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A Regression-Based Family of Measures for Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment

References [1] Chandler, D. M. (2013). Seven challenges in image quality assessment: Past, present, and future research. SRN Signal Processing, 2013, art. ID 905685. [2] Ponomarenko, N., Jin, L., Ieremeiev, O., Lukin, V., Egiazarian, K., Astola, J.,Vozel, B., Chehdi, K., Carli, M., Battisti, F., Kuo, C.-C. J. (2015). Image database TID2013: Peculiarities results and perspectives. Signal Processing: Image Communication, 30, 57-77. [3] Anbarjafari, G. (2015). An objective no-reference measure of illumination

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A Bio-Inspired Integration Method for Object Semantic Representation

References [1] G. Carneiro, A.B. Chan, P.J. Moreno, and placeN. Vasconcelos, Supervised learning of semantic classes for image annotation and retrieval. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2007) 394-410. [2] J.H. Su, C.L. Chou, C.Y. Lin, and V.S. Tseng, Effective Semantic Annotation by Image-to-Concept Distribution Model. Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on 13 (2011) 530-538. [3] J. Fan, Y. Gao, H. Luo, and R. Jain, Mining multilevel image semantics via hierarchical classification

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Improvement of Traceability of Widely-Defined Measurements in the Field of Humanities

References Finkelstein, L. (2003). Widely, strongly and weakly defined measurement. Measurement , 34 (1), 39-48. Finkelstein, L. (2008). Problems of widely-defined measurement. In Proceedings of the 12th IMEKO TC1 & TC7 Joint Symposium on Man Science & Measurement , 3-5 September 2008. Annecy, France: LISTIC, 23-29. Rossi, G. B., Berglund, B. (2009). Measurement related to human perception and interpretation - state of the art and challenges. In Proceedings of the XIX IMEKO

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Plastic Deformations of Measured Object Surface in Contact with Undeformable Surface of Measuring Tool

] Wieczorowski, M., Mamalis, A.G., Rucki, M., Lavrynenko, S.N. (2008). Interferometry and scanning microscopy in asperity measurement of biomedical surfaces. Nanotechnology Perceptions , 4, 265-288. [5] Dotson, C.L. (2016). Fundamentals of Dimensional Metrology . Cengage Learning. [6] Messerschmidt, U. (2010). Dislocation Dynamics During Plastic Deformation. Springer. [7] Kluz, R., Trzepiecinski, T. (2015). Analysis of the optimal orientation of robot gripper for an improved capability assembly process. Robotics and Autonomous Systems , 74, 253

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A Study on Statutory Provisions for Construction Safety in India

construction safety management in China. Safety Science, 2004; 42(7); 569-586. 7. N.A. Kartam, I. Flood, P. Koushki, Construction safety in Kuwait: issues, procedures, problems, and recommendations, Safety Science, 2000; 36; 163-184. 8. Peter Uchenna Okoye, John Ugochukwu Ezeokonkwo, Fidelis Okechukwu Ezeokoli, Building Construction Workers’ Health and Safety Knowledge and Compliance on Site, Journal of Safety Engineering, 2016; 5(1),17-26. 9. Innocent Musonda, John Smallwood, Health and safety (H&S) awareness and

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Design of Fuzzy Rule-based Classifiers through Granulation and Consolidation

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Genetic Algorithm Combined with a Local Search Method for Identifying Susceptibility Genes

Intelligence, ed: Springer, pp. 37-47, 2008. [11] L. Y. Chuang, H. Y. Lane, Y. D. Lin, M. T. Lin, C. H. Yang, and H. W. Chang, Identification of SNP barcode biomarkers for genes associated with facial emotion perception using particle swarm optimization algorithm, Annals of General Psychiatry, vol. 13, pp. 15, May 2014. [12] S. J. Wu, L. Y. Chuang, Y. D. Lin, W. H. Ho, F. T. Chiang, C. H. Yang, et al., Particle swarm optimization algorithm for analyzing SNP-SNP interaction of renin-angiotensin system genes against hypertension, Molecular

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Comparative Study Between Poland and South Africa Wind Climates, the Related Damage and Implications of Adopting the Eurocode for Wind Action on Buildings

Failure, Bristol, January, 1984. 8. CP3: Chapter V: Part 2, Code of basic data for the design of buildings, BSI, 1952. 9. M. ĆWIK, M. GIŻEJOWSKI, A. GOLIGER, Wind loadings of structures - A review of wind characteristics, wind-tunnel testing, in-situ measurements, computer modelling and code estimation procedures, Proceedings of The XV International Seminar of IASS Polish Chapter: Lightweight Structures in Civil Engineering - Contemporary Problems (ed. J. Obrębski), Micro-Publisher-Consultant-Project, Warszawa, 45-63, 2009

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Modal Parameter Identification Of Cable Stayed Bridge Based On Exploratory Data Analysis

analysis of the Tamar Bridge”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 35: pp 16–34, 2013. 4. N. Wu, C. Liu, Y. Guo, and J. Zhang, “On-Board Computing for Structural Health Monitoring with Smart Wireless Sensors by Modal Identification Using Hilbert-Huang Transform”, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol. 2012, Article ID 509129, 9 pages, 2013. 5. J.W. Tukey, “Exploratory Data Analysis”. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, ISBN 0-201-07616-0, 1977. 6. J. M. Chambers, “Programming With Data”. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1998. 7. W. S. Cleveland

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Problems of the Selection of Construction Technology for Structures in the Centres of Urban Agglomerations

-PHP: Simulation of Lean Construction and Information Technologies for Prefabrication Housing Production”, Journal of Management in Engineering, 34(2), 2018 33. S.L. Lusk, M.J. Kerr, S.A. Kauffman “Use of Hearing Protection and Perceptions of Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss Among Construction Workers American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, 59, 466-470, 2010 34. T. Mandicak, P. Mesaros, J. Selin „Document management systems for data sharing in construction project management „ Technical Transactions : Civil Engineering, 113, 57-62, 2016

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