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Joanna Marchewka, Ina Beltrán de Heredia, Xavier Averós, Roberto Ruiz, Adroaldo J. Zanella, Julia Adriana Calderón Díaz and Inma Estevez

clearly within the first 3 h after treatment application, while afterwards, a decrease in acute pain is usually assumed (Graham et al ., 1997 ; Kent et al ., 1998 ; Molony et al ., 2002 ; Grant, 2004 ; McCracken et al ., 2010 ). Lambs may be immunologically stressed around the time of tail docking as a result of sub-clinical disease ( Roger, 2008 ). However, ischaemic necrosis around the tail-docking area was still observed at 4 wk after treatment application, with frequent reddening, swelling, inflammation and minor infection of the skin immediately proximal

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B. O’Brien and D. Hennessy

in a cubicle house during the dry period (up to 8 wk prior to calving) and outdoors on a pasture-based diet after parturition. Results showed that the pasture-based cows were at greater risk of nutritional and metabolic stress in the first 10 d after calving than the TMR-fed indoor-housed cows. However, this was not found to be associated with any superior immune status of the indoor-based cows or the poorer health of the pasture-based cows. No differences were found between the two groups in relation to immune health indicators. In fact, the pasture-based cows

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R. Hackett

Introduction There is renewed interest in the production of winter barley in recent years in Ireland and the area used to produce winter barley has increased accordingly ( CSO, 2015 ). This can be attributed to a number of factors, including improved grain yields as a result of the introduction of new cultivars. Grain yield is also perceived as being more stable between seasons compared to other crops, particularly, winter wheat. Barley can have two ear structures. In six-row barley, the three spikelets at each node on the rachis are fertile; whereas in two

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Grzegorz Majewski and Karolina Ćwiek


Effect of a different degree of anthropogenic transformation on the formation of bioclimatic conditions - Warsaw case study. The purpose of the work is to evaluate the variability of bioclimatic conditions and their diversity in areas of a different degree of anthropogenic transformation. An important element of the work is to determine frequency of certain biothermal conditions in the analysed areas, strongly exposing the human body to heat and causing thermal stress of a various intensity. The most important meteorological parameter considered in this paper was the air temperature, because out of physical stimuli it is the one which is most intensely perceived, especially when its fluctuations occur at short-time intervals. The research was based on the meteorological data made available by the Voivodship Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (WIOŚ). The data come from automated measurement stations operating as part of air quality monitoring system, located in different districts of Warsaw and outside the city. Each of the stations is marked by individual features resulting from a different degree of anthropogenic transformation of the closest surroundings

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Simona Cannas, Greta Veronica Berteselli, Patrizia Piotti, Zita Talamonti, Elisabetta Scaglia, Damiano Stefanello, Michela Minero and Clara Palestrini

.A.R.A.M., de Vries, H.W., Mol, J.A. (2000). Behavioural and hormonal indicators of enduring environmental stress in dogs. Anim. Welfare 9, 49-62. 49. Yang, Y., Koh, D., Ng V., Lee, C.Y., Dong, F., Goh, S.H., Anantharaman, V., Chia, S.E. (2002). Self-perceived work related stress and the relation with salivary IgA and Lysozyme among emergency department nurses. Occup. Environ. Med. 59, 836-841. PMid:12468751 PMCid:PMC1763606 50. Ng, V., Koh, D., Mok, B.Y.Y., Chia, S.E., Lim, L.P. (2003). Salivary biomarkers associated with

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Karl-Johan I. Bergstrand

stress on growth and physiological responses. Sci. Hortic. 122: 579-585. Autio J., Voipio I., Koivunen T., 1994. Responses of aster, dusty miller, and petunia seedlings to daily exposure to mechanical stress. HortScience 29: 1449-1452. Baas R., Brandts A., Straver N., 1993. Growth regulation of bedding plants and poinsettia using low phosphorus fertilization and ebb-and flow irrigation. Acta Hort. 378: 129-138. Bañón S., González A., Cano E.A., Franco J.A., Fernández J.A., 2002. Growth, development and colour response of

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P. Lakshminarayana, K. Vajravelu, G. Sucharitha and S. Sreenadh

tried to understand the behaviour of peristalsis by considering different fluids and geometries. Elshehawey and Mekhemier [ 3 ] studied the peristaltic flow of couple-stress fluids. Usha and Ramachandra Rao [ 4 ] investigated the impact of the peristalsis on two-layered power-law fluid flows. Misra and Pandey [ 5 ] discussed the peristaltic flow of a non-Newtonian fluid by considering a peripheral layer. The study of non-Newtonian fluid flow problems with heat transfer has many applications in chemical engineering and related industries; also, due to its tremendous

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A. Costamagna, M. Drigo, M. Martini, B. Sona and E. Venturino

. In pregnant sows the infection causes reproductive failure. In vaccinated animals the infection is usually asymptomatic. Lifelong latent infection commonly follows inapparent infection or clinical recovery. Stress may reactivate latent infections, causing recrudescent shedding of ADV. The primary means of transmission of the virus is thought to be by direct contact between infected and susceptible pigs. Indirect contacts by personnel, infected semen, feed, vehicles and equipment can also spread the virus within and among herds. Also long-distance airborne