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Opinions of Veteran Runners on The Influence Between Long-Distance Running and Holistically Interpreted Health

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Predicting ratings of perceived exertion in Australian football players: methods for live estimation

(5), 467-475. Gallo, T. F., Cormack, S. J., Gabbett, T. J., & Lorenzen, C. H. (2016). Pre-training perceived wellness impacts training output in Australian football players. Journal of Sports Sciences, 34(15), 1445-1451. Gaudino, P., Iaia, F., Strudwick, A., Hawkins, R., Alberti, G., Atkinson, G., & Gregson, W. (2015). Factors Influencing Perception of Effort (Session-RPE) During Elite Soccer Training. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 10(7), 860-864. Hawkins, D. M. (2004). The problem of

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Eye tracking in high-performance sports: Evaluation of its application in expert athletes

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Body Image And Sensation Seeking In Gym-Goers

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The Associations Between Socioeconomic Status and Lifestyle Factors in European Adolescents: A Population-based Study

: (accessed on 17 November 2016). 14. FERREIRA, C. A., C. A. MOLENA, R. G. MARQUES, A.T. ARASAKI, F. FOSSATI & M. CÍCERO, 2009. Prevalence of physical inactivity and associated factors among adolescents. Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. 55 , 523-528. 15. GILLISON, F. B., M. STANDAGE & S. M. SKEVINGTON, 2006. Relationships among adolescents' weight perceptions, exercise goals, exercise motivation, quality of life

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The relationship between student athletes’ behaviour in the classroom and teachers’ burnout level

References 1. Akçadağ T. (2005) Management of problem behaviors, H. Kıran (Ed.), Ankara: Anı Publishing, 277-311. 2. Arslan G., Aslan G. (2014) Measurement of special education teachers’ burnout levels (Tokat example), J. Edu. Sci. Res., Access:, 4(2): 58. 3. Aydemir H. (2013) The study of exploring the burnout and life satisfaction levels of teachers who have been working with students with special needs, Master’s Thesis, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Bolu. 4. Babaoğlan E

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Effect of participating in fitness classes on postural stability of young women

simulated visual dysfunctions on the postural system. Exp. Brain Res., 186(2): 305-314. 8. Golomer E., Cremieux J., Dupui P., Isableu B., Ohlmann T. (1999) Visual contribution to self-induced body sway frequencies and visual perception of male professional dancers. Neurosci. Let., 267: 189-192. 9. Hafstrom A., Fransson P.A., Karlberg M., Ledin T., Magnusson M. (2002) Visual influence on postural control, with and without visual motion feedback. Acta Otolaryngol., 122(4): 392-397. 10. Horak F.B. (1997) Clinical assessment of balance disorders. Gait Posture, 6: 76

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Physical activity of female children and adolescents based on step counts: meeting the recommendation and relation to BMI

-23. 22. Kingham S., S. Ussher (2005) Ticket to a sustainable future: An evaluation of the long-term durability of the Walking School Bus programme in Christchurch, New Zealand. Transp. Pol., 12(4): 314-323. 23. Knowles A.M., A.G. Niven, S.G. Fawkner, J.M. Henretty (2009) A longitudinal examination of the influence of maturation on physical self-perceptions and the relationship with physical activity in early adolescent girls. J. Adolesc., 32: 555–566. 24. Le Masurier G.C., A. Beighle, C.B. Corbin, C. Morgan, R.P. Pangrazi (2005) Pedometer-determined physical activity

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The Impact of Pedagogical Agent on Learners’ Motivation and Academic Success

1 Acknowledgement. This research was supported by Cukurova University Department of Scientific Research Project (Project Number: SDK-2014-3098). References Akyuz, H. İ. (2012). Çevrimiçi görev temelli öğrenme ortamında eğitsel ajanın rolünün ve biçim özelliklerinin öğrencilerin motivasyonuna, bilişsel yüklenmesine ve problem çözme becerisi algısına etkisi . [Ph.D. Thesis.] Ankara: Ankara Üniversitesi. Alessi, S. M., & Trollip, S. R. (2001). Multimedia for learning: Methods and development (3. Ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Allbeck, J

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