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Ondřej Macíček, Radovan Jiřík, Jan Mikulka, Michal Bartoš, Andrea Šprláková-Puková, Miloš Keřkovský, Zenon Starčuk, Karel Bartušek and Torfinn Taxt

. (2004). Microcirculation and microvasculature in breast tumors: Pharmacokinetic analysis of dynamic MR image series. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , 52, 420–429. [11] St Lawrence, K.S., Lee, T.Y. (1998). An adiabatic approximation to the tissue homogeneity model for water exchange in the brain: I. Theoretical derivation. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism , 18(12), 1365–1377. [12] Koh, T.S., Zeman, V., Darko, J., et al. (2001). The inclusion of capillary distribution in the adiabatic tissue homogeneity model of blood flow. Physics in

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Daniela V. Caiado, João M. Lemos and Bertinho A. Costa

-454. [6] J.B. DYCK and S.L. SHAFTER: Effects of age on propofol pharmacokinetics. In Seminars in Anesthesia , 11 2-4. Implemented in the computer program Stanpump, (1992). [7] C.M. IONESCU, R. DE KEYSER, B.C. TORRICO, T. DE SMET, M.M. STRUYS and J.E. NORMEY-RICO: Robust predictive control strategy applied for propofol dosing using BIS as a controlled variable during anesthesia. IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering , 5 (9), (2008), 2161-2170. [8] L.A. KEARSE JR, C. ROSOW, A. ZASLAVSKY, P. CONNORS, M. DERSHWITZ and W. DENMAN: Bispectral