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Self-Employment Among North Korean Migrants

Bolster Security.” Radio Free Asia, August 5, 2013. Online: (accessed: May 20, 2015). Han, Peter. 2010. Soziologie der Migration. Stuttgart: Lucius & Lucius Hyundai Smile 2015. Online: or (사)현대차미소금융재단 (accessed: November 9, 2015). Jeon, Woo Taek. 2000. “Issues and Problems of Adaptation of North Korean Defectors to South Korean Society: An

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Sino-Russian Relations: The Impact of Central Asian Energy Resources

Relations], 5, 2011, pp. 89-94 Cheng, Joseph Y. S. “Chinese Perceptions of Russian Foreign Policy During the Putin Administration: U.S.-Russia Relations and ‘Strategic Triangle’ Considerations.” In Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 38/2, 2009, pp. 145-168 Diāo, Xiùhuá 刁秀华. “Xīn shìjì zhōng’é néngyuán hézuò” 新世纪中俄能源合作 [Sino-Russian Energy Co-operation in the New Century]. In Xībólìyà Yánjiū 西伯利亚研究 [Siberian Studies], 1, 2005a, pp. 18-22 Diāo, Xiùhuá 刁秀华. “Zhōng’é néngyuán hézuò de qiánjǐng” 中俄能源合作的前景 [Prospects for Sino

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Byzantine spirit of the Undead and its legacy in the Sick Man of Europe

, edit. L.C. Brown, New York 1996, pp. 17-29. Itzkowitz N., The Problem of perceptions , [in:] Imperial legacy: The Ottoman imprint on the Balkans and the Middle East , edit. L.C. Brown, New York 1996, pp. 30-38. Jeffreys E., Haldon J., Cormack R., Byzantine Studies as an Academic Discipline , [in:] The Oxford Handbook of Byzantine Studies , Oxford 2008, pp. 3-20. Karajlić N., Fajront u Sarajevu , Beograd 2015. Koselleck R., Critiques and crisis: Enlightenment and the pathogenesis of modern society , Oxford 1988. Ostrogorski G

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Palatalisation in Dublin Irish, or How to Speak Irish with a Dublin Accent

, and problems. In W. Strange (ed.), Speech perception and linguistic experience, 233-272. Baltimore: York Press, Gathercole, Virginia and Enlli Thomas. 2009. Bilingual first-language development: dominant language takeover, threatened minority language take-up. Bilingualism: language and cognition 12(2). 213-237. Gómez Rendón, Jorge A. 2008. Typological and social constraints on language contact: Amerindian languages in contact with Spanish. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Ph.D thesis. Green, Antony D. 1997. The

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The Perceptions of Future Language Teachers towards the Areas of Change at the Level of Initial Training Programmes

(JELTAL), 3(1), 54-62. Jašková, J. (2016). Subjective perceptions of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) university teachers’ professional beginnings: Quantitative research into pedagogical content knowledge. Journal of Language and Cultural Education, 2016, 4(1), 121-140. Konig, J., Ligtvoeta, R., Klemenza, S., & Rothland, M. (2017). Effects of opportunities to learn in teacher preparation on future teachers’ general pedagogical knowledge: Analyzing program characteristics and outcomes. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 53, 122

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Subjective perceptions of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) university teachers’ professional beginnings: Quantitative research into pedagogical content knowledge

utváření [Objectives and contents of school education and methodology of their formation]. Brno: Paido. JANÍKOVÁ, V. (2011). Výuka cizích jazyků zaměřená na žáka [Foreign language teaching focused on student]. In Janíková, V. a kol. (Ed.), Výuka cizích jazyků [Foreign language teaching] (p. 50-77). Praha: Grada. JAŠKOVÁ, J. (2015, in print). Subjektivní percepce profesních počátků vysokoškolských učitelů odborné angličtiny: Kvalitativní výzkum didaktických znalostí obsahu [Subjective perceptions of English for Specific Purposes university

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Visual advertisements: a tool for English language teaching?

References ABDULAZIZ, A. A. & ABDULLAH, A. S. (2012). Investigate the customer’s understanding of the billboard advertisements. IRACST- International Journal of Commerce, Business and Management (IJCBM), 1 (3), 63-66. Available at BALKAFL, E. E., AKBULUT, N. T. & KARTOPU, E. (2005). An evaluative study of billboard advertisement’s attention-perception and design criteria. 3rd International Symposium of Interactive Media Design. 1-5. Available at http

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