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Academic rigour in criticising English as a Lingua Franca

. Jenkins, Jennifer. 2015. Global Englishes: A resource book for students , 3rd edn. London: Routledge. Jenkins, Jennifer, Alessia Cogo & Martin Dewey. 2011. Review of developments in research into English as a lingua franca. Language Teaching 44(3). 281–315. Jenkins, Jennifer & Ursula Wingate. in press. Staff and students’ perceptions of English language policies and practices in ‘international’ universities: A case study from the UK. Higher Education Review . Kaur, Jagdish. 2009a. Pre-empting problems of understanding in English as a lingua franca

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A Blended Learning Approach to Academic Writing and Presentation Skills

specific purposes (pp. 385–401). Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons Inc. Conole, G., de Laat, M., Dillon, T. & Darby, J. (2008). Disruptive technologies, pedagogical innovation: What’s new findings from an in-depth study of students’ use and perception of technology. Computers & Education 50 (2), 511–524. Dziuban, C., Hartman, J., Juge, F., Moskal, P. & Sorg, S. (2006). Blended learning enters the mainstream. In C. J. Bonk & C. R. Graham (Eds.) The handbook of blended learning: Global perspective, local designs (pp. 195–208). San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer

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Effectiveness of Collaborative Strategic Reading and Whole Language Approach on Reading Comprehension Performance of Children with Learning Disabilities in Oyo State Nigeria Adetoun

. Vol. 20. UK: Emerald group publishing Limited. Blachman, B. (1991). Early intervention for children reading problem: Clinical applications of the research in the phonological awareness. Topics in language disorders, 12(1), 51-65. Bostas, G. & Padeliadu, S. (2003). Goal orientation and reading comprehension strategy use among students with and without reading difficulties. Journal of Educational Research, 39(4), 477-495. Bremer, C. D., Vaughn, S., Clapper, A. & Ae-Hwakim (2002). Collaborative Strategies Reading (CSR

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Palatalisation in Dublin Irish, or How to Speak Irish with a Dublin Accent

, and problems. In W. Strange (ed.), Speech perception and linguistic experience, 233-272. Baltimore: York Press, Gathercole, Virginia and Enlli Thomas. 2009. Bilingual first-language development: dominant language takeover, threatened minority language take-up. Bilingualism: language and cognition 12(2). 213-237. Gómez Rendón, Jorge A. 2008. Typological and social constraints on language contact: Amerindian languages in contact with Spanish. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Ph.D thesis. Green, Antony D. 1997. The

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Influence of Gender, Age and Location on Students Perceived Link of Population Growth and Climate Change

:// . Kidanu, A, Ravin, K. & Hardee, K. (2009). “Linking Population, Fertility and Family Planning to Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change: Views from Ethiopia.” Addis Abab, Miz-Hasab and Washington, DC: PAI. Ndambiri H.K., Ritho C, Mbogoh S.G, Nganga S.I., Muiruri E.J., Nyangmeso. P.M., Kipsat. M, Omboto. J., Agada J.O, Kefa. C, Kubowon, P & Cherotwo, F.H. (2012). Analysis of farmers’ perceptions of the effects of climate change in Kenya: The case of Kyuso district. Journal of Environment and Earth Science 2(10) 74

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Relationship among Adolescents’ Characteristics, Peer Group Influence and Anti-Social Behaviour

References Akanle, F. F. and Odu, B. K. (2004).Physical Characteristics as Determinants of Adolescents’ Moral behaivour. A Case Study of Adolescents in Ekiti State. Secondary Schools, Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Guidance Counselling. 9(1): 194-25. Akinboye, T. O. (2000), Adolescent Personal Data Inventory . Ibadan: University-of lbadan Press. Ebenuwa-Okoh, E. E., Akpochafo, G. O. and Onoyase, A. (2014). Undergraduates' Perceptions of causes of Youth Restiveness in Delta State of Nigeria. Journal of Education and Practice International

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The Teacher Mentor’s Need for Pedagogical Instruction at Bethlehem University

: Akademon. Ziv, S. (1991). The teacher mentor in teacher training: Problems and Directions in Coping. Pages, 13, 24-31. Zozovsky, R. (2000). Growth of role perception among teacher mentors in the course of their training. Pages, 31, 113-126. Bulman, C. J., Lathlean, I. & M. Gobbi (2014). The process of teaching and learning about reflection: research insights from professional nurse education. Studies in Higher Education 39(7), 1219-1236. Koerner, M. E. (1992). The cooperating teacher: an ambivalent

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Quality of Life of Parents of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Croatia

), 420- 438th Jones, J., Passey, J. (2005). Family adaptation, coping and resources: Parents of children with developmental disabilities and behavior problems. Journal of Developmental Disabilities, 11 (1), 31-46. Juhásová, A. (2015). Comparison of quality of life of families with children with disability and families with children without disability. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 174, 3378-3384. Kazmi, S.F., Perveen, S., Karamat, S., Khan, A.B. (2014). Depression and quality of life of parents of disabled

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Relative Importance of Indicators of Teachers’ Professional Skills as Perceived by Senior High School Economics Teachers in Ghana

References Adentwi, K. I. (2005). Curriculum development: An introduction. Kumasi A/R: Wila Press Ltd. Adediwura, A. A., & Tayo, B. (2007). Perception of teachers’ knowledge, attitude and teaching skills as predictors of academic performance in Nigerian secondary schools. Educational Research and Review, 2 (7), 165 – 171 Aderogba, A. A. (2011). Identification of entrepreneurial skills and competencies needed for sustainable development in higher education in Nigeria. Journal of Research in Education 1 (1), 1 – 9. Admin, S. (2010

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Equal Opportunities for all Albanian Learners

_pwd_in_education_alb.pdf Osgood, R.L. (2005). The history of inclusion in the United States . Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press. Save the Children. (2013). Arsimi Gjithpërfshirës në Shqipëri: Studim Analitik. Retrived from Schubert, W.H. (1986). Curriculum research controversy: A special case of general problem. Journal of Curriculum and Supervision, 1 (2), 132-47. Semmel, M.I., Abernathy, T.V., Butera, G. & Lesar, S. (1991). Teacher perceptions

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