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Perceived Organizational Support, Stress Coping Behaviors and Mediating Role of Psychological Capital: Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers

, B., 2001. Stress et Adaptation Chez L’Enfant . Quebec: Presses de l’Universite du Quebec. Eisenberger, R., Armeli, S., Rexwinkel, B., Lynch, P. D., and Rhoades, L., 2001. Reciprocation of perceived organizational support. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 86 (1), 42-51. doi: Eisenberger, R., Cummings, J., Armeli, S., and Lynch, P., 1997. Perceived organizational support, discretionary treatment, and job satisfaction. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 82 (5), 812-820. doi:

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Hypothetical bias and framing effect in the valuation of private consumer goods

contribute to the bias (Murphy, Allen, Stevens, & Weatherhead, 2005) and that hypothetical bias is weaker in experiments with private goods compared to those with public goods (List & Gallet, 2001). The second of the selected behavioural effects analysed in the study is the framing effect (see Piñon & Gambara, 2005 for a review). This phenomenon refers to the dependence of the decision made on the formulation of the decision problem. This concept was introduced by Tversky and Kahneman (1981) , who linked it to their prospect theory (perceiving the effects of decisions

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Leasing Puzzle in Polish Small Firms Listed on the Alternative Market

variable formulated in the same manner. He stressed complementarity of leasing and non-leasing debt using the same dependent variable and several types of debt. The results of the study confirmed that industries such as food, air transport and retail sales have higher tendency to finance with leasing. The tobit model of the degree of leasing usage in asset financing confirms that liabilities, debt with mortgage security, share of subordinated debt, limitations in leasing and share of debt in company’s capital structure indicate significant relationship with the usage of

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Migration, Cultural Identity and Diasporas An Identity Economics Approach

many migrants from sociocentric cultures and countries. Liberalism, individual initiative, self-sufficiency, emotional independence ( Bhugra and Becker, 2005 , p. 22) that are the causes of mental distress of some migrants are the socially and individually required traits for economic and social success. Instead, living in the diaspora may not only relieve mental stress, but also increase the awareness of the own cultural identity (see Hall, 1990 , for a discussion of the relation between cultural identity and diaspora). Although the outward turn to assimilation

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An Institutional Approach to Trade Union Density. The Case of Legal Origins and Political Ideology

article is the last one, dedicated to an empirical evaluation of union density determinants. The model is based on the panel data for 28 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) members and is devoted to the union density issue. It includes general macroeconomic variables and the aforementioned legal origins and government ideologies. The main aim of the article is to empirically investigate the impact of legal origins and government ideologies on trade union density. 2 The economic foundations of trade unions Trade unions may be perceived as

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Strengthening the Team Performance through Personality and Emotional Intelligence: Smart PLS Approach

., Salovey, P., and Straus, R., 2003. Emotional intelligence, personality, and the perceived quality of social relationships. Personality and Individual Differences, 35 (3), 641-658. doi Maccoby, M., 2008. To win the respect of followers, leaders need personality intelligence. Ivey Business Journal Online, 72 (3), 1. Matthews, M. R., 1994. Science teaching: The role of history and philosophy of science : Psychology Press. Mayer, J. D., 1999. Emotional intelligence: popular or scientific psychology. APA

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Efficiency of Pay for Performance Programs in Romanian Companies and the Mediating Role of Organizational Justice

. Relative Contributions of Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Justice to Extension Personnel's Job Satisfaction. 12 (1), 65-75. doi: Lazear, E., 2000. Performance pay and productivity. The American Economic Review, 90 (5), 1346-1361. doi: Leventhal, G. S., 1976. Fairness in social relationship. In Thibaut J.W., J. T. Spence and R. C. Carson (Eds.), Contemporary topics in social psychology (pp. 211-239). Morristown, NJ: General Learning Press. Locke

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