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Conceptual and methodological issues in studying alcohol’s harm to others

., Obot, I., Benegal, V., Hettige, S., Florenzano, R., Hanh, H., Room, R. et al. (2015c) Scoping response system management of alcohol’s harm to others in middle-lower income countries. Presented at a Kettil Bruun Society thematic conference: Alcohol’s harm to others - perceptions, policies, approaches, Helsinki, Finland, 14-17 September. Levine, H. G. (1980) Temperance and women in 19th century United States. In: O.J. Kalant, (Ed.), Alcohol and Drug Problems in Women, Vol. 5 of Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems, pp. 25-67. New York & London

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Between a rock and a whirlpool? Measurement problems in assessing risk perceptions of illicit drug use

. (2003): The role of affect in decision making. In: Davidson, R. J. & Scherer. K. R. & Goldsmith, H. H. Handbook of affective sciences. Oxford: University Press Loewenstein, G. F. & Weber, E. U. & Hsee, C. K. & Welch, N. (2001): Risk as feelings. Psychological Bulletin (127): 267-286 Millstein, S. & Halpern-Felsher, B. (2002): Perceptions of risk and vulnerability. Journal of Adolescent Health (31): 10-27 Parker, H. & Aldridge, J. & Measham, F. (1998): Illegal leisure: The normalization of

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And that is Where the Fun Ends - General Practitioners' Conceptualisation of the Line Between Recreational and Problem Gambling

-234. Rush, B., Veldhuizen, S., & adlaf, e. (2007). Mapping the prevalence of problem gambling and its association with treatment accessibility and proximity to gambling venues. Journal of Gambling Issues, 20 , 193-214. Samuelsson, e., Blomqvist, J., & Christophs, I. (2013). addiction and recovery: Perceptions among professionals in the Swedish treatment system. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 30 (1-2), 51-66. Scott, R. (1995). Institutions and organizations . Thousand oaks: SaGe. Silverman, D. (2001). Interpreting qualitative data: Methods for analysing

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And That is Where the Fun Ends – General Practitioners’ Conceptualisation of the Line between Recreational and Problem Gambling

References American Psychiatric Association (2000). DSM-IV-TR diagnositc and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed.). Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Association. Becker, H. (1970). Field Work Evidence. In H. Becker (Ed.) Sociological work: Method and substance. (pp. 39–62). New Brunswick: Transaction Books. Binde, P. (2009). Gambling motivation and involvement. A review of social science research. Östersund: Swedish National Institute of Public Health. Blaszczynski, A., & Nower, L. (2002). A pathways model of problem and

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Addiction and recovery: perceptions among professionals in the Swedish treatment system

References Andersson, B., Florell, L., & Samuelsson, E. (2004). Inställningar till självläkning - enstudie av diskurser kring beroendeproblematik [Perceptions of natural recovery - a study of discourses of addiction problems]. (Report no. 6). Stockholm: Social Services Administration Research and Development Unit. Bergmark, A., & Oscarsson, L. (1988). Drugmisuse and treatment: A study of socialconditions and contextual strategies . Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International. Blomqvist, J. (1998

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Problem drinking, gambling and eating – three problems, one understanding? A qualitative comparison between French and Finnish social workers

. (2011). Alcoholism, brief intervention and the institutional context: A focusgroup study with French and Finnish general practitioners. Critical Public Health . do i:10.1080/09581596.2011.637901 Egerer, M., Hellman, M., & Sulkunen, P. (2012). Autonomy and protection in the welfare state: Finnish social workers’ views on alcohol problems. In M. Hellman, G. Roos & J. von Wright (Eds.), A welfare policy patchwork: Negotiating the public good in times of transition . Helsinki: NVC. Ehrenberg, A. (2004). Das erschöpfte Selbst. Depression

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What is - really - in a dataset?

(Announcement from the Department of Justice) Johnson, R. B. & Onwuegbuzie, A. J. (2004): Mixed Methods Research; A Research Paradigm Whose Time Has Come. Educational Researcher 33 (7): 14-26 Jöhncke, S. (2008): Treatment Trouble. On the Politics of Methadone and Anthropology. PhD thesis. Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen Kreiner, S. (1999): Statistisk problemløsning. Præmisser, teknik og analyse (Problem solving in statistics. Preconditions, techniques and analyses). Copenhagen: Juristog

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Early Starter – The Early Detection of Delinquency Risk

, Aurel, Sofia Luca, Radu Moisescu, Călin Scripcaru, Cătălina Luca, and Mirela Vlad. 2005. Ghid de practici instituţionale în instrumentarea cauzelor cu minori. Iaşi: Asocia_ia Alternative Sociale. Farrington, David P. 2000. “Explaining and Preventing Crime: The Globalization of Knowledge - The American Society of Criminology 1999 Presidential Address.” Criminology 38 (1): 1-24. Guvernul României. 2004. “Hotărâre nr. 1439 din 2 septembrie 2004 privind serviciile specializate destinate copilului care a săvârşit o faptă penală şi nu

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Attractiveness of Rural Areas for Young, Educated Women in Post-Industrial Society

Publications, pp. 3-10. Vidickienė, D. & Melnikienė R. 2014 Kaimo politikos evoliucija [Rural policy evolution], Vilnius: Lietuvos agrarinės ekonomikos institutas. Williams, R. 1985 ‘A Problem of Perspective’ in G. Crow (ed.) The Sociology of Rural Communities Volume I, pp. 239–243, Cheltenham: Elgar Publishing (reprinted 1996). Williams, D. 2005 Real Leadership: Helping People and Organizations Face Their Toughest Challenge,. San Francisco: CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Woods, M. 2005 Rural Geography, London: Sage Publications.

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Corruption and Campaign Funding: A Burkean Perspective

References Burke, Edmond, 2009. Selected Writings and Speeches. Peter J. Stanlis (ed). New Brunswick: Transaction. 1960. The Philosophy of Edmond Burke. Louis I. Bredvold, Ralph G. Ross (Eds). Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press. Dobel, Patrick D, 1978. “The Corruption of a State”. American Political Science Review.72, pp. 958-73. Euben J. Peter, 1989.“Corruption”. Terence Ball (ed.) Political Innovation and Conceptual Change. New York: Cambridge University Press. Fackler, Tim, Tse-min, Lin, 1995. “Political Corruption and Presidential

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