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Diversification as a tool to increase energy security

Copenhagen school. Review of international studies, 22(1), 81-93. Polkinghorne, M. A. (2014). Take-or-pay conditions in gas supply agreements. Oil, Gas & Energy Law Journal (OGEL), 12(4). Rosecrance, R., & Stein, A. (1973). Interdependence: Myth or Reality?. World Politics, 26(1), 1-27. Stringer, K. D. (2008). Energy security: applying a portfolio approach. Baltic security & defence review, 10(1), 121-142. Wigand, F. (2013, March). GG2022 - Connecting Systems: EU’s Internal Energy Market and Future Cooperation

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The Essence of Equivalent Markets in Determining the Market Value of Land Property for Variable Planning Factors

8. References B raunbrück A., R avasoo A., 2016, Nonlinear Wave Propagation and Reflection — Comparing the Numerics with the Analytics , Wave Motion, Vol. 60, pp. 108-120. C ellmer R., 2014, Modelowanie przestrzenne w procesie opracowania map wartości gruntów (Spatial Modeling in the Process of Developing Land Value Maps) (in Polish), UWM, Olsztyn. C ellmer R., K uryj J., 2011, Defining the Land Value Zones with Use of Geostatistical Methods , Journal of the Polish Real Estate Scientific Society, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp.. 7-19. C

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Prospects for the Development of Equity Release Products in Poland – Reverse Mortgage from a Cultural Perspective

References MAJ - WIŚNIOWSKA K., CYCOŃ M., 2011, Formy odwróconego kredytu hipotecznego w Polsce na tle wybranych krajów Unii Europejskiej , Zeszyty Naukowe PTE 11: 195 - 209. TOUSSAINT J., 2011, Housing wealth in retirement strategies - Towards understanding and new hypotheses Sustainable Urban Areas, Delf University Press. TOUSSAINT J., ELSINGA M., 2007, Home ownership as a financial resource? Household’s perceptions in eight European countries, APNHR Conference, s. 165 - 182

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on the Example of Suburban Parts of the Szczecin Urban Agglomeration, Real Estate Management and Valuation, Vol. 21, Issue 3, pp. 5-14. FRYSZTACKI K., (red.), 2000, Problemy społeczne (Social Problems), Encyklopedia socjologii t. 3. Wydaw. Oficyna Naukowa, Warszawa. Opinie o bezpieczeństwie i zagrożeniu przestępczością (Attitidues Towards Security and Perception of Threats), 2012, CBOS, Warszawa. Raport o stanie bezpieczeństwa w Polsce w 2012 roku (Report on the State of Security in Poland in 2012), 2013

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The Dematel Method in the Analysis of the Residential Real Estate Market in Bialystok

wielokryterialnych problemów decyzyjnych w budownictwie ( Selected Methods of Solving Multicriteria Decision-Making Problems in the Construction Industry ), Wydawnictwo Politechniki Opolskiej (Opole University of Technology Publisher). G abus A., F ontela E.: Perceptions of the World Problematic: Communication Procedure, Communicating with those Bearing Collective Responsibility , DEMATEL 1. Battelle Geneva Research Centre, Geneva 1973. G awron H., S trączkowski Ł., 2015, Premises Consideration of Qualitative Factors in the Study of the Housing Market

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A Benefit-Based Approach for Increasing the Effectiveness of Promotions

Retail Advertisements. Journal of Marketing, 55(3), pp.1-12. Burton, S., et al., 1994. The Role of Attributions in Consumer Perceptions of Retail Advertisements Promoting Price Discounts. Marketing Letters , 5(2), pp.131-140. Chandon, P., Wansink, B., Laurent, G., 2000. A Benefit Congruency Framework of Sales Promotion Effectiveness. Journal of Marketing , 64(4), pp.65-81. Chankova, Zh., 2007. Nakade bez Promotsii. Regal , 11 Apr., [online]. Available at: <> [Accessed 12

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Examining Heuristics for Building - Work-in-Progress Valuations in Niger State Nigeria

6. References A degoke O.J., 2006, A Study of Valuers’ Heuristic Behaviour and Valuation Reiability in Lagos Metropolis ,An unpublished M.Sc. thesis submitted to the Department of Estate Management, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife, Nigeria. A degoke O.J.,A luko B.T., 2007, Heuristic Behaviour in Valuation Practice in Lagos Metropolis , The Estate Surveyor and Valuer 30(1) pp. 5-12. A degoke O.J.,O laleye A., O loyede S.A., 2013, A Study of Clients’ Perception on Mortgage Valuation Reliability , African Journal of Environmental

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Religious feelings in pre-school children in their own and their mothers’ perception

REFERENCES Allport, G.W. (1950). The individual and his religion, a psychological interpretation . New York: Macmillan. Aranowska, E. (1992). Związki między zmiennymi w interpretacji analizy składowych głównych i analizy korespondencji [The relationship between variables in the analysis of principal components and analysis of correspondence]. In: E. Aranowska (Ed.). Wybrane problemy metodologii badań [Problems in methodology of research] (pp. 133-168). Warsaw: UW. Bartkowski, J., Xu, X., & Levin, M. (2008). Religion and child development

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The Comparative Study of Cultural Differences of Slovak Inbound Tourists: A Need of Innovations

., Rotheram-Borus, M. J., Magnussen, A. M, & Malotte, C. K. (2001). Acculturation and Interrelationships between Problem and Health-Promoting Behaviors among Latino Adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Health. Eurostat. Retrieved from: file:///H:/Users/Fodran/Downloads/Zakladne_ukazovatele_za_ubytovacie_zariadenia_cestovneho_ruchu_SR_za_rok_2014.pdf Fisher, D. (2004). The demonstration effect revisited. Annals of Tourism Research, 31 (2), 428

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Public Real Estate Management System in the Procedural Approach – A Case Study of Poland and Slovakia

.3846/1648-715X.2008.12.161-181 KAUFMANN D., AART K. AND MASSIMO M. 2010. The Worldwide Governance Indicators: Methodology and Analytical Issues. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 5430. . February 2014 KOKOT S., GNAT S. 2010. Problem efektywności gospodarki nieruchomościami gmin. (The problem of the efficiency of the economy of communes’ properties) Studia i Materiały Towarzystwa Naukowego Nieruchomości. Vol. 18, Nr 2. Pages 29-44 MARONA B. 2012. Ocena racjonalności

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