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Woman’s Face of City Beauty, or How Tourists are Feeling in a Tourist Destination

:10.1006/jevp.2000.0179 LAZARUS, R. S. (1966), Psychological stress and the coping process . New York: McGraw-Hill OJOBO, H. I., MOHAMAD, S., SAID, I. (2014), “Validating the Measures of Perceived Restorativeness in Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River State, Nigeria”. Open Journal of Social Sciences , 2(11):1-6. DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.211001 PULJIĆ, I., KNEŽEVIĆ, M., ŠEGOTA, T. (2018), “Case 8: Dubrovnik. ‘Overtourism’? – Understanding and Managing Urban Tourism Growth beyond Perceptions”, Volume 2: Case Studies. World Tourism Organization; Centre

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Two social exchanges and service personnel’s internal service behavioural intention at international tourism hotels

). Behavior intention formation in knowledge sharing: Examining the roles of extrinsic motivators, social-psychological forces, and organizational climate. MIS Quarterly, 29(1), 87-111 [8] Boshoff, C., & Mels, G. (1995). A cause model to evaluate the relationships among supervision, role stress, organizational commitment and internal service quality. European Journal of Marketing, 29(2), 23-42 [9] Campbell, D.T. (1963). Social attitudes and other required behavior dispositions. In S. Koch (eds.), Psychology: A study of a science. New York: McGraw-Hill, 6, 94

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An analysis into early customer experiences of self-service checkouts: Lessons for improved usability

interactions with self-service technology; focusing on these users allows us to derive insights into the perceptions of the technology without these perspectives being influenced by past usage experience, both positive and negative. Given that SSTs have found acceptance with customers in the UK, following more than 15 years of increased implementation in retail, it will be informative to assess to which extent relatively novice users perceive its use, especially in terms of its perceived usability for new markets. The user group consisted of German individuals, who used an

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Techniques employed to create event prestige value for corporate VIPs: the V.I.P. Framework

International Approach (pp. 267-286). London: Sage [53] Schuler, R. S. (1979). Managing stress means managing time. Personnel Journal, 58(12), 851-854 [54] Smidts, A., Pruyn, A. T., & Van Riel, C. B. (2001). The impact of employee communication and perceived external prestige on organizational identified. Academy of Management Journal, 44(5), 1051-1062 [55] Sorensen, A. (2003). Backpacker ethnography. Annals of Tourism Research, 30(4), 847-867 [56] Sprecher, S. (2001). Equity and social exchange in dating couples: Associations with satisfaction

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The moderating role of risk management in project planning and project success: Evidence from construction businesses of Pakistan and the UK

additionally has a propensity to be an errand related or objective-related idea ( Naeem et al., 2018 ). A project can be perceived as a short-term framework (or linkage) that is arranged to complete tasks or attain specific objectives ( Lundin, 1995 ; Packendorff, 1995 ; Turner, 2006 ). The importance of project risk cannot be avoided while considering the framework. Besides, a project risk may be considered as a feasible troubling effect that may give rise to a challenge in the attainment of framework objectives, for instance, quality, arrangements, etc. ( Naeem et al

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

’s internal knowledge (Konigová & Hron, 2012), personal development ( Campion, 2011 ), and know-how sharing ( Vazirani, 2010 ). Well-established companies are characterised by the apparent stage of development as perceived by their employees. These organisations consider staff as an asset or a resource rather than variable costs, and it is, therefore, necessary to regard them as human capital ( Campion, 2011 ; Armstrong & Taylor, 2014 ). To provide a long-term, sustainable and quality-driven production within a business, selecting and hiring the right employees is a key

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Relations Among Poor Sleep, Anxiety and Depression Among the Students of Health Sciences

between burnout and sleep disorders in medical students. Academic Psychiatry , 38, 438-444. 21. Palatty, P. L., Fernandes, E., Suresh, S., & Baliga, M. S. (2011). Comparison of sleep pattern between medical and law students. Sleep Hypnptherapy, 13, 1-2. 22. Pasha, S. N., & Khan, U. A. (2003). Frequency of snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea among Pakistani medical students. Journal of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad , 15, 23-25. 23. Polychronopoulou, A., & Divaris K. (2005). Perceived sources of stress among Greek dental students. Journal of

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Interactive technologies of teaching Russian as a foreign language for medical students

collaboration, considered as interpersonal communication. In interpersonal communication, a person takes on a role, plays it and obtains an idea for how a communication partner perceives it, interprets the situation and coordinates his/her own actions [ 3 , 4 ]. This interaction leas to the development of the person and his/her creative abilities, as well as the ability to think and be aware of oneself as a special person. All mentioned becomes very relevant for linguistic training. Regarding this, new technology and forms of teaching foreign languages, particularly

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