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Magnetic properties of hematite (α − Fe2O3) nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel synthesis method: The influence of particle size and particle size distribution

S. I. Ohkoshi, “Direct Observation of Chemical Conversion from Fe 3 O 4 to ε -Fe 2 O 3 by a Nanosize Wet Process”, Chemistry of Materials , vol. 30, pp. 2888–2894, 2018. [38] C. Dubreil, O. Sainte Catherine, Y. Lalatonne, C. Journé, P. Ou, P. van Endert. and L. Motte, “Tolerogenic iron oxide nanoparticles in type 1 diabetes: biodistribution and pharmacokinetics studies in nonobese diabetic mice”, Small , vol. 14, pp. 1802053, 2018. [39] J. Gupta, A. Prakash, M. K. Jaiswal, A. Agarrwal and D. Bahadur, “Superparamagnetic iron oxide-reduced graphene

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The Effect Of Sodium Alginate Concentration On The Rheological Parameters Of Spinning Solutions

, Wiadomości Lekarskie LIX, (2006), 585-589. [10] Qurrat-ul-Ain, Sharma S., Khuller G.K., Garg S.K., Alginate-based oral drug delivery system for tuberculosis: pharmacokinetics and therapeutic effects, J. Antimicro. Chemother. 51, (2003), 931-938. [11] Ciofani G., Raffa V., Pizzorusso T., Menciassi A., Dario P., Characterization of an alginate-based drug delivery system for neurological applications, Med. Eng. &Phys. 30, (2008), 848-855. [12] Ciofani G., Raffa V., Menciassi A., Dario P., Alginate and chitosan particles as drug delivery system for cell

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