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Marek Kocak

2013). Brein, D. and David K.H. (1971) 'Intercultural communication and the adjustment of the sojourner', Psychological Bulletin, 76, pp. 215-230. Brett, J. (1980) 'The Effect of Job Transfers on Employees and their Families', in Current Concerns in Occupational Stress. New York: Wiley, pp. 99-136. Briody, E.K. and Chrisman, J.B. (1991) 'Cultural adaptation on overseas assignments', Human Organization, 50(3), pp. 264-282. Brislin, R., MacNab, B. and Nayani, F. (2008) 'Cross-cultural training

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Zagross Hadadian and Jamileh Zarei

7. Reference: Ahsan, N., Z. Abdullah, D. G. Fie and S. S. Alam (2009). “A study of job stress on job satisfaction among university staff in Malaysia: Empirical study.” European journal of social sciences 8 (1): 121-131. Conger, J. A. (1999). “Charismatic and transformational leadership in organizations: An insider’s perspective on these developing streams of research.” The Leadership Quarterly 10 (2): 145-179. Cooper, D. (2006). “Knowledge workers.” Canadian Business 79 (20): 59. Frese, M. and D. Zapf (1994). “Methodological issues in

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Adel Ali Yassin Alzyoud

. International Journal of Human Re-source Management, Vol. 8(3), pp.263-276. [7] Hobfoll, S.E., 1989. Conservation of Resources: A New Attempt at Conceptualizing Stress. American Psychologist, 44, pp.513-524. [8] Karatepe, O.M., 2013. High-Performance Work Practices and Hotel Employee Performance: The Mediation of Work Engagement. International Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. 32 March, pp.132-140. [9] London, H., Higgot, K., 1997. An Employee Reward and Recognition. The TQM Maga

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Nadine El Masri and Abubakr Suliman

. pp. 129-77. Gbadamosi, G. & Ross, C., (2012). Perceived Stress and Performance Appraisal Discomfort: The Moderating Effects of Core Self-Evaluations and Gender. Public Personnel Management, 41(4): 637-659. Haghparast, S., mehrdad, m. & hasan, m., (2012). Relationship between talent management and organizational success.. International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences, 3(12): 2424-2430. III, V. Y. & Ste-Onge, S., (2012). Performance management effectiveness: practices or context?. The International Journal of Human Resource

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Majid Esmaeilpour and Mohammad Ranjbar

country. The first national conference on the development of Makran coast, International Management Conference , Tehran, Mobin Cultural Institute (In Persian) Jalali, M.; Gholizdeh, M., & Taleghani, M. (2014). Investigating the quality of services in the insurance industry and its relationship with customer loyalty. International Management Conference , Tehran: Institute of Cultural Ambassadors, pp. 382-400 (In Persian) Kashif, M. Abdur Rehman, M. & Pilelienė, L. (2016). Customer perceived service quality and loyalty in Islamic banks a collectivist

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Andrii Halkin, Kseniia Bliumska-Danko, Olena Smihunova, Elena Dudnyk and Iryna Balandina

Intervening Effect of Price Fairness and Perceived Affect. Journal of Business Research , 56(7), pp.541-551. [8] Baevsky R.M., 1984. Mathematical Analysis of Changes in Heart Rate During Stress . Moscow: Nauka. [9] Baevsky, R.M., Ivanov, G.G., Chirejkin L.V., etc., 2001. Analysis of Heart Rate Variability with use Various Electrocar Diographical Systems (Methodical Recommendations). The Bulletin of Arrhythmology , 24, pp.65-85. [10] Bakker, J., Pechenizkiy, M., Sidorova, N., 2011. What's Your Current Stress Level? Detection of Stress Patterns from GSR

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Sharmila Pudaruth, Thanika Devi Juwaheer, Robin Nunkoo and I. Vencatachellum

. J. 2004. Family time and the psychosocial adjustment of adolescent siblings and their parents. Journal of Marriage and Family, 66, 147-162. Daly, K. J., 2001. Deconstructing family time: From ideology to lived experience. Journal of Marriage and Family, 63, 283-294. Davis, K.D., Goodman, B., Pirretti, A.E. & Almeida, D. M. 2008. Nonstandard work schedules, perceived family well-being, and daily stressors, Journal of Marriage and Family, 70, 991-1003. De Grauwe, P. 2003. ‘De toekomst van de industrie in België’ (The

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Marlena A. Bednarska

References Aiken, L. S., West, S. G. (1991), Multiple regression: Testing and interpreting interactions , Sage Publications, Thousands Oaks. Astakhova, M. N. (2016), Explaining the effects of perceived person-supervisor fit and person-organization fit on organizational commitment in the U. S. and Japan, Journal of Business Research , Vol. 69, No. 2, pp. 956–963. Babakus, E., Yavas, U., Ashill, N. J. (2011), Service worker burnout and turnover intentions: Roles of person-job fit, servant leadership, and customer orientation, Services Marketing

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Marisela Jiménez

Intelligence on Employee Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of Banking Sector. Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, 5(1). [23] Malik, S.Z., Naeem, R., 2016. Organizational Virtuousness, Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Mediation Framework. Journal of Behavioural Sciences, 26(1), pp.113-129. [24] Malik, W.U., Javed, M., Hassan, S.T., 2017. Influence of transformational leadership components on job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences, 11

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Zazli Lily Wisker and Athanasios Poulis

development, Organization & People, 14(2), pp. 55-61. Johlke, M.C. (2006), Sales presentation skills and salesperson job performance, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 21(5), pp. 311-319. Joseph, D.L., Newman, D.A. (2010), Emotional intelligence: An integrative meta‑analysis and cascading model, Journal of Applied Psychology, 95, pp. 54-78. Kidwell, B.R., McFarland, R., Avila, A. (2007), Perceiving Emotion in the Buyer-Seller Interchange: The Moderated Impact on Performance, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales