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Demographic potential in functional areas of the selected medium-sized cities in Poland and the Czech Republic

References Dijkstra L, Poleman H (2014) A harmonised definition of cities and rural areas: the new degree of urbanization. Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission. Korenik S, Zakrzewska-Półtorak A (2011) Teorie rozwoju regionalnego – ujęcie dynamiczne. Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny, Wrocław. Lisowski A, Grochowski M (2009) Procesy suburbanizacji. Uwarunkowania, formy i konsekwencje. Instytut Geografii Społeczno-Ekonomicznej i Gospodarki Przestrzennej, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa. Methodological Manual on City

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Patterns of children’s travel to school, their body weight, spatial factors, and perceptions: A survey on nine European cities

HE (2016) An Analysis of Car Ownership in Latin American Cities: A Perspective for Future Research. Periodica Polytechnica. Transportation Engineering 44:5 Rosenberg DE, Sallis JF, Conway TL, Cain KL, McKenzie TL (2006) Active transportation to school over 2 years in relation to weight status and physical activity. Obesity (Silver Spring) 14:1771–1776. doi: 10.1038/oby.2006.204 Rothman L, Buliung R, To T, Macarthur C, Macpherson A, Howard A (2015) Associations between parents perception of traffic danger, the built environment and walking to school

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Viticulture in the Context of Historical Landscape Structure in the Small Carpathian Region – Model Area of Rača

Bratislavy, ŠU SR, Bratislava. Štefunková D, Dobrovodská M, Kanka R, Krnáčová Z et al. (2011) Atraktivita Malokarpatskej krajiny s dôrazom na historické agrárne štruktúry a biodiverzitu. UKE SAV, Bratislava. Tempesta T (2010) The perception of agrarian historical landscapes: A study of the Veneto plain in Italy. Landscape and Urban Planning 97(4): 258-272.

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An Assessment of Urban Vegetation Abundance in Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana: A Geospatial Approach

urban planning 52, 145–163. DOI: 10.1016/s0169-2046(00)00129-8 Bai, H., Stanis, S.A.W., Kaczynski A. T. and Besenyi G. M. (2013). Perceptions of neighborhood park quality: associations with physical activity and body mass index. Annals of Behavioral Medicine 45, 39–48. DOI: 10.1007/s12160-012-9448-4 Beckett, K.P., Freer-Smith, P.H., Taylor, G. 2000. Particulate pollution capture by urban trees: Effect of species and windspeed. Global Change Biol . 6, 995–1003. DOI: /10.1046/j.1365-2486.2000.00376.x Chander, G., Helder, D. L. Markham, B. L

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14th-16th-Century Danube Floods and Long-Term Water-Level Changes in Archaeological and Sedimentary Evidence in The Western and Central Carpathian Basin: an Overview with Documentary Comparison

Magyar Helytartótanács I. Ferdinánd korában és 1549-1551. évi leveles könyve . (The Hungarian Locotenential Archives in the period of Ferdinand I and the letter book of the years 1549-1551) Budapest, 116-117. letter 99, written on 13 June 1549. Kiss, A. 2009. Floods and weather in 1342 and 1343 in the Carpathian basin. J. of Environmental Geography 2 (3-4), 37-47. Kiss, A. 2010. Az 1340-es évek árvizei, vízállás-problémái és környezetük, különös tekintettel az 1342. és 1343. évekre (Floods, water-level problems and the environment in

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The lawn grew too quickly! Perception of rural idyll by Czech amenity migrants

countryside is worth a thousand words – Portuguese representations on rural areas. Journal of Rural Studies 44: 77–88. Steinicke E, Čede P, Löffler R (2012) In-migration as a new process in demographic problem areas of the Alps. Ghost towns vs. amenity settlements in the alpine border area between Italy and Slovenia. Erdkunde 66(4): 329–344. Stewart S I (2002) Amenity Migration. In: Luft K, MacDonald, S (eds) Trends 2000: Shaping the Future, 5th Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Trends Symposium. Michigan State University Department of Park, Recreation and Tourism

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A review of radiometric analysis on soil erosion and deposition studies in Africa

1 Introduction Worldwide, agriculture is not only being affected by global warming and climate change but also accelerated soil erosion and the associated soil degradation ( Walling, 1998 ; Marestoni et al ., 2009 ). Accelerated soil erosion is one of the main environmental problem ( Zapata and Agudo, 2000 ; Konz et al ., 2010 ; Othman and Ismail, 2012 ) that largely affects sustainable use of soil and water resources ( Patrocinio and Andrello, 2009 ). Soil erosion is a major threat to soil productivity and represents the main mechanism of land

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Lakes sensitivity to climatic stress – a sociological assessment

References Axelrod, LJ & Lehman, DR 1993, ’Responding to environmental concerns: What factors guide individual action?’, Journal of Environmental Psychology , no. 13, pp. 149–159. Biesbrӧek, RG, Swart, RJ & van der Knaap, WGM 2009, ’The mitigation-adaptation dichotomy and the role of spatial planning’, Habitat International, no. 33 pp. 230–237. Brower, SK, Dockett, & Taylor, RB 1983, ‘Residents perceptions of territorial features and perceived local threat’, Environment and Behavior , vol. 15 no. 4, pp. 419-437. DOI: 10

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Restoring the Social Value of Rivers Through Education: the Case of the Vistula River in Warsaw

REFERENCES Angiel J., 2007 a, Postrzeganie rzeki Wisły przez młodzież licealną z obu warszawskich brzegów [High school students’ perceptions of the Vistula River, on both Warsaw shores] [in] Stawarz A. (ed.) Miasto po obu brzegach rzeki – różne oblicza kultury [The city on both sides of the river – many faces culture], Warszawa. Angiel J., 2007 b, Wisła i jej brzegi – skarb czy problem? Zajęcia geograficzne nad rzeką [The vistula and its shores – treasure, or problem? Vistula geography lessons], Geografia w Szkole , no 4, Warszawa. Angiel J

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Land Management Strategies and their Implications for Mazahua Farmers’ Livelihoods in the Highlands of Central Mexico

References Amsalu, AT & De Graaff, J 2006, ‛Farmers’ views of soil erosion problems and their conservation knowledge at Beressa Watershed, Central Highlands of Ethiopia’, Agriculture and Human Values, issue 23, pp. 99–108. Amsalu, AT & De Graaff, J 2007, ‛Determinants of adoption and continued use of stone terraces for soil and water conservation in an Ethiopian Highland watershed’, Ecological Economics, issue 61, pp. 294–302. Amsalu, AT 2006, Caring for the land: best practices in soil and water conservation in Beressa watershed, highlands

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