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Individual Differences on Job Stress and Related Ill Health

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2002:5. 21. Kortum E, Leka S, Cox T. Perceptions of psychosocial hazards, work-related stress and workplace priority risks in developing countries. J Occup Health. 2011;53(2):144-55. 22. Berach J, Muntaner C, Santana V. Employment Conditions Knowledge Network (EMCONET). Employment conditions and health inequalities. Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants for Health. Geneva (CH): World Health Organization, 2007. 23. Vokic Poloski N, Bogdanic A. Individual

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Factors that Determine Child Behavior during Dental Treatment

, Arnrup K. Dental fear and behavior management problems. In: Koch G, Poulsen S (editors). Pediatric Dentistry. A Clinical Approach. Second edition. Chapter 4. Oxford; Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. 9. Gustafsson A, Broberg A, Bodin L, Berggren U, Arnrup K. Dental behaviour management problems: the role of child personal characteristics. Int J Paediatr Dent, 2010; 20:242-253. 10. Klingberg G. Dental anxiety and behaviour management problems in paediatric dentistry-a review of background factors and diagnostics. Eur Arch Paediatr Dent, 2008; 9

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The Change of Patient Profile, Attitudes and Satisfaction in University Dental Clinic after Onset of Economic Crisis in Greece

. TNS opinion and social (co-ordinated by Directorate General Communication) Report for Oral Health special Eurobarometer. 330/Wave 72-3, February 2010. 8. Giannelis G, Tsalikis L, Koumpias A, Konstantinidis A. Profile, attitude, and satisfaction of patients visiting a University clinic. Balk J Stom, 2010;14:8-15. 9. Karydis A, Komboli-Kodovazeniti M, Hatzigeorgiou D, Panis V. Expectations and perceptions of Greek patients regarding the quality of dental health care. Int J Qual Health Care, 2001;13:409-416. 10. Petersen PE, Kwan S. Evaluation of

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Prevalence of Elder Abuse and Neglect: Findings from First Macedonian Study Accessed September 15, 2012 17. Daly JM, Merchant ML, Jogerst GJ. Elder Abuse Research: A Systematic Review, Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect. 2011; 23:4, 348-65. doi:10.1080/08946566.2011.608048. 18. World Health Organization. The global response to elder abuse and neglect: building primary health care capacity to deal with the problem worldwide: main report. Geneva: WHO, 2008. 19. Lowenstein A, Eisikovits Z, Band-Winterstein T, Enosh G. Is elder abuse and neglect a social phenomenon? Data from the First

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Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes to Preserve Oral Health among Older People Aged 60+ in FYROM

website 5. Coleman P . Improving oral health care for the frail elderly: A review of widespread problems and best practices. Geriatric Nursing, 2002; Vol. 23, No 4. 6. Andersson K . Oral health in old age. Perceptions among elderly persons and medical professionals. Division of Geriatric Dentistry, Institution of Odontology, KarolinskaInstitutet, Stoskholm, Sweden, 2006. 7. Axelsson P, Albandar JM, Rams TE . Prevention and control of periodontal diseases in developing and industrialized nations. Periodontol 2000 , 2002; 29

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„Obesity Paradox“ – Fiction or a Fact?

of pure heart rate reduction. Medicographia, 2008. 30, 3:222-3. 8. Scaglione R, Argano C, Di Chiara T, Licata G. Obesity and cardiovascular risk: the new public health problem of worldwide proportions. Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther. 2004; 2(2): 203-212. 9. Poirier P, Eckel RH. Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease. Current Atherosclerosis Reports. 2002; 4:448-453. 10. World Health Organization. Obesity: preventing and managing the global epidemic - report of a WHO consultation on obesity. World Health Organisation, Geneva

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Patient Attitudes and Patterns of Self-Medication with Antibiotics – A Cross-Sectional Study in Bulgaria

. Antibacterial prescribing and antibacterial resistance in English general practice: Cross sectional study. BMJ. 2001;323:1037-41. 8. Grigoryan L, Haaijer-Ruskamp FM, Burgerhof JG, et al. Self-medication with antimicrobial drugs in Europe. Emerg Infect Dis. 2006;12:452-9. 9. Levy SB. Antibiotic resistance-the problem intensifies. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2005;57:1446-50. 10. Jaruseviciene L, Radzeviciene-Jurgute R, Lazarus JV, et al. A study of antibiotic prescribing: The experience of Lithuanian and Russian GPs. Cent Eur J Med. 2012;7:790-9. 11. Berzanskyte A, Valinteliene

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Assessment of Problematic Eating Behaviour and Dental Caries in Children

adolescent eating disorders. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatr, 1990;29:112-117. 5. Holm-Denoma JM. Problematic Eating and Feeding Behaviours of 36-Month-Old Children. Int J Eat Disord, 2005;38:208-219. 6. Forsyth BW, Leventhal JM, McCarthy PL. Mothers’ perceptions of problems of feeding and crying behaviours. A prospective study. Am J Dis Child, 1985;139:269-272. 7. Wardle J, Guthrie CA, Sanderson S, Rapoport L. Development of the children’s eating behaviour questionnaire. J Child Psychol Psychiat, 2001;42:963-970. 8. Van Strien T, Frijters JE

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Oral Hygiene and Nutrition Habits of Young People in Greece Aged 18 to 25 and Review of the Literature

. J Clin Periodontol , 2004; 31:749-757. 10. Petersen PE . The World Oral Health Report 2003: continuous improvement of oral health in the 21st century - the approach of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol , 2003; 31(Suppl 1):3-23. 11. Adair PM, Pine CM, Burnside G, Nicoll AD, Gillett A, Anwar S . Familial and cultural perceptions and beliefs of oral hygiene and dietary practices among ethnically and socio-economically diverse groups. Community Dent Health , 2004; 21(Suppl):102-111. 12. Camner LG, Sandell R

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Four years Follow-up of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

NA, TALLEY NJ, BOYCE PM. Predictors of health care seeking for irritable bowel syndrome and non-ulcer dyspepsia: a critical review of the literature on symptoms and psychological factors. Am J Gastroenterol2001, 96:1340-1349. 8. VAN DULMEN AM, FENNIS JEM, MOKKINK HGA, VAN DER VELDEN HGM, BLEIJENBERG G. Doctor’s perceptions of patient’s cognitions and complaints in irritable bowel syndrome at an out-patients clinic. J Psychosom Res 1994, 38:581-590. 9. FARESJÖ Å, GRODZINSKY E, JOHANSSON S, WALLANDER MA, TIMPKA T, ÅKERLIND I. A

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