online shopping: do signals matter more on the Web? Journal of Interactive Marketing , Vol. 18 No. 3 BURKE, R.R. (2002), “Technology and the customer interface: what consumers want in the physical and virtual store”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , Vol.30 No.4, pp.411-32. BURKE, S. (2000), “In Search of Lesbian Community in an Electronic World,” Cyberpsychology and Behavior , Vol. 3, No.4. CHAU, P.Y.K. and HU, J.H. (2002), “Investigating healthcare professionals’ decisions to accept telemedicine technology: an empirical test

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