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Applicable Law for Contracts in the Sporting Context


This article presents an analysis of contractual relations in sport from the standpoint of the Croatian legislative system. Due to the complexity of the subject matter, the author considers only a small fragment of it - the significance and the role of sport in Croatian society and the law of contracts „as a cornerstone on which „sports law“ has been built and which is of primary importance in most areas where there is an interface between sport and the law, irrespective of whether the sport is being played at an elite level or at a more humble one“.

Bearing in mind the limited extent of this article, the autor tries to provide some clarifications and some guidance on how to deal with the designation and the determination of the applicable law for contracts in the sporting context. Considering that there are different legal regimes which may come into play with regard to the designation of the law applicable to contracts in the sporting context, the author first presents the determination of the applicable law according to the Rome I Regulation and then according to the Croatian Arbitration Act, Swiss Private International Law Act and the CAS Code of Sports-related Arbitration, as the most common in sports practice. Then, the author deals with contracts concluded with minor athletes and the determination of the law applicable to some preliminary questions.

Finally, the author presents her perception of the problems encountered and some suggestions for the improvement of the existing legal framework.

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Multimedia Tutorials, Used In Engineering Education

REFERENCES 1. Zhang, D., Zhou, L., Briggs, R. O., & Nunamaker Jr., J. F. Instructional video in e-learning: Assessing the impact of interactive video on learning effectiveness . Information and Management Journal, No. 43, pag. 15-27, (2006).. 2. Hitchock, C. H., Dowrick, P. W., & Prater, M. A.. Video self-modeling intervention in school-based settings : A review. Remedial and Special Education, 24(1), pag. 36-45, (2003). 3. Da Silva, M.. Constructing the teaching process from inside out: How pre-service teachers make sense of their perceptions of the

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Engineering creativity support for future research and development

References ABET. (2011). Criteria for Accrediting Engineering Programs. Baltimore, MD: ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission. Amabile, T. M. (1996). Creativity in context: Update to the social psychology of creativity. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. Brockman, J. B. (2009). Introduction to engineering: modeling and problem solving. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc. Charyton, C., & Merrill, J. (2009). Assessing general creativity and creative engineering design in first year engineering

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The ‘Equality Of Arms’ In Macedonian Criminal Procedure

македонскиот ЗКП, Зборник на трудови од Првата меѓународна научна конференција – Општествените промени во глобалниот свет, УГД, Штип, стр.17-31; Maria Igorevna Fedorova (2012): The Principle of Equality of Arms in International Criminal proceedings, School of Human Rights Research Series, Volume 55 Anne Richardson Oakes. 2012. “Problems of Perception in the European Court of Human Rights: A Matter of Evidence?” Available at: Buzarovska, G. Nanev, L., Kosevaliska, O. (2015): Вештачењето и „еднаквоста на

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Redesign Subject to Support Group Work in Distance Education

education and training. In E-moderating: the key to teaching and learning online. London: Kogan Page. Rogers, L. A., & Graham, S. (2008). A Meta-Analysis of Single Subject Design Writing Intervention Research. Journal of Educational Psychology, 100(4), 879-906. Savery, J. R., & Duffy, T. M. (1996). Problem based learning: an instructional model and its constructivist framework. In B. G. Wilson (Ed.), Constructivist learning environments: case studies in instructional design. Englewood Cliffs, N.J: Educational Technology Publications. Schellens, T

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Habsburg’s Only Colony? Bosnia-Herzegovina and Austriahungary, 1878-1918

-373. Cooper, Frederick. 2005. Colonialism in Question: Theory, Knowledge, History. Berkeley: U of California Press 2005. Csáky, Moritz, Johannes Feichtinger, and Ursual Prutsch, eds. 2003. Habsburg postcolonial: Machtstrukturen und kollektives Gedächtnis. Innsbruck: Studien-Verlag. Dedijer, Vladimir, et al. 1974. History of Yugoslavia, ed. Marie Longyear, trans. Kordija Kveder. New York: McGraw-Hill. Detrez, Raymond. 2002. “Colonialism in the Balkans: Historic Realities and Contemporary Perceptions.” Kakanien revisited, www

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Prevention of Computer Worker Health Disturbances Caused by Physical and Physiological Risk

REFERENCES Anonymous (2012). Annual Report of Working Environment. National Labour Inspectorate of Estonia. Available at: . Accessed 13 January 2013. Brauer, C., Mikkelsen, S. (2010). The influence of individual and contextual psychosocial work factors on the perception of the indoor environment at work: A multilevel analysis. Int. Arch. Occup. Environ. Health, 83 , 639–651. Brewer, S., Van Eerd, D., Amick, B. C., Irvin, E., Daum, K. M., Gerr, F., Moore, J. S. Cullen, K., Rempel, D. (2006). Workplace

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Preferences of Patients for Discussing Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

perceptions of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. Chronic Illn ., 11 (3), 230–241. Hesdorffer, D. C., Tomson, T., Benn, E., Sander, J. W., Nilsson, L., Langan, Y., Walczak, T. S., Beghi, E., Brodie, M. J., Hauser, A. (2011). Combined analysis of risk factors for SUDEP. Epilepsia, 52 (6), 1150–1159. Langan, Y., Nashef, L., Sander J. W. (2005). Case-control study of SUDEP. Neurology. 64 (7), 1131–1133. Leppik, I. E. How to get patients with epilepsy to take their medication. (1990). The problem of noncompliance. Postgrad Med., 88 (1), 253

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Concepts of Rurality and Urbanity as Analytical Categories in Multidimensional Research

. Antrop, M. (2000). Changing Patterns in the Urbanized Countryside of Western Europe. Landsc. Ecol. , 15, pp. 257-270. Apsītis, V. (2000). Latvijas arhitektūra astoņdesmit gados (1920-2000) [Eighty Years of Latvian Architecture (1920-2000)]. LZA Vēstis, Section A , 54(1/2), 82-89. (in Latvian). Basten, L. (2004). Perceptions of urban space in the periphery: Potsdam's Kirchsteigfeld. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie , 95(1), 89-99. Bauls, A., Krišjāne, Z. (2000). Latvian

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The Smoking Mind: A Psycho-Cognitive Perspective

, 2006. Available at: (accessed January 2017) 7. Song, A.V., H.E. Morrell, J.L. Cornell, M.E. Ramos, M. Biehl, R.Y. Kropp, and B.L. Halpern-Felsher: Perceptions of Smoking-Related Risks and Benefits as Predictors of Adolescent Smoking Initiation; Am J Public Health 99 (2009) 487–492. DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2008.137679 8. Borland, R.: What do People’s Estimates of Smoking Related Risk Mean?; Psychol Health 12 (1997) 513–521. DOI: 10.1080/08870449708406727 9. Kahneman, D. and A

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