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Job Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior: A Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment

Literature Ababneh, K. I., & Hackett, R. D. (2019). The direct and indirect impacts of job characteristics on faculty organizational citizenship behavior in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Higher Education, 77 (1), 19-36. Afsar, B., Shahjehan, A., Cheema, S., & Javed, F. (2018). The Effect of perceiving a calling on Pakistani nurses’ organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior, and job Stress. Journal of Transcultural Nursing , 29(6), 540-547.

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Occupational Stress, Symptoms of Burnout in the Workplace and Work Satisfaction of the Age-diverse Employees

References Adams, G. A., DeArmond, S., Jex, S. M., Webster, J. R. (2013). Older Workers, Occupational Stress and Safety. Retrieved from (Accessed 7.1.2019). Ahola, K., Honkonen, T., Virtanen, M., Aromaa, A., Lönnqvist, J. (2008).Burnout in Relation to Age in the Adult Working Population. Journal of Occupational Health , 50 (4), 362-365, Campanelli, L. (1990). The Ageing Workforce: Implications for Organisations

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Burnout of Older and Younger Employees – The Case of Slovenia

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Psychological Empowerment, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Among Lecturers in Higher Education: Comparison of Six CEE Countries

-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 114, 154-158, Avolio, B. J., Zhu, W., Koh, W., & Bhatia, P. (2004). Transformational leadership and organizational commitment: Mediating role of psychological empowerment and moderating role of structural distance. Journal of organizational behavior, 25(8), 951-968, Avram, E., Ionescu, D., & Mincu, C. L. (2015). Perceived safety climate and organizational trust: the mediator role of job satisfaction. Procedia-Social and Behavioral

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Behavioural strategy: Adaptability context

-42. 15. Chen G., Thomas B., Wallace J.C. (2005), A multilevel examination of the relationships among training outcomes, mediating regulatory processes, and adaptive performance, “The Journal of Applied Psychology”, Vol. 90 (5), pp. 827-41. 16. Cullen K.L., Edwards B.D., Casper W.C., Gue K.R. (2014), Employees’ Adaptability and Percpetions of Change-Related Uncertainty: Implications for Perceived Organizational Support, Job Satisfaction, Performance, „Journal of Business and Psychology”, Vol. 29, pp. 269-280. 17. Eisenhardt K.M., Martin J

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Employers’ Perceptions of Business and Economics Graduates’ Competencies in Croatia

. M., Magal, S. R. (2004) „Applying Importance-Performance Analysis to Evaluate E-Business Strategies among Small Firms”, e-Service Journal, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 29–48. 21. Lowden, K., Hall., S., Elliot, D., Lewin, J. (2011), “Employers’ perceptions of the employability skills of new graduates”, The SCRE Centre Research in Education, Edge Foundation, University of Glasgow. 22. Malega, J., Horváth, R. (2017), “Financial Stress in the Czech Republic: Measurement and Effects on the Real Economy”, Prague Economic Papers, Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 257–268. 23

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Mentoring in the concept of the learning organization in higher education – empirical research / Mentoring w koncepcji organizacji uczącej się szkoły wyższej w świetle badań empirycznych

” , No. 48, 59-73. 4. Allen, T.D., McManus, S.E., & Russell, J.E.A. (1999). Newcomer socialization and stress: Formal peer relationships as a source of support. “ Journal of Vocational Behavior” , No. 54, 453-470. 5. Altbach, Ph., Resberg, L., Rumbley, L. (2009). Trends in Global Higher Education: Tracking an Academic Revolution, A Report Prepared for the UNESCO 2009 World Conference on Higher Education, Paris. 6. Argyris, C., Schön, D.A. (1978) Organizational Learning: A Theory of Action Perspective, Addison

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Perceived Gender Equality in Managerial Positions in Organizations

.G. & Pullig, C. (2005). Conflicts in the work-family interface: Links to job stress, customer service employee performance, and customer purchase intent. Journal of Marketing , 69, 130-143, Orser, B. & Leck. J. (2010). Gender influences on career success outcomes. Gender in Management: An International Journal , 25 (5), 386-407, Phelan, J. (1994). The paradox of the contented female worker: An assessment of alternative explanations. Social Psychology Quarterly , 57 (2

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The Effects of Personal and Organizational Resources on Work and Well-Being Outcomes among Turkish Nurses

and validation of a new scale for measuring leader behavior. Journal of Organizational Behaviour , 21, 249–269. Balci, S. (2008) The effects of an emotion strength training program on the optimism level of nurses. Education sciences: Theory and Practice , 8, 793–804. Bobbio, A., Bellan, M., & Manganelli, A.M. (2012) Empowering leadership, perceived organizational support, trust, and job burnout for nurses: A study in an Italian general hospital. Health Care Management Review , 37, 77–87. Burke, R.J. (2005) Hospital restructuring stressors

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Case Study about Germans and Thais: Impact of Locus of Control and Organization-Based Self-Esteem on Affective Organizational Commitment & Job Performance

, A. (1977) Self-efficacy: Toward a unifying theory of behavioral change. Psychological Review , vol. 84, pp. 191–215. Baumeister, R.F. (1998). “The self”, in Gilbert, D.T., Fiske, S.T. and Lindzey, G. (Eds). In The Handbook of Social Psychology (pp. 680–740). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill. Bhana, S. (2013). The Relationship between Perceived Discrimination, Organisation-Based SelfEsteem (OBSE) and Job Satisfaction among Women at Work. Johannesburg: University of the Witwatersrand. Available: http://hdl.handle.net10539/13436 [25Aug 2016]. Bowling

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