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Individual Differences on Job Stress and Related Ill Health

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2002:5. 21. Kortum E, Leka S, Cox T. Perceptions of psychosocial hazards, work-related stress and workplace priority risks in developing countries. J Occup Health. 2011;53(2):144-55. 22. Berach J, Muntaner C, Santana V. Employment Conditions Knowledge Network (EMCONET). Employment conditions and health inequalities. Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants for Health. Geneva (CH): World Health Organization, 2007. 23. Vokic Poloski N, Bogdanic A. Individual

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Factors that Determine Child Behavior during Dental Treatment

, Arnrup K. Dental fear and behavior management problems. In: Koch G, Poulsen S (editors). Pediatric Dentistry. A Clinical Approach. Second edition. Chapter 4. Oxford; Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. 9. Gustafsson A, Broberg A, Bodin L, Berggren U, Arnrup K. Dental behaviour management problems: the role of child personal characteristics. Int J Paediatr Dent, 2010; 20:242-253. 10. Klingberg G. Dental anxiety and behaviour management problems in paediatric dentistry-a review of background factors and diagnostics. Eur Arch Paediatr Dent, 2008; 9

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The Change of Patient Profile, Attitudes and Satisfaction in University Dental Clinic after Onset of Economic Crisis in Greece

. TNS opinion and social (co-ordinated by Directorate General Communication) Report for Oral Health special Eurobarometer. 330/Wave 72-3, February 2010. 8. Giannelis G, Tsalikis L, Koumpias A, Konstantinidis A. Profile, attitude, and satisfaction of patients visiting a University clinic. Balk J Stom, 2010;14:8-15. 9. Karydis A, Komboli-Kodovazeniti M, Hatzigeorgiou D, Panis V. Expectations and perceptions of Greek patients regarding the quality of dental health care. Int J Qual Health Care, 2001;13:409-416. 10. Petersen PE, Kwan S. Evaluation of

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The Enigma of Consciousness – Philosophic and Scientific Approach

G8BQAJK 5. Chalmers DJ. Solving the “Hard Problem”. Scientific American 286(4) 90-99 (April 2002) 6. Tononi G, Koch C. The Neual Corelates of Consciousnes. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 2008;1124:239 – 261. 7. Sarasso S, Boly M. Consciousness and Complexity during Unresponsiveness Induced by Propofol, Xenon, and Ketamine. Volume 25, Issue 23, p3099–3105, 7 December 2015 8. Ambler Z. et al. Základy neurologie. Praha: Galén, 2011. 351 p ISBN 9788072627073 9. Doušek F. Hejno bez ptáků. Toito 2012. ISBN 978-80-260-3077-5 10. Chalmers DJ

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Prevalence of Elder Abuse and Neglect: Findings from First Macedonian Study Accessed September 15, 2012 17. Daly JM, Merchant ML, Jogerst GJ. Elder Abuse Research: A Systematic Review, Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect. 2011; 23:4, 348-65. doi:10.1080/08946566.2011.608048. 18. World Health Organization. The global response to elder abuse and neglect: building primary health care capacity to deal with the problem worldwide: main report. Geneva: WHO, 2008. 19. Lowenstein A, Eisikovits Z, Band-Winterstein T, Enosh G. Is elder abuse and neglect a social phenomenon? Data from the First

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Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes to Preserve Oral Health among Older People Aged 60+ in FYROM

website 5. Coleman P . Improving oral health care for the frail elderly: A review of widespread problems and best practices. Geriatric Nursing, 2002; Vol. 23, No 4. 6. Andersson K . Oral health in old age. Perceptions among elderly persons and medical professionals. Division of Geriatric Dentistry, Institution of Odontology, KarolinskaInstitutet, Stoskholm, Sweden, 2006. 7. Axelsson P, Albandar JM, Rams TE . Prevention and control of periodontal diseases in developing and industrialized nations. Periodontol 2000 , 2002; 29

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The outcome-based iCAN! / theyCAN! feedback paradigm differentiates strong and weak learning outcomes, learner diversity, and the learning outcomes of each learner: A shift to metacognitive assessment

Oncology Meeting” is a focused program for which learning outcomes had been identified and transformed into the iCAN!-Oncology questionnaire for student self-assessment before and after training [ 10 ]. In addition, the teachers of the seminar complete the purposely designed theyCAN!-Oncology questionnaire in order to evaluate students’ progress. The comparison between the students’ and the teachers’ perceptions before and after training on the same set of learning outcomes is the aim of this study. Can learning outcomes be transformed into useful tools revealing

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Patient Attitudes and Patterns of Self-Medication with Antibiotics – A Cross-Sectional Study in Bulgaria

. Antibacterial prescribing and antibacterial resistance in English general practice: Cross sectional study. BMJ. 2001;323:1037-41. 8. Grigoryan L, Haaijer-Ruskamp FM, Burgerhof JG, et al. Self-medication with antimicrobial drugs in Europe. Emerg Infect Dis. 2006;12:452-9. 9. Levy SB. Antibiotic resistance-the problem intensifies. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2005;57:1446-50. 10. Jaruseviciene L, Radzeviciene-Jurgute R, Lazarus JV, et al. A study of antibiotic prescribing: The experience of Lithuanian and Russian GPs. Cent Eur J Med. 2012;7:790-9. 11. Berzanskyte A, Valinteliene

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„Obesity Paradox“ – Fiction or a Fact?

of pure heart rate reduction. Medicographia, 2008. 30, 3:222-3. 8. Scaglione R, Argano C, Di Chiara T, Licata G. Obesity and cardiovascular risk: the new public health problem of worldwide proportions. Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther. 2004; 2(2): 203-212. 9. Poirier P, Eckel RH. Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease. Current Atherosclerosis Reports. 2002; 4:448-453. 10. World Health Organization. Obesity: preventing and managing the global epidemic - report of a WHO consultation on obesity. World Health Organisation, Geneva

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Cannabis and alcohol in road traffic: an overview

doses moyennes d alcool. Arch Mal Prof 1962; 23: 854-858. 12. Moureau P. Tendances de la legislation belge en ce qui concerne l intoxication alcoolique et les accidents de roulage. Rev Alcoolisme 1957; 4: 178-180. 13. Gruner O. Alkohol und Aufmerksamkeit. Ihre Bedeutung im motorisierten Verkehr. Dtsch Z Ges Gerichtl Med;1955; 44: 187-195. 14. Gruner O, Ptasnik H. The problem of the effects of levulose administration on loss of efficiency caused by alcoholism. Munch Med Wochenschr 1953; 95(35), 931-3. 15. Dettmeyer RB, Verhoff MA, Schütz HF

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