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Relationship between Toxic Leadership and Job Stress of Knowledge Workers

7. Reference: Ahsan, N., Z. Abdullah, D. G. Fie and S. S. Alam (2009). “A study of job stress on job satisfaction among university staff in Malaysia: Empirical study.” European journal of social sciences 8 (1): 121-131. Conger, J. A. (1999). “Charismatic and transformational leadership in organizations: An insider’s perspective on these developing streams of research.” The Leadership Quarterly 10 (2): 145-179. Cooper, D. (2006). “Knowledge workers.” Canadian Business 79 (20): 59. Frese, M. and D. Zapf (1994). “Methodological issues in

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Fear of Failure and Entrepreneurial Risk Perception

., & Giglierano J. J., (1986). Missing the boat and sinking the boat: A conceptual model of entrepreneurial risk. Journal of Marketing, 50(3), 58-70. Forlani, D., & Mullins, J.W. (2000). Perceived risks and choices in entrepreneurs’ new venture decisions. Journal of Business Venturing, 15(4), 305-322. Foo, M.D. (2009). Emotions and entrepreneurial opportunity evaluation. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 35(2), 375-393. Frijda, N. (1988). The laws of emotion. American Psychologist, 43, 349

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Talent Management, Employee Recognition and Performance in the Research Institutions

. pp. 129-77. Gbadamosi, G. & Ross, C., (2012). Perceived Stress and Performance Appraisal Discomfort: The Moderating Effects of Core Self-Evaluations and Gender. Public Personnel Management, 41(4): 637-659. Haghparast, S., mehrdad, m. & hasan, m., (2012). Relationship between talent management and organizational success.. International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences, 3(12): 2424-2430. III, V. Y. & Ste-Onge, S., (2012). Performance management effectiveness: practices or context?. The International Journal of Human Resource

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The role of tribalism as mediator between employee empowerment and organizational commitment in Yemeni Islamic banking sector

regulatory sanctions and Tribalism on perceived auditor independence: the yemeni evidence. Boudrias, J.-S. ´bastien, Gaudreau;, P., Savoie;, A., and Morin, and A. J. S. (2009). Employee empowerment From managerial practices to employees’ behavioral empowerment, Leadership and Organization Development Journal , 30(7), 625–638. Casebeer, A. L., and Verhoef, and M. J. (1997). Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods: Considering the Possibilities for Enhancing the Study of Chronic Diseases. Department of Community Health Sciences, 18(3), 1

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Investigating the Impact of Commitment, Satisfaction, and Loyalty of Employees on Providing High-Quality Service to Customer

country. The first national conference on the development of Makran coast, International Management Conference , Tehran, Mobin Cultural Institute (In Persian) Jalali, M.; Gholizdeh, M., & Taleghani, M. (2014). Investigating the quality of services in the insurance industry and its relationship with customer loyalty. International Management Conference , Tehran: Institute of Cultural Ambassadors, pp. 382-400 (In Persian) Kashif, M. Abdur Rehman, M. & Pilelienė, L. (2016). Customer perceived service quality and loyalty in Islamic banks a collectivist

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What’s love got to do with it? Employee engagement amongst higher education workers

stress as they are aspects of the job that require employees to invest sustained effort to deal with them such as a high workload or an unfavourable physical environment ( Bakker and Demerouti, 2007 ). Job resources are helpful as they relate to the aspects of the work environment that employees perceive to be valuable in enabling them to do their job well, such as performance feedback, autonomy and social support ( Bakker and Demerouti, 2007 , 2014 ). The JD-R model argues that when employees have sufficient levels of job resources that help them cope successfully

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Ethics policies, perceived social responsibility, and positive work attitude

enhancing perceived social responsibility (full mediation)?, or do they directly impact work attitudes in concert with perceived social responsibility (partial mediation)? Consequently, the purpose of this study was to investigate, using a full mediation model, the impact of ethics training hours and a shared ethics code on the perceptions of social responsibility; the impact of perceived social responsibility on a positive job attitude, comprised of job satisfaction and an intention to stay, was also investigated. In addition, the relationships between the ethics

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Psychological contract breach and turnover intention: the moderating effects of social status and local ties

that the strength of social networks plays a pivotal role in employee responses to PCB. In social network research, organisations are viewed as clusters of people joined by a variety of links. Related research focusses on patterns of relationships among people rather than on people in isolation from one another ( Brass, 1984 ). Employees rely on colleagues in their network during times of perceived contract violation when trying to cope with circumstances such as radical change or organisational crises ( Krackhardt, 1992 ). It has also been found that employees

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Non Standard Work Practices and Its Impact on Children Development, Family Functioning and Health and Safety Concerns in a 24/7 Economy

. J. 2004. Family time and the psychosocial adjustment of adolescent siblings and their parents. Journal of Marriage and Family, 66, 147-162. Daly, K. J., 2001. Deconstructing family time: From ideology to lived experience. Journal of Marriage and Family, 63, 283-294. Davis, K.D., Goodman, B., Pirretti, A.E. & Almeida, D. M. 2008. Nonstandard work schedules, perceived family well-being, and daily stressors, Journal of Marriage and Family, 70, 991-1003. De Grauwe, P. 2003. ‘De toekomst van de industrie in België’ (The

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Management educators in practice: to be critical or not to be critical, that is the question

the research. Some people made distinctions between themselves and other people in the critical community. Distinctions were also made between those who were more influenced by critical pedagogy and those who were more theoretically and politically influenced. Others were of the opinion that being critical involved a more pluralistic approach ( Fournier and Grey, 2000 ) rather than stressing your own political views. Therefore, will you be perceived as being someone who talks and theorises about criticality or works with it and is interested in what it means to

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