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Stress level and health locus of control in parents of hospitalized newborns – preliminary report

PIŚMIENNICTWO/REFERENCES 1. Aftyka A, Humeniuk B, Rybojad B, Rzońca P. Style radzenia sobie ze stresem u rodziców dzieci hospitalizowanych w oddziale intensywnej terapii noworodka. [Styles of doping with stress in parents of children hospitalized in neonatal intensive care unit]. Hyg. Publ. Health. 2015; 50 (2): 395-400. 2. Biskupska M, Konieczna M. Noworodek i jego rodzice w obliczu choroby i śmierci. [The infant and his parents in the face of illness and death]. Now. Lek. 2013; 82 (2): 142-149. 3. Kopeć A, Aftyka A, Humeniuk E, i wsp

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Expectations of patients to nursing staff during the hospitalization


Introduction. Due to the increasing incidence of a number of different diseases of Polish society , there is also a growing need for professional nursing care to be able to objectively assess how it should be expected to find out what the patients’ expectations are in this situation.

Aim. The study aimed to define the main patient expectations for nursing staff during hospitalization. The purpose of the work was also to get to know the public opinion about the model of a modern nurse.

Material and methods. The study was carried out on 200 patients hospitalized at various hospitals in Krosno, Strzyżów and Jasło at the end of January and February 2017. The method of the diagnostic survey was used with the questionnaire survey, which consisted of 10 closed questions.

Results. For 87% of patients the most important care is caring care, 79.5% of the respondents require good practice. For 66% of respondents it is important to provide information on their questions, while 51.5% of people are important to enable contact with family. The overwhelming majority, (95%) of respondents stress the importance of possible assistance rather than helping them in their everyday life in the ward. 72.5% of patients assess the nurse-patient relationship very well.

Conclusions. For patients a very important element of hospitalization is caring nursing care. Hospitalized people are much more likely to appreciate the professional experience of nursing staff than achieved by them academic titles. The profession of a nurse/nurse is perceived by patients as a separate profession. Patients appreciate the smile and nice attitude of the nursing staff.

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A review of clinical reasoning in nursing education: based on high-fidelity simulation teaching method

: nurse, physician, family member, and observer. After the project, the students evaluated the simulation to be a valuable teaching–learning method. Moreover, three simulation outcomes were measured: knowledge of learning, student satisfaction, and self-confidence in learning. Overall, the students rated the student satisfaction and self-confidence in learning as high. Knowledge about the specific patient focus increased after the simulation activity. Wotton et al. 17 also proved that the third-year students perceived HFS as enjoyable, with an appropriate degree of

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Critical reflection on the role of theater nurses in a multidisciplinary team for perioperative care in China

went away to visit the next patient. To avoid being questioned, I would finish the conversation with patients as soon as possible. 3.2 Inform What do these mean to me? I found that I could do nothing for this because I was not sure about these questions. I felt upset, anxious, and stressed when I communicated with her and feared that she would repeat her questionnaire again. I knew that the woman was visibly upset and needed my care at that moment, and no response from me might add to her suffering. 7 Maybe I should stop to comfort her and try to find the

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Self-esteem enhancement as a strategy for promoting the mental health and averting the occupational problems of nurses

critical thinking. 33 When nursing managers pay attention to improving the level of self-esteem of nurses, they should also focus on cultivating nurses’ critical thinking skills to improve the level of clinical decision-making. 4.5 Self-esteem is negatively correlated with job burnout Job burnout refers to an individual’s syndrome of severe physical and mental fatigue, as well as emotional exhaustion, resulting from long-term work stress. 34 Under the backdrop of increasing tension between doctors and patients, as well as the increasing pressure of clinical

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Role of academic self-efficacy in the relationship between self-directed learning readiness and problem-solving ability among nursing students

and Development, 5 problem-solving is a process that leads an individual to recognize, formulate, and solve problems. This skill helps individuals solve problems effectively and guide the implementation of solutions. Psychologists 6 believe that the ultimate goal of education is to train students to solve problems, including those related to life, society, and the environment. China’s Ministry of Health and Education (2001) stressed the need for higher medical educators to cultivate medical students’ learning ability, which can help them assess the entirety of

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Constructing a caring training content for nurse managers: a Delphi study

. Caring science: transforming the ethic of caring-healing practice, environment, and culture within an integrated care delivery system. Perm J. 2015;19:e136-e142. 26828076 Foss Durant A McDermott S Kinney G Caring science: transforming the ethic of caring-healing practice, environment, and culture within an integrated care delivery system Perm J 2015 19 e136 e142 7 Edvardsson D, Watt E, Pearce F. Patient experiences of caring and person-centredness are associated with perceived nursing care quality. J Adv Nurs. 2017;73:217-227. 27532230 10.1111/jan

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Relationship between activities of daily living and depression among older adults and the quality of life of family caregivers

norm. Furthermore, the level of disability among the older adults was a common and primary factor related to psychological stress among the caregivers. 25 Caring for the disabled elders made family caregivers feel tired, irritable, and depressed, which they coped with through social withdrawal. 26 In this study, 50.2% of the family caregivers were family members, and they had to bear the pressures of work, children, and finances. Therefore, attention should be paid to the evaluation of ADL among older adults, which should be regarded as the basis for evaluating the

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Study on the quality of life and the factors influencing it in elderly patients

Organization Quality of Life-bref (WHOQOL-bref), European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions (EQ-5D), and European Quality of Life-visual analogue scales (EQ-VAS). 5 , 6 For the cognitive evaluation of physiological features, there are the Activity Daily Living Scale (ADL), Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index (HAQ-DI), psychological feature cognitive evaluation by the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), and the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE); for the cognitive evaluation of social features, there are the social support rating scale (SSRS) and the perceived

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Early mobilization for mechanically ventilated patients in the intensive care unit: a systematic review and meta-analysis

effectivity, a standard program including an interprofessional team is required. 40 Currently, a reproducible treatment strategy—the ICU EM quality improvement project—has been expanded and implemented across the three institutions where the plan-do-study-act model was applied; 41 the project will encourage widespread adoption of EM. The third one is staffing, considering that the majority of nurses and physical therapists thought that EM therapy increased work stress and prolonged work time, 42 an interprofessional team composed of physician, full-time physical

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