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Students’ Team Project Experiences and Their Attitudes Towards Teamwork

Auken, S. (2001). Creating positive group project experiences: an examination of the role of the instructor on students’ perceptions of group projects. Journal of Marketing Education, 23(2): 117-127, Cohen S.G. and Bailey, D.E. (1997). What makes teams work: group effectiveness research from the shop floor to the executive suite. Journal of Management, 23(3): 239-290, Deeter-Schemelz, D.R., Kennedy, K.N. and Ramsey, R.P. (2002). Enriching our

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Factors Influencing Effectiveness of Internal Communication

. (2007). The Role of Internal Communication and Training in Infusing Corporate Values and Delivering Brand Promise: Singapore Airlines ’ Experience. Corporate Reputation Review, 10: 201-212. Clampitt, P. and Downs, C. (1993). Employee perceptions of the relationship between communication and productivity: a field study. Journal of Business Communication, 30(1). Conrad, C. and Poole, M.S. (2005). Strategic Organizational Communication in a Global

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Debate Over Rigor and Relevance in Scientific Study of Management

Press. Clark, T. and Fincham, R. (2009). Introduction: Can We Bridge the Rigour-Relevance Gap? Journal of Management Studies, 46(3): 510-515. Dearborn, D.C. and Simon, H.A. (1958). Selective perception: a note on the departmental identifications of executives. Sociometry, 21: 140-144, Denyer, D., Tranfield, D. and Van Aken, J.E. (2008). Developing design propositions through research synthesis. Organization Studies, 29: 393-413. Empson, L. (2013). My Affair With the

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Motivational Factors to be a Mentor in Formal Mentoring in Organisations. The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in the Propensity to Mentor

mentorships: A comparison on mentoring functions and contrast with non mentored counterparts. Personnel Psychology, 45: 619-636, Cranwell-Ward, J., Bassons, P. and Gover, S. (2004). Mentoring. A Henley Review of Best Practice. New York: Palgrave MacMillan. Daresh, J.C. (2004). Mentoring school leaders: Professional promise or predictable problems? Educational Administration Quarterly, 40(4): 495-517, Deci, E.L., Koestner, R. and Ryan, R

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Analysis of the Evolution of SMEs in Western Romania Between 2011–2014, Using the Mathematical Modelling

Performances by Systematic Problem Analysis with TRIZ. In: EPFL Lausanne, TRIZ Future Conference 14, Global Innovation Convention. Lausanne, Switzerland 11. Ciucan-Rusu, L., & Szabo, Z. (2013) The Pyramid of Entrepreneurship in Romania: Towards New Approach. In: B. Ramadani and C. Schneider, eds., Entrepreneurship in the Balkans. Springer-Verlag. 12. Danacica, D.E. (2006) Cluster Analysis in the Study of Life Quality on the Central and Eastern European Countries, Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business, ZIREB, Vol.X,Nr.1, Croatia

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