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Universes and simulations: Civilizational development in nested embedding

References [1] Barrow J. D. Living in a simulated universe. In Carr B., editor, Universe of Multiverse?, pages 481-486. 2007. [2] Basl J. The ethics of creating artificial consciousness. APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers, 13(1):25-30, 2013. [3] Beane S. R., Davoudi Z., and Savage M. J. Constraints on the universe as a numerical simulation. The European Physical Journal A, 50(9):1-9, 2014. [4] Bedau M. A. Artificial life: organization, adaptation and complexity from the bottom up. Trends

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Classifier Ensembles Using Structural Features For Spammer Detection In Online Social Networks

social engineering attacks, Journal of Information Security and Applications , 2014, 1-10. [24] Lam Ho-Y., Yeung Dit-Y., A Learning approach to spam detection based on social networks, in: Proceedings of the 4 th Conference on Email and Anti-Spam (CEAS) , Mountain View, California, 2007. [25] Lancichinetti A., Fortunato S., Benchmarks for testing community detection algorithms on directed and weighted graphs with overlapping communities, Physical Review E , 80, 2009. [26] Mislove A., Marcon M., Gummadi K. P., Druschel P., Bhattacharjee B

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