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Litigious Paranoia: Sense of Justice, Bureaucracy, and Media

with positive rights people such as Kohlhaas take action. In his opinion, the modern legal order is extremely susceptible to an injured sense of justice and provides a multitude of possibilities for appeal, and the perception of injustice can be reported by anyone to create a court case out of it. Voßkuhle said the problem with Kohlhaas is that there is no difference for such petitioners between individual perceptions of justice and general laws Voßkuhle / Gerberding: »Michael Kohlhaas und der Kampf ums Recht«, p. 924. and that the modern Kohlhaas is only concerned

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Administrative History and the Theory of Fields: Towards a Social and Political History of Public Administration

reach them« Pierre Bourdieu, Le sens pratique, Paris 1980, p.88–89; personal translation. . The product of an individual trajectory, the habitus is the basis for individual and group practices, which aim to reproduce their positions. And agents reproduce their position in a field because their habitus makes possible the exteriorization of the interiorization of unconscious schemes of thought, perception, and action, Pierre Ansart, Les sociologies contemporaines, Paris 1990, p.42. observable in individual and collective practices. Thus, fields are the products of the

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The Vaccine and Its Simulacra: Agnotology, Ontology and Biopolitics in France, 1800–1865

, the French government officially declared that vaccination granted an unlimited protection from smallpox and was without any danger whatsoever. Posters printed by the departmental administrations stated in large print: »Citizen! Vaccine is no longer a problem; its benefits cannot be disputed«. AN F8 125, »Avis. Inoculation de la vaccine. Le préfet aux habitants du département des Deux-Sèvres«. This article demonstrates how the French administration succeeded in imposing the idea of a perfect vaccine. It focuses on elements which could be brushed aside as details

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Trust and National Belonging: Welfare for Disabled Veterans in Bohemia (1914–1918)

. 113–138, at pp. 113–121. Koerber, as John Deak put it, »used administrative reform in place of constitutional or political reform«, Deak: State, p. 235. and trust (or the lack thereof) served to describe the problem, i.e. the monarchy’s (perceived or real) lack of legitimacy among the populace, and the way to its solution. The monarchy’s administration, Koerber remarked in his »Studien über eine Verwaltungsreform«, had the flaw that those »institutions of social welfare, the benefits of which are felt immediately by the population and which the populace

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The ›Head of Household‹
A Long Normative History of a Statistical Category in the U.K

missing piece of communication might be one reason for the long normative story of the male ›Head of Household‹ in Britain. For the longest time during the 19 th and 20 th centuries, it seemed to be tacit knowledge who was considered to be the ›Head of Household‹ i.e. the husband. However, changing gender perceptions had an impact in the last decades of the 20 th century, when actors within survey research institutions felt the need to define the term in order to carry on using it. How exactly was the category defined? II The ›Head of Household‹ in British

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Feeling like a State. The Sentiments Tide of Swiss Diplomacy through the Eye of the Algorithm

-called ›political and military reports‹ SFA, fond E2300* Eidgenössisches politisches Departement: Politische und militärische Berichte der Auslandvertretungen (1848–1965) 1848–1965. For later periods see the fonds E2300-01* and E2010-02A*: Eidgenössisches politisches Departement: Politische und militärische Berichte der Auslandvertretungen (1 966–1978) 1966–1978 and (1 979–) 1979–1990. are valuable sources for historic analysis under different approaches. In particular, they contain information about the official Swiss perception of foreign nations and their political

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»Beamtengefühl«: Soziale Funktionen von Emotionen im österreichischen Staatsdienst der Zwischenkriegszeit

orientierter Forschung infrage gestellt worden. Anne Schmidt: »Showing Emotions, Reading Emotions«, in: Ute Frevert et al. (Hg.): Emotional Lexicons. Continuity and Change in the Vocabulary of Feeling 1700–2000, Oxford 2014, S. 62–90, hier S. 88f; Barbara H. Rosenwein: »Problems and Methods in the History of Emotions«, in: Passions in Context. International Journal for the History and Theory of Emotions 1 (2010), S. 1–32, hier S. 5–10. Paul und Anne Kleinginna haben im Jahr 1981 über hundert Definitionen von Emotionen seit Charles Darwin analysiert und daraus folgende

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Staat, Verwaltung und Raum im langen 19. Jahrhundert

Staates abhängig ist von seiner Akzeptanz, ja vom überwiegenden Glauben der ihm Angehörigen und Unterworfenen an seine legitime Existenz: [The] recognition of the state as a significant factor in political and social life […] depends […] on the existence of a cultural disposition to allot recognition to the conceptual existence of a state at all . […] To what extent have individuals generalized the concept and cognition of state in their perceptions and actions , and to what extent are such cognitions salient ? John Peter Nettl: »The State as a Conceptual

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An den Grenzen der Vernunft: Beamte und ›Barbaren‹ in den Peripherien Lateinamerikas, 18.–19. Jahrhundert

egalitäre soziale Organisation sowie die Wahrnehmung der Natur als giving environment in Wildbeutergruppen wie den Seris auf Vertrauen auf, während Landwirtschaft und soziale Hierarchien, wie sie den Spaniern geläufig waren, eine Form von Herrschaft ( domination ) über Umwelt und Menschen darstellen. Tim Ingold: »From Trust to Domination. An Alternative History of Human-Animal Relations«, in: ders.: The Perception of Environment. Essays on Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill, London 2000, S. 61–76, hier S. 69. Nicht wenige Beamte, die neu in die entlegenen Regionen kamen

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