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Strategic Management of Crossmedia Production at Estonian Public Broadcasting

, Hilde; Tambuyzer, Sil 2013. ‘Collisions of Convergence: Flemish News Workers’ and Management’s Perceptions of the Impact of PSB Newsroom Integration on Journalistic Practices and Identities’. - International Communication Gazette, 75, 1, 54-75. Caldwell, John T. 2006. ‘Critical Industrial Practice: Branding, Repurposing, and the Migratory Patterns of Industrial Texts’. - Television & New Media, 7, 2, 99-134. Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia M. 2005. ‘Response to “Diversification Strategy of Global Media Conglomerates: A Comment”’. - Journal of

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Exploring Cross-Media Audience Practices in Two Cases of Public Service Media in Estonia and Finland

-26. Bardoel, Johannes; d’Haenens, Leen 2008. ‘Reinventing Public Service Broadcasting in Europe: Prospects, Promises and Problems’. - Media, Culture & Society 30, 3, 337-355. Carpentier, Nico 2011. ‘New Configurations of the Audience? The Challenges of User-Generated Content for Audience Theory and Media Participation’. - Virginia Nightingale (ed.), The Handbook of Media Audiences 5. Malden: Wiley-Blackwell, 190-212. Dena, Christy 2009. Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing a Fictional World Across Distinct Media and

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Preference Dimensions of the Estonian Opera-Consumer: A Comparison of the Audiences at Opera Houses and Mediated Opera Performances

Functions in Smaller European Countries. Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi, 125-145. Peterson, Richard A. 1992. ‘Understanding Audience Segmentation: From Elite and Mass to Omnivore and Univore’. - Poetics 21, 4, 243-258. Peterson, Richard A. 2005. ‘Problems in Comparative Research: The Example of Omnivorousness’. - Poetics 33, 5-6, 257-282. Peterson, Richard A.; Kern, Roger M. 1996 ‘Changing Highbrow Taste: From Snob to Omnivore.’ - American Sociological Review 61, 5, 900-907. http

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„Demonstrative“ und „partizipative“ Ritualität: Totensonntagserinnern in einem deutschen und einem russischen Gottesdienst

-141. Habscheid, Stephan (2016): Handeln in Praxis. Hinter- und Untergründe situierter sprachlicher Bedeutungskonstitution. In: Deppermann, Arnulf/ Feilke, Helmuth/Linke, Angelika (Hgg.): Sprachliche und kommunikative Praktiken. Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter. (= Jahrbuch des Instituts für Deutsche Sprache 2015). Hausendorf, Heiko (2003): Deixis and speech situation revisited. The mechanism of perceived perception. In: Lenz, Friedrich (Hg.): Deictic conceptualisation of space, time and person. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins, S. 249-269. Hausendorf

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